3 Things That Make GogoPDF the Best Tool When Decrypting PDF Files

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Are you always forgetting the passcodes of your Portable Document Format files? If you do, you may want to decrypt them and leave the hassles of inputting usernames and security codes behind. With the help of GogoPDF’s unlocking feature, you can now obtain a password-free document in just a snap. 

This web-based platform offers an instant way to remove the code of your locked PDF so that you can access it anytime you want without the need to type the password. It may be better to have a protected document, but it can be a headache when you have to open such a file multiple times in a day. 

To gain more knowledge about GogoPDF’s unlocking feature, here are some of the vital facts that you should know. 

Decrypt Your PDF Files With Ease and Convenience 

GogoPDF is one of the online platforms across the web that provides various services in managing, handling, and protecting any Portable Document Format files. As such, among its notable and most-utilized features is its decrypting tool. 

This online platform offers a quicker and more manageable way to unlock your protected PDF document in just a few seconds. Thus, if you want to take an easier route to decrypt your file without dealing with so many technicalities, GogoPDF is the solution to your needs. 

To let you have a glimpse of how to unlock PDF using the GogoPDF unlocking tool, here are the steps to take to obtain a password-free file. 

  • Drag the locked file from your computer, tablet, or smartphone and drop it to the GogoPDF’s toolbar. 
  • Then, after uploading your file, GogoPDF will start removing the code of your locked document and. 
  • Next, you just have to wait for a few minutes until the platform successfully decrypts your protected file. 
  • Once the decryption sweep is all done, your PDF will be unlocked, and you can download it to your device. You can also share it with your Google Drive, Dropbox, and social media accounts for future use. 

A Costless Way to Unlock Your PDF

Another good thing about GogoPDF’s unlocking tool is its free-trial feature. When we say free, that means you don’t have to pay for any charges or hidden fees while using this PDF decrypting platform. However, your free account is only available for 14 days upon activating your free trial subscription. 

Thus, if you want to get the most out of GogoPDF’s unlock PDF service, you should upgrade to its premium plan and enjoy all the unlimited offers. That said, here are some of the benefits a GogoPDF premium member can avail:

  • When you are a GogoPDF premium account user, you will have endless access to its decrypting tool and can be able to unlock PDF documents as much as you want. 
  • Besides unlocking your PDF, you are also entitled to upload, convert, and merge multiple documents all at the same time.
  • A GogoPDF premium account holder can unlock a Portable Document Format file without getting distracted by non-skippable videos and pop-up advertisements. 
  • When you have queries, suggestions, and comments, your messages will always be on top of the GogoPDF’s support tickets. 
  • Above all, GogoPDF premium member is entitled to a limitless storage capacity and can store as many documents as they want.

GogoPDF is Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

The GogoPDF’s decrypting tool can be accessible with mainstream computer operating systems such as all versions of Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux. Plus, you can also easily access its official website through popular search engines, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Bing, Safari, Google Chrome, and more!

Moreover, if you don’t have a laptop or desktop, you may use any compatible device to unlock your encrypted PDF document through GogoPDF’s decrypting feature. You can even remove the code of your PDF file using your Android phone or tablet. Thus, this platform’s wide-range of compatibility will allow you to utilize its tools and services anytime and anywhere. 


Decrypting your Portable Document Format file has never been this easy with the help of GogoPDF. By utilizing this platform’s Unlock PDF tool, you can now get a password-free document without installing necessary extensions, software, and applications. 

Thus, in just a blink of an eye, you can obtain the output that you need with ease, efficiency, and, most of all, privacy security. Furthermore, you can utilize this web-based platform anytime and anywhere. Since all the GogoPDF transactions will happen online, all you need is a compatible device and a reliable internet connection to start decrypting your PDF files.   


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