Roblox Goal Kick Simulator Codes (September 2023) | How to Redeem

Goal kick simulator codes

Are you a soccer fan who got a rabbona like Ronaldo and curve the ball like Beckham? Well then you should definitely check out Goal Kick Simulator, a soccer series by Roblox, just made for fans like you. Hence, continuing our Roblox games codes, we have brought you this perfect guide for Goal Kick Simulator Codes.

A Roblox original and a major attraction for all the soccer game fans out there, Goal Kick Simulator is a game that gives you a check upon your abilities to kick a ball in different ways from great distances using your skills. As you keep on crossing levels by levels, the game enables you to unlock new goal arenas increasing the difficulty level to score.

Goal Kick Simulator codes help you to redeem various bonuses using which you can increase the level of your gameplay and move forward in the game. These bonuses include free cash, gems, skins, and more. Without further ado, let’s move on with our article on Goal Kick Simulator codes.

In-Game Goal Kick Simulator Codes And Rewards

Goal Kick Simulator codes are your key to accessing free in-game rewards. You can get your hands on them with your Robux, but why work extra for something which you can easily avail for free? New codes are released by Roblox developers on a regular basis so as to promote their game and give a push to the newbies. Moreover, these rewards give a good reason to keep the old players connected to the game. 

Goal kick simulator codes

If you want to save some time, it is advised to take the codes from the certified website of Roblox. Hence, make sure you follow the official Twitter account of Voldex and join their Discord channel as well. But in case you are unable to get the latest updates from the officials, you can always count on us! Keep looking for our new upcoming articles for more updates.

Goal Kick Simulator Codes | Working in September 2023

Below mentioned are the latest Goal Kick Simulator codes using which you can redeem the free rewards that are offered by the developer of the Roblox series, Voldex.

I Scored A Goal FROM SPACE In Goal Kick Simulator! (Roblox)

Active Goal Kick Simulator Codes

Here are the currently active Goal Kick Simulator codes. Redeem them to enjoy the rewards.

  • 180k – free rewards
  • MANCITY – free rewards
  • SATURN – free rewards
  • 150K – free rewards
  • JUPITER – free rewards 
  • WELOVEFLOPPA – free bonus items
  • COUNTTO10K – 1k gems
  • BALL – 5k gems
  • LIKEFORUPDATES – 3k gems
  • GEMPARTY – free gems
  • SUPERKICK – free gems
  • ALIEN – free gems
  • BALL – 3.5K gems
  • FREEGEMS – 3.5K gems
  • 15K -5K gems
  • MOON – 5K gems
  • 10k – $10,000
  • UPDATETODAY – $5,000
  • NICEGOAL – $9,000
  • SUPERGOAL – $8,000
  • RELEASE – $1,500

Expired Goal Kick Simulator Codes

There are no expired Goal Kick Simulator Codes.

How to Redeem Goal Kick Simulator Codes?

Redeeming the Goal Kick Simulator codes is not a complicated task. Below mentioned are some easy steps using which you can redeem your Goal Kick Simulator codes with no problems. Now, go and enjoy the rewards.

  • Open your Roblox application.
  • Go to Goal Kick Simulator.
  • Click on the bag icon that appears on the right side of the screen.
  • Spot the new menu.
  • Click on the Twitter icon.
  • Insert your desired code.
  • Click on the redeem button to claim your free bonuses.

There you go! That is the whole process to redeem your latest Goal Kick Simulator codes. Use these redeemed gifts to upgrade your player, unlock new skills, purchase different skins for your football and upgrade it to perform even better and reach new heights in Goal Kick Simulator.

Wrapping Up

Every game, be it a simulator or from the combat battle genre, the upgrades and rewards are what keep the players interested in the game. We really hope we managed to give you all the information you need related to Goal Kick Simulator codes. Do let us know how you enjoyed using these fun codes and getting free rewards. In case you face any issue related to the same, leave a comment and we will reach out to you.


1. Who made Roblox?

The developer of the Roblox series is Voldex.

2. What is the 1000 Robux code?

The code for 1000 Robux is 232602620.

3. How can I obtain Robux?

There are various ways using which you can obtain Robux in the Roblox game. Robux can be purchased from the official apps supported in mobile, browser and Xbox One.

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