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Today’s Globle Answer of 29 July 2023

If we have to name one thing we all love, it would be our love for Travelling. But in this busy world, exploring countries online is the only possible solution for many. That is why the fun & geographical Globle Game has become our new escape. But cracking it is not an easy task; that is why we are accompanying you to your Today’s Globle Answer 29 July 2023.

I love playing daily games like Crosswordle, and it’s a much harder version, Octordle Sequence. But another geographical take on Wordle, Globle, increases the difficulty to a much greater level.

Unless you’re really well versed in the smallest of countries all over the world, the game can get difficult. That is why it becomes hard to guess the right Globle answer every day. But to make your life easier, Path of EX will provide you with Today’s Globle Answer 29 July 2023 beforehand with all the clues and solutions. 

Hints for Today’s Globle Answer 29 July 2023

Guess what could be today’s Globle Country by checking out the few hints below in reference to Today’s Globle answer of 29 July 2023-

1. Country’s Name Starts With K

The country’s name starts with K. Here are the countries whose names start with the letter K:

  1. Kazakhstan,
  2. Kenya,
  3. Kiribati,
  4. Korea
  5. Kuwait
  6. Kyrgyzstan

2. Largest Desert Lake

The largest desert lake in the world is located in this country, which is known as Lake Turkana.

Today’s Globle Answer of 29 July 2023, Saturday

Ready to get the Globle Answer 29 July 2023 for Saturday?

The Globle Answer of 29 July 2023 is Kenya.

Fun Fact: Kenya is the world’s leading safari destination, and hunting is illegal here.

Where To Play Globle?

Not sure where to play Globle? Here’s the direct link to Globle you can access that page by clicking the button below!  

Wrapping Up

Hope you guessed the Globle Answer 29 July 2023 in the least guesses to compete with our friends. Drop your number of attempt guesses in the comment section. Visit Path of EX again tomorrow for the next Globle answer.

Happy Gaming!

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