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If we have to name one thing we all love, it would be our love for getting the Globle Answer for the day! Regardless of our age and the situation, no one ever says no to travel. However, lockdown is no less than a major barrier in our bucket list. That is why a geographical spin-off to the hyped Wordle – Globle Game has become our new escape. But cracking it is not an easy task; that is why we are accompanying you to your Today’s Globle Answer Trip of 30 March 2022.

When Wordle created its buzz among the audience, many twisted and extended versions started launching every day. But not all are worthy of your time, only the best ones that provide you with the ultimate thrill and mind exercise deserve your attention. And one of these amazing guessing games is GLOBLE

Another geographical take on Wordle, after the Worldle game, Globle increases the difficulty to a much greater level. That is why it becomes difficult everyday to guess these daily Globle Answers. But to make your life easier, Path of EX will provide you with Today’s Globle Answer of 30 March beforehand with all the clues and solutions. 

What is Globle?

If you are a geography enthusiast, there is no way you haven’t heard about Globle. Globle is a geographical spin-off to the original Wordle word game. It gives you unlimited guesses to reach the final Globle game answer of the day. The twist being it does not provide you with any pre-assigned Hints or clues to narrow your search. 

You have the option to explore and travel the whole Globe to reach Today’s Globle game answer of 30 March 2022. 

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Worldle or Globle, Which is the better game?

Globle and Worldle are both the geographical spin-off sensations to the Wordle puzzle game. But these 2 games vary from each other in many conditions like-

  1. Worldle offers 6 guessing Slots, while Globle offers Unlimited guessing Slots.
  2. Worldle gives an outline of the Daily Wordle Answer, whereas no hints or clues are provided by Globle.
  3. Globle is more mysterious and difficult than Worldle.

Both of the games offer you an amazing brainstorming exercise. So, what are you waiting for? Give both of them a try and solve Today’s Worldle Answer of 30 March and Globle of 30 March 2022, Wednesday.

Hints for Today’s Globle Game Answer of 30 March 2022

Guess what could be today’s Globle Country by checking out the few hints below in reference to Today’s Globle answer of 30 March 2022-

1. Country Name Starts With L

The first hint by Path of EX is that Today’s country name in Globle answer of 30 March 2022 starts with L. Think what it could be by considering the list of countries below. Explore the Mysterious Globe and kill the Globle today.

  • LAO, People’s Democratic Republic
Today’s Globle Answer of 30 March

2. Water And Diamond Biggest Treasures

Hint No. 2: The Globle Game answer of 30 March 2022 is a landlocked kingdom of South Africa and it is biggest treasure for water and diamonds.

Today’s Globle Answer of 30 March 2022, Wednesday

Spoiler Ahead!

Further is the Globle Game Answer March 30, 2022, Wednesday. Have a Look and save yourself!  

Globle Answer of March 30, 2022 is ‘LESOTHO’

Globle Answer of March 30, 2022 is ‘LESOTHO’
Globle Answer of March 30, 2022 is ‘LESOTHO’


Fun Fact:-

Country geography has the lowest point of any country.

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Wrapping Up

Globle Answer of 30 March 2022 is done for the day. Goosebumps are running through my veins indeed with the Globle Answer Today. Anyways, I hope you had a great day today with us.  

Path of EX will flash again tomorrow with a new Globle Answer of the day. Do visit tomorrow for a new set of clues in reference to tomorrow’s Globle Word. See You Soon!


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