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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Google has launched the latest campaign and is calling out Apple to use the latest messaging standard. It is meant to replace outdated SMS as well as MMS technologies. It is not only about the design of the iMessage app but it is about following the latest messaging standards. So, here I will be discussing How Get The Message by Android is Shaming Apple for Outdated iMessage App.

Apple translates SMS that is sent across iPhones and Android phones through ancient SMS and MMS networks. It seems as if it is adopted in the 90s. However, Apple must use the latest messaging standards. It is not only about changing the iPhone but the service of messaging.

Let’s know about how Get The Message by Android is shaming Apple for outdated iMessage app. Get the information and know whether Apple adopted the new messaging platform.

Get The Message by Android is Important For Apple iMessage App

If you will go through the Get The Message website, you will see why it is high time for Apple to fix the messaging standards and say goodbye to old messaging standards. There are lots of reasons like- Blurriness of videos, disruptions in group chats, missing read receipts options, unavailability of texting over Wifi, and many more. Automatically it has given rise to the new hashtag#GetTheMessage. It is really going to fuel the new viral activity.

Google already outlines the issues when Android users see the green bubble messages on the iMessaging app and change color on Android when it is sent. That is why Android shames Apple for using old messages and trying to make the messaging better for every user.

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What Are the Problems Of Texting Between iPhone and Android Face?

How Get The Message by Android is Shaming Apple for Outdated iMessage App

After the announcement of RCS (Rich Communication Service) to improve the functionalities of SMS for around 500 Android device manufacturers. But it seems Apple is defying the RCS updated technology. Texting from Android to Android uses RCS technology, but texting between iPhone and Android uses outdated SMS standards. Some of the problems with texting between iPhone and Android users face are as follows-

  1. Blurry Videos and Photos: iMessage uses outdated SMS and MMS features and it shows the results of blurry videos and photos.
  2. Outdated Technology for group chats: iPhone is adopting the 90’s technology for having group chats with Android users. There is no option of leaving the group chat even if you wish to.
  3. Hanging chats over Wifi: iMessage lacks the feature of sending texts over Wifi. So, no option of sending the message over Wifi.
  4. No End to End Encryption: iMessage does not support the end to end encryption. So there is no assurance of sending the SMS or MMS securely.
  5. Difficulty in reading the texts: Sending text from iPhone to Android makes text reading difficult for Android users. The bright green-colored background looks odd with white text.
  6. No Read Receipts option: There is no indication whether the android user received the text or not. It is because due to the unavailability of the Read Receipts or typing indicators option.

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Apple’s iMessage Should Improve Texting to Android Phones

When RCS is intended to replace all the outdated SMS or MMS technologies why Apple is not adopting the RCS technology? It seems Apple is holding a powerful messaging platform with iPhone to iPhone users and does not care about Android users’ privacy.

The problem is frustrating, and Apple should fix all the texting issues. It will be possible only when Apple upgrades from dated SMS/MMS to RCs and make the messaging better for every iPhone and Android user.

My Personal Review on Get The Message Campaign

How Get The Message by Android is Shaming Apple for Outdated iMessage App

If I talk about my personal option on Get The Message campaign I must say Apple should fix it as soon as possible. Apple should not focus only on improving the camera and exterior display only rather, they should improve on RCS technologies. The unbiased texting from iPhone to Android is just a barrier to communication. So, all android users use #Getthemessage and make it viral until you see the green color text transforming into blue text.

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Wrapping Up

So this was all about how Get The Message by Android is shaming Apple for the outdated iMessage app. You can now use the hastag#Getthemessage until Apple adopts the RCS messaging standard.

I hope you find this article useful. Share this article with your friends and let them know how Get The Message by Android is shaming Apple for its outdated iMessage app. Now, it is time for a warp-up. Have a great day!


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