10 Fun German Wedding Traditions You Must Try At Your Wedding

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Everything extravagant, from pranks to cakes. People in Germany know how to put life in a wedding and make it the most precious memory of your lifetime. If you ever wish to get married you cannot do it without the German Wedding Traditions. Why? Because all of them seem more logical than the other and it is highly predictable that you are going to love all of them.  

Germans are known for putting the extra in everything. Even the ancient German wedding traditions have some of the most modest customs that people still love to do at their weddings today. If you are a German who’s getting married in America, there is no chance you want to miss any of these traditions. The excitement and the fun of weddings cannot be found without the German age-old traditions. 

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There’s not one German wedding tradition that doesn’t have the fun element in it. From kidnapping the bride to carrying her to the room, everything about German weddings is exciting. It doesn’t only involve the couple but each and every one of the guests at the wedding. If you are being too curious about the German wedding traditions then you should definitely check out everything about them here.

Do you know the bride can actually get drunk right before the wedding? Don’t you want to know how? Let’s find out everything about the German wedding traditions in this article. 

10 German Wedding Traditions and Customs For Every Couple

10 Fun German Wedding Traditions You Must Try At Your Wedding
Source: Deutschland.de

Known for bread, beer, and castles, Germans make sure their weddings are no less than any rom-com. Even more fun than romcoms. You will never find any other wedding as entertaining and as meaningful as a German wedding. 

Talking about fun and entertainment, do you know the newly wedded couple gets to saw a log. Together! But why? 

What else? 

There is a complete list of German wedding traditions you would want to do at your wedding. Check all of them out.

1. Kidnap The Bride

Germans have always been a little extra, and here is a perfect example of it. It’s an old German wedding tradition that the best man kidnaps the bride. To make things more interesting, he takes her to a pub and leaves hints for the groom to find his bride. 

10 Fun German Wedding Traditions You Must Try At Your Wedding
Source: Imperialtransilvania.com

All of this happens just before the wedding to make the husband come for his bride and in order to free her from the ‘kidnapper’, he has to pay the bill. 

I think I could really use this German wedding tradition in my wedding. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be kidnapped just to get drunk. 

But Poor Groom! He has to pay the bills just to take his bride and wed her. This German wedding tradition is practiced in villages but it should be more common in cities. It would be more fun there.

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2. No Sleeping Together Before the Wedding

Not seeing each other before the wedding is common in many cultures all over the world. But since Germans are different from the rest, they do it their way. To make it clear for the bride and groom, it’s a German wedding tradition that they won’t share the same bed before the wedding night. What!

10 Fun German Wedding Traditions You Must Try At Your Wedding
Source: Business – Insider

How do they ensure it?
To make sure, the bride and the groom don’t make any last flings, either of their parents sleeps with them the night before the wedding.

We can judge them for doing this, but it is what it is! Not seeing the person before the wedding only raises the excitement more. 

The night before the wedding has to keep that spark alive and this German wedding tradition surely does so. 

3. Break the Porcelain

As you might know, it’s an Italian Wedding tradition to shatter the wine glass. Similarly, there’s a German wedding tradition which is called Polterabend. The only difference between this German tradition and Italian glass-breaking tradition is that it is done before the wedding and in Germany, you don’t break glass as it is considered bad luck. 

10 Fun German Wedding Traditions You Must Try At Your Wedding
Source: YouTube

Instead, Polterabend is done 1-3 weeks before the wedding. But How?? Well, every guest arrives at the party with old Porcelain and breaks it. You can see different shapes of Porcelain at a German wedding. 

Every guest brings their own porcelain, even loads of it, and breaks it. It is because, in the end, the future married couple has to clean all the mess. 

You know the couple cannot even say no to all this cleaning because the breaking of porcelain is done to ward off evil spirits. 

What a great excuse to make someone clean! Whatever it is, you can be sure that German wedding traditions can make anyone do anything. So if you’re a German, lol, Good Luck!

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4. Scrambled Eggs for the Couple

10 Fun German Wedding Traditions You Must Try At Your Wedding
Source: Simply Recipies

Serve scrambled eggs to the future couple. This German wedding tradition should be used all over the world because it’s so logical. In the past, when the couple visited someone at their house, surprising them with the invitation of their marriage, the host made scrambled eggs as a snack. This tradition is still in practice. 

But why scrambled eggs? Because it’s easy and quick. The motive of this ancient German wedding tradition is to offer the couple something that can easily be available at anyone’s place. Aka Eggs. 

5. Wedding Rings

Something that is common in each and every culture in this world is wedding rings. Everyone who’s about to get married has thought about his/her wedding ring at least once. How would it look on his/her left finger? Wait! Germans don’t do anything the ordinary way.

10 Fun German Wedding Traditions You Must Try At Your Wedding
Source: Pinterest

The engagement ring goes on the left hand’s ring finger and the wedding ring goes on the right hand. Both hands dipped in luxury. 

Because I love rings so much, I’ll be going with this German wedding tradition for sure. How about you? You should definitely try this and see whether it works for you or not. 

6. Shoe Auction at the Wedding

Have you ever heard of a shoe auction at a wedding? No? Thought so! Out of all the German wedding traditions, this one is the rarest one. We will tell you why in a few seconds. 

10 Fun German Wedding Traditions You Must Try At Your Wedding
Source: iStock

The tradition is that the bride buys her shoes herself. She has to buy from her one-cent coin savings only. This signifies that she’s thrifty (and since the quality is highly appreciated in Germany, a thrifty bride is always praised.) 

On the wedding day, the bride’s shoe is auctioned. The guests have to put money in the shoes, and since it’s groom’s day to play the hero. He puts his money at the end and gives the shoe back to his bride. 

The reason why this German wedding tradition is rarely used is that it puts a little burden on the guests. They might have already come with a gift and since this tradition requires them to put in more money in the shoe, modern couples always tend to avoid the tradition.

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7. A German Wedding Tradition of Sawing Log

Even after the wedding completes the couple has to go through a few more German wedding traditions. But this one is not as tender as other traditions. The couple has to actually saw a log. 

10 Fun German Wedding Traditions You Must Try At Your Wedding
Source: Heart of NC Weddings

They do this by holding a jigsaw standing opposite each other and cutting the log on a sawbuck. Told you Germans are always a little extra but in a good way. Here’s how!

This activity-cum-tradition conveys that the couple has to work together to be successful and make the marriage successful. No one can do it alone. A perfect message on a perfect day. 

I have to admit, German wedding traditions turned out to be more creative than I expected. 

8. 10-Foot Long Cake

Top the celebrations with a huge cake. To make the wedding vibe more cheerful than ever, there is a Spitzwecken, which is a 10-foot long cake. The cake is so big that ten people are required to bring the cake to the table.

In this tradition, there’s music and a lot of fun. The people holding the Spitzwecken pretend that they cannot enter the room because of the size of the cake. So everybody moves around aimlessly trying to make room for the cake.

The tradition brings a lot of laughter with a lot of cake. Just what it was meant to be. I would prefer a 10-foot cake anytime over the ordinary ones. Is it the same with you?

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9. Pranks for the Bride and Groom

10 Fun German Wedding Traditions You Must Try At Your Wedding
Source: Top Table Planner

The German wedding traditions are meant to make everything about the wedding fun and full of laughter. That’s why it is full of pranks. From before the wedding to after it, every single part of a German wedding is full of the funniest pranks. Even the couple’s sleeping room.

One of the most common pranks in German weddings is with the alarm clocks. The friends and cousins hide many alarm clocks in the couple’s room on the wedding night. The intention is to hinder the love-making and make fun out of the couple’s misery. 

Ohh!! Poor Couple! Can’t even enjoy their wedding night in peace. 

10. Carry The Bride

10 Fun German Wedding Traditions You Must Try At Your Wedding
Source: iStock

As it is a custom in many cultures, the groom carries the bride into their home or the hotel suite. Wherever they are having their first night. It is done because of different reasons but in Germans, the groom carries the bride because it is believed that evil spirits lurk in the door frame. So to protect the bride, the groom carries her through the door. 

Whether it is for the sake of evil spirits or for some other superstition, the bride always has a lot of fun during this German wedding tradition. 

Who wouldn’t do this? I can create many superstitions myself just to be carried by my husband and I am sure so can you.

Wrapping Up

After knowing about all of these German wedding traditions, you might be wondering why don’t your culture doesn’t have such cool customs. Like the best man kidnapping the bride and doing pranks with the couple. 

If you think the same then comment below your views on German wedding traditions. Share this article with your friends who want to get married soon.

Have a nice day!! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are German wedding traditional gifts?

1. The German Bridal Cup
2. German porcelain 
3. Black Forest clock
4. German Cutlery

What is the German wedding tradition of log sawing?

After the German wedding, the bride and groom have to cut the log with a saw. This means to make the marriage a successful one they have to work together.

What is the German wedding tradition of breaking dishes?

Germans break Porcelain to ward off the evil spirits. This ritual is called Polterabend. The guests bring lots of porcelain to break and the bride and groom have to clean those shattered pieces.

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