Fix Garage Door Sensor Yellow Light Now! Easiest Fixes in 2023

Garage Door Sensor Yellow

Are your garage doors showing a yellow light? Want to know what makes your garage door sensor yellow? It is an error that is common yet needs immediate attention. The garage door sensor keeps your children out of hazards, and it is extremely important that it works smoothly every time.

The garage door sensors are called the “photo-eye” system. They work by shooting invisible infrared beams from one door to the other. This sensor was made mandatory on January 1, 1993. Ideally, the sensors should be positioned 6 to 8 inches from the ground on the vertical panels on which the doors move up and down.

The fixes to this problem are simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. The solutions that I am going to provide are also going to make sure you won’t see the garage door sensor yellow in near future. Let’s go!

How to Get Rid of Garage Door Sensor Yellow Light?

How to Get Rid of Garage Door Sensor Yellow Light?

A garage door sensor showing yellow light means that the safety reverse sensors are somehow out of alignment. This also prohibits your garage door from closing. The sensors are designed in a way that they don’t let the door close on someone or something. When the invisible infrared beam is interrupted, the door won’t close. These sensors, however, sometimes malfunction.

1. Align The Sensors on Both Sides

Garage Door Sensor Yellow

If you do not see healthy or solid illumination, it might be because the sensors on either side are not aligned. In that case, you’d need to:

  1. Your sensors should be at least 6 inches above the garage door. Measure it with a measuring tape and note the exact height, for example, 6.8 inches.
  2. Measure the second sensor. If it is not positioned exactly at the same height as the first one, you will need to adjust it.
  3. If adjustment is required, use a wrench to loosen the wing nut. Now align it to the height of the first sensor; positioning exactly at 6.8 inches.

If the sensors were aligned and you still find the garage door sensor yellow, move on to the next solution.

2. Clean The Sensor Lenses

Garage Door Sensor Yellow

The most likely reason your garage door’s sensor showing yellow light is dirty lenses. As the sensors are placed very close to the ground, they are prone to a lot of dust, dirt, and cobwebs.

To clean the lenses, use a little bit of plain water on a paper towel and thoroughly sponge the lenses directly. You may also use a mild cleaner like Windex instead of water. Just make sure the cleaner doesn’t leave any streaks behind. Also, try not to get the lenses too wet.

3. Check Sensor Wiring

Garage Door Sensor Yellow

If your garage door sensor yellow light is still stubborn, the issue might be in the wiring. All you need to do is check the wires that are going into both sensors. Check for broken, withered, or disconnected wires. If you find any problem with the wiring, make sure to turn off the garage door opener to spare yourself from getting electrocuted before you reconnect the wires. If the wires are worn, you will have to replace them.

4. Replace Old Sensors

Garage Door Sensor Yellow

This is the last thing that you would expect your sensors to become. If the lenses are clean, your wires are fine, and both of them are aligned, it might be the case that one of your sensors has failed.

The reasons behind a failed sensor can range from constant exposure to sunlight to old age. But if the sensors have failed, you will have to buy new safety sensors. Don’t avoid reading the instruction manual and make sure you buy the sensors that will work with your garage door opener. Once you have bought the sensors:

  1. Unplug the garage door opener.
  2. Use a wrench to loosen the wing nuts on either sensor.
  3. Once the wing nuts are loosened, detach the sensors, and remove them.
  4. While attaching the new sensors, ensure both sensors are positioned exactly at the same height.
  5. After tightening the wing nuts on either sensor, plug in your garage door opener.

After you have successfully replaced the sensors on your garage door, your issue should resolve.

Fix Garage Sensor Yellow Light | Watch the Video

Wrapping Up

If you find the garage door sensor yellow light, don’t panic. It is a considerably common issue. Although it is one of the most important safety features, it is not immune to damage. Try out all the solutions that I have mentioned in this article. One of those is bound to resolve your issue. Remember that the sensors have lenses, and just like any other lenses, they need cleaning. They have physical wiring as well and wiring can damage with time. I hope I could help you with the garage door sensor issue efficiently. Until next time, Ciao!

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