60+ Up-To-Date Gaming Terms & Slangs | Twitch, Fortnite & Minecraft

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‘Ugh, What does AFK means? and What about noob?” Is this you all the way long while hooking to your fav game? Gotcha! In this article, you will encounter the full list of the Up-to-Date Gaming Terminology following the Gaming Terms & slang. Go on to see what every code word puts in what value to your sessions.

Whether it is about the epic Fortnite, Minecraft, MultiVersus, or the famous Twitch game streamer; every platform throws in new words to you all along the session, and all your brain brings is, “WHAT IS THIS NOW?”. Well, we know What it is!

Go along this page and grab the Up-To-Date Gaming terminology you need today to know the meaning of different gaming terms & slang on your screen.

Important Gaming Terms & Gaming Slang

61 Up-To-Date Gaming Terms & Slang | Gaming Terminology For Fortnite, Minecraft, & Twitch

To know which are the important gaming terms & slang that are commonly used in almost all gaming sessions, go on further:

S No.Gaming Word/SlangMeaning
1AAAIndie games developed by a small team
2AddsAdditional enemies
3AFKAway from Keyboard
4AimbotA gaming hack that lets users aim automatically.
5AoEArea of effect
6AvatarA character appearing in a game
7BotComputer-controlled player
8BuffA weapon with high stats
9Bullet SpongeAn NPC that is hard to kill
10CampingStrategic team effort
11CheesingStrategy to kill easily
12ClansGroup of players that are playing in a team
13ClutchTaking down enemy players one-by-one
14CooldownThe minimum time limit for a player to resue a unique ability
15CraftingGathering unique materials to create a useful item
16DLCDownloadable content
17DPSDamage per second
18DRMDigital rights management
19Easter EggA hidden message
20FarmingGathering and collecting items
21FPSFirst-person shooter
22FYIFor your information
23GankingTeam up to take on one or more player
24GGGood Game
25GlitchAn in-game bug in coding
26GrindingA player doing repetitive tasks to gain XP
27HitscanA weapon that immediately hits the target
28HPHealth points
29HUDHeads up display in-game
30InstalockReservering a gaming character
31K/DKill/Death Ratio
32LagDelay in action and reaction
33LoadoutA set of configurations for a weapon
34LootItems that you can salvage
35MMORPGMassive multiplayer online role-playing game
37MPMagic points
38NerfA weapon with low stats
39NewbieA new player
40N00bA player with zero skill
42PingTime taken to send and receive a data packet
43PoggersAn expression to show Joy
44PvEPlayer versus environment
45PvPPlayer versus player
46PwnedTo dominate enemy player
47QTEQuick-time events
48RagequitA player leaving a match in anger
49RNGRandom number generator
50RPGRole-playing Game
51SandboxA game where players can do anything they want
52SmurfA skilled player who’s playing from a level 1 account
53SpawnPlayers appearing anywhere in a game
54StreakA period of continuous win or losing
55ToxicA rude player
56TPSThird-person shooter
57TTKTime to Kill
58WoWWorld of warcraft
59XPExperience points
60Xcdse34r3GGAn expression of a good game, probably heard after a session
61YYA trick shot in the COD game series

These are the common gaming terms & slang used in overall every gaming session, be it any game. Further are the mostly used specific gaming terms & slang used in Fortnite and Minecraft. Go on to see how you can grab every secret code reflected on your screens while binging over the same.

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Specific Gaming Terms & Slang Used In Fortnite And Minecraft

61 Up-To-Date Gaming Terms & Slang | Gaming Terminology For Fortnite, Minecraft, & Twitch

Following are the specific gaming terms & slang used in Fortnite and Minecraft. Go on to see how you can bring out the best from these two famous games.

Fortnite Slangs

  • Bots: Players who are inexperienced or poor.
  • Bubble: The storm/force field inside the game.
  • Bush Campers: When players crouch down under the bushes for camouflage.
  • Crack: Used as a verb in the game referring to when a player is ‘cracked’, it means their shield has been destroyed.
  • Heals: Health-boosting remedies, whether chug splashes, bandages, or any other restorative items.
  • LMG: Light Machine Gun.
  • Nades: Short for ‘grenades’.
  • Res: Reviving another player. “I’ll res you”.
  • Shield pop: When an enemy’s shield has been ‘cracked’, a player has accomplished a shield pop.
  • Tac: Short for ‘tactical shotgun’, or ‘tactical machine gun’.

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Minecraft Slangs

  • Biome: A Minecraft region or area.
  • Butter/Budder: Minecraft ‘gold’ – because of the bars of gold look just like sticks of butter!
  • CTM: ‘Complete the Monument’, a treasure hunt-style gameplay mode.
  • Griefer: A player who destroys other players’ progress or builds.
  • MC: Short for Minecraft itself.
  • Mob: A Minecraft creature (such as a pig or chicken).
  • Mod: Short form of ‘modifications’ stating software or patches that can be installed to upgrade the gaming experience.
  • Skelly: Short for Minecraft’s skeletons.
  • Stack: The full list of items a player keeps in their inventory.
  • Vanilla: Vanilla is used to describe gameplay with zero or basic mods

Specific Gaming Terms & Slang Used On Streaming Platform- Twitch

61 Up-To-Date Gaming Terms & Slang | Gaming Terminology For Fortnite, Minecraft, & Twitch

Twitch is a famous game-streaming platform in this era where players around the globe wander around Twitch to stream their prolonged gamers content all day long. To know what the little quirky gaming terms & slang mean on your Twitch streaming, head on further:

  • Achievement: Trophies or badges won by the streamer
  • Bit: Contributor ‘currency’ used across Twitch
  • Cheer: A ‘cheers’ award awarded by the Twitcher to the streamer, in reference to which, a streamer collects his bits as a reward
  • Cheer badge: An icon used to show how many bits a user has cheered in a given channel
  • Dono: Short form for ‘donations’
  • Emotes: Emotes work like emojis, but holds a different meaning in Twitch. Like Kappa or DansGame
  • F: Used as a term to represent disconnected channel or stream
  • Hype: Expressions of support or enthusiasm from the Twitch community, whether in the form of donos or cheers.
  • LUL: Synonym of ‘LOL’ (Laugh Out Loud).
  • Overlay: A layer of skin used by streamers to apply to their channel for aesthetic purposes.
  • Turbo: Twitch Turbo is a membership upgrade that doesn’t involve ads and gives users the option of customizing their emotes and colors.
  • Whisper: Private messages exchanged between users on Twitch.

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The list of 61 Up-To-Date Gaming Terms & Slang mentioned above includes every word you will probably encounter during your sessions. Star-mark this article and do check the specified gaming terminology for Fortnite, Minecraft, and Twitch.

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Wrapping Up

This was all about the 61 Up-To-Date Gaming Terms & Slang you need to follow during your gaming sessions. Keep coming along whenever you will encounter any new gaming term, and we will be your once and for-all solution, I promise!

Anyways, I hope all of your doubts are cleared now. Path of EX is an open space, Come along if required, and we will help you asap.



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