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Muskan Gupta
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You have come to the right place if you are looking for games like Word Hurdle\ Wordle 2. There are no other games that can beat Word Hurdle or Wordle 2 games. To make your search easier, I’ve collected games like Wordle 2 for you to play anytime, anywhere.

The only difference between Word Hurdle and the original version is that you can play as many rounds as you like without waiting a whole day for the next word. You can design your own phrase and challenge your friends’ thanks to the Unlimited version, which is even another fantastic feature.

Continue reading to discover all those enormous, insane, thrilling free word games like Wordle 2. These Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 alternatives will surely turn your entire world upside down. You only need to read the article through to the finish.

Best Games Like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 To Play Online

Binging over daily word games like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 is a real craze to drool upon. And you, my friend, must never miss out on having a bit of extra fun every day. To know more games like Word Hurdle online free, head on further. You will encounter the 10 best free Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 alternatives, including Globle, AntiWordle, and much more. 

1. Wordle

“Daily Word Game Based On Different 4,5,6 Words”

Games Like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2

Wordle has established itself as one of the most peculiar video game phenomena of 2022. Games like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 do not require prior gaming knowledge is necessary to play the game, and anyone can swiftly exercise their brain every day by resolving a reasonably straightforward word puzzle. Naturally, Wordle’s unexpected popularity has led to a large number of imitations. That isn’t a negative thing, though. 

Wordle’s objective is uncomplicated: Solve a five-letter word in six turns or less. Players receive a bone from the game by being informed of which letters are in the word but in the incorrect position and which are in the proper position. 

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2. Lewdle

“Daily Word Game Based On Dirty Words”

Games Like Framed

Lewdle, the next best games like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2, can be played either on Android or IOS devices. Lewdle is a daily word game like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 that urges you to be as lewd as you can be. Sanity and sweetness are nice, but while playing lewdle, you must be highly filthy and nasty. You get six tries in total to guess the 5 letters of lewdle word for the day. So what are you waiting for? Drink some coffee and let the bad words flow out of your mind. 

3. AntiWordle

“Daily Word Game Opposite to Wordle”

10 Best Games Like Wordle: Working In 2022 | Wordle Alternative Games

Those monotonous and basic nerdle games with a new word on a new day can get on my nerves sometimes. However, we’ve got you covered. The third one on the list of best free games like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 is Antiwordle: The exclusive way to avoid those green and yellow blocks. Where Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 pushes you to guess the correct Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 answer for the day in six total tries, Antiwordle expects you to avoid guessing the correct word as many times as possible.

As the player enters his first attempt, the letters so blocked gray are the non-inclusive ones and cannot be used again. The red block signifies the correct position of the letter in today’s word answer. And, last but not the least, the yellow block depicts that the letter is included in today’s Heardle answer but not in the same position though. The prior motive of Antiwordle is for a player to be extra creative for the day and take reverse gear from those basic tactics. Nevertheless, you must make the most of the words lying around in your brain and take a long route in Antiwordle: One of the top word games similar to Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 online. 

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4. Framed

“Daily Word Game Based On Movies”

Games Like Lewdle

The first word game on the list of best free word games like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 is Framed: Daily Movie Guessing Game. As you log into the online officiate site of Framed, a screen flashes a snippet of Today’s Framed Answer. That snippet can be a scene from the movie or related to it. If you make a wrong guess at first, you are treated with a new snippet. However, it is advised that you must make the most of these snippets and guess the correct film of the day in 6 guesses.

5. Nerdle

“Daily mathematics-style puzzle game”

10 Best Games Like Wordle: Working In 2022 | Wordle Alternative Games

Nerdle is one of the high-rated games like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 online, best suited for math lovers. Here, you get a new calculation for the day, every day and you must solve it using every number or sign available. There are different modes in Nerdle including Classic, Mini, Instant, Speed, Pro Nerdle, and Nerdle Replay. Which means a bundle of thrill for you guys. 

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6. Quordle

“Daily Word Game with four words at a time”

10 Best Games Like Wordle: Working In 2022 | Wordle Alternative Games

Guessing the one word for the day with AntiWordle is undoubtedly amazing. However, the most amazing thing in the world of free word games like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 is Quordle: 4 Megawords. There are four total puzzles in Quordle and every attempt made brings you closer to that last try. Nevertheless, it surely gets tricky to guess all four puzzles at one point in time but is no less fun. 

7.  Worldle

“Daily Word Game based on countries”

Games Like Framed

Who doesn’t like to travel across the world in one day? Well, we all do! Traveling and wandering is our favorite thing ever. However, to embellish such pleasure we have another similar word games like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 for you: Worldle. Worldle is a country-based game where a player gets a cut-out shape of the worldle country today.  Every time a player makes his attempt, he gets to know how close he is to the worldle answer of the day. It doesn’t only allow you to explore around the globe in one day but also makes a fresh boost to your geographical knowledge. 

P.S. I personally love traveling to different countries with Worldle!

8. Heardle

“Daily Word Game With Music and Tunes”

Games Like Framed

Music Lovers, how can we dare to forget you! Ain’t happening! The 7th one on the list of best free games like Worldle is Heardle: Six guesses to your music. Once you log into Heardle, you will get a sound clip of one second as an intro. This means that you must make a calculated random guess of the Heardle answer for the day. Although there is an auto-fill feature embedded in Heardle that narrows down the list for you. So, What are you waiting for? Click the button below and be ready to groove on those unlimited songs

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9. Canuckle

“Daily Word Game Based On Canadian Facts”

10 Best Games Like Wordle: Working In 2022 | Wordle Alternative Games

Canadians, This is for you! Canuckle is another daily online-based 5-letter word game based on Canadian facts. It can be related to farms, falls, music, lanes, and much more. This can either be a treat for Canadians or a little upgradation of their current knowledge about Canada. Canuckle is the most demanding game in the list of games like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2.

Confession: I am not a Canadian but I still binge over Canuckle every day just to learn some facts about Canada.

10.  Foodle

“Daily Word Game Based On Food” 

Games Like Framed

The last one from the list of best free games like nerdle is Foodle: Exclusively for foodies! It is an online-based 5-letter foodle word game with a new food item daily. It not only tests the knowledge of players about food but also allows them to be high on cravings all day every day. 

AntiWordle, Worldle, and Lewdle are the most likely free word games like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 which relate to the words the most. However, Heardle, Framed, Nerdle, and Worldle let the drill move with a different kind of amusement but a similar kind of satisfaction. These 10 games add up perfectly to the nerdle game alternatives. 

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Wrapping Up

Summing up the list of best free games like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2, working in 2022, I must inform you that every game includes a different kind of theme for you to roll upon. Give a try to each of the Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2 alternatives once to find your thrill. 

I hope you got everything you were looking for regarding similar games like Word Hurdle \ Wordle 2. It is always a pleasure to serve you with the best. Do drop down your reviews and suggestions below. Path of EX will be happy to dance to your tunes!



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