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Games Like Rise of Legends

Bored of playing Rise of Legends but don’t want to switch with the game’s theme? Don’t worry! We have a list of similar games like Rise of legends for you. Give a try to these Rise of Legends alternatives and make your pick.

The game of Rise of Legends is also enjoyed by players who don’t appreciate tragedies and action games. Rise of Nation: Rise of Legends is among the RPGs always in demand. Gamers relish playing it on Mac, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and many other platforms.

When you have it all, why would you wait any longer to play games like Rise of Legends? Scroll down to get your favorites from the  Rise of Legends alternatives and enjoy gaming.

10 Games Like Rise of Legends You Must Try

The gameplay of Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is enhanced while maintaining the core elements of the original RTS in the series, such as attrition, non-depletable resources, and national borders. Along with these upgrades, Big Huge Games also include many fresh features, such as dominance, neutral units, and capturable resources.

Games Like Rise of Legends

So you came to know about Rise of Legends. This RPG has given us a lot to explore. Now let’s explore more games like Rise of Legends from the list below and have an experimental gaming adventure.

1. Ages Of Empire III

Games Like Rise of Legends

Age of Empires III is the third installment in the hugely popular Age of Empires (AoE) series. These AOE games are among the best in the list of games like Rise of Legends. 

AOE maintains the series’ strategic themes while introducing several intriguing gameplay mechanism ideas. This alternative to Rise Of Legends has a faint RPG flavor, butt but has not survived as long as its younger brother (Age of Empires II). Still, the title has nonetheless received favorable reviews from the public.

Age of Empires III single-player campaign focuses on the European exploration of the Americas between 1492 and 1876. The game’s two DLCs offer additional movements and civilizations, albeit only minor gameplay modifications exist. When all three games are played together, the Complete Collection gives players 14 different cultures to command into conflict, emphasizing Asia and Europe. There are many other civilizations, such as the British, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Indian, and Japanese.

Features of the game Ages Of Empire III

  • Creating the political system adds another level of decision-making and strategy.
  • The opportunity to gain experience in performing tasks and objectives to improve your home city is one of the RPG components.
  • Throughout the base game’s primary campaign, visit the European village.
  • 14 distinct civilizations in all (Complete Collection), each with its units and perks.

2. Shogun: Total War Review

Games Like Rise of Legends

The second game in the extensive Total War series of games like Rise of Legends is Shogun: Total War. This alternative game of Rise of Legends is set in Japan, combines turn-based strategy with real-time combat, and features numerous historical details.

The events of Shogun: Total War occurred in Japan’s warring states era, which spanned from the 15th to the 17th century, and is one of the best games in the list of games like Rise of Legends. As a result, players take control of one of these clans with the ultimate goal of ruling all of Japan as the lone shogun. However, other means of achieving this goal, such as espionage, economics, religion, and diplomacy, are also possible.

There are a total of 7 different factions available to the players, each with a distinct edge in specific game areas, allowing them to select the clan that most aligns with their preferred approach. Numerous minor factions frequently depicted as rebels in the game world exist in addition to the more prominent sections and can be faced off against.

Features of the game Shogun: Total War Review

  • The initial installment in the Total War franchise.
  • Battle against opposing clans for dominance of Japan.
  • To succeed, employ trade, diplomacy, religion, economics, and war.
  • There are several distinct unit types available for use in real-time warfare.
  • Many strategic decisions are to be made.

3. Cossacks: European Wars

Games Like Rise of Legends

The real-time strategy (RTS) game Cossacks: European Wars, created for Windows and launched in 2001. The game examines the European 17th and 18th centuries and is influenced by popular games like Rise of Legend. The strategy features of this first game in the Cossack franchise give a variety of tactical options, with more than a dozen nations bringing their specialties. All these were made accessible in a single collection known as Cossacks Anthology after expanding with many expansion packs.

Like other strategy games like Rise of Legends, Cossacks uses a concept that gives you a lot of campaign content through five distinct base campaign arcs while also letting you push yourself on a tonne of random maps with various settings. Whatever strategy game style you like from the list of  Games like Rise Of Legends, you will always appreciate Cossacks: European Battles’ foundations 

Features of the game Cossacks: European Wars

  • In your overall plan, use many special forces and command over a dozen separate countries.
  • When your six-game resources run out due to a famine, carefully acquire and manage them with real repercussions.
  • Historically accurate campaigns offer a great challenge and randomly generated map skirmish possibilities.
  • Use the proper structure for your offensive strategies as you precisely command your army.

4. Command & Conquer: Generals 

Games Like Rise of Legends

Command & Conquer Generals is the game among the list of best games like Rise of Legends that makes you feel the pulse of contemporary conflict. Choose your strong General to command vast forces equipped with cutting-edge military technology across a planet on the verge of Armageddon. Control one of three distinct sides, each with a specialized high-tech armament prepared to unleash and not heard-of firepower on the ground or in the air.

In this alternative of Rise of Legends, you defeat the opposition in the 27-mission single-player story or inflict harm in the multiplayer game’s worldwide mayhem. All the Commanders, get your troops ready. It’s time to play Command & Conquer Generals, the newest iteration of real-time strategy.

Features of the game Command & Conquer: Generals 

  • Contemporary Conflict 
  • Real-time strategy making
  • Cutting-edge military techniques 
  • Covering 27 missions by a single player

5. LOTR: Battle For Middle Earth 

Games Like Rise of Legends

The Battle for Middle-earth Earth is the top-rated game in the list of games like Rise of Legends. In this Rise of Legends alternative, you will find that Tolkien’s world expanded in Lord of the Rings. You may control the growth of evil in Middle-earth and engage in the significant conflicts that occurred before the movies in this expansion pack for the series of video games that the gaming community adores.

Aragorn’s ancestors’ peaceful realm of Arnor would be invaded if you took control of an evil faction and led the attack. This alternative to Rise of legends allows the gamers to take on the role of the brand-new Angmar faction in skirmish, multiplayer, and War of the Ring modes to truly experience the dark side of Middle-Earth.

Features of game  LOTR: Battle For Middle Earth 

  • Control of an evil fraction 
  • Growth of evil in the middle earth
  • Multiple player’s wars and dark mode experiences 
  • Role-changing can be seen in this LOTR game.

6. Age of Mythology

Games Like Rise of Legends

The Age of Empires is over, and it’s time to delve further into human history and play in the ancient cities of the actual gods. Age of Mythology is one of the most recommended games in the list of games like Rise of Legends. This alternative to Rise of Legends allows you to choose one of three possible worlds—the ancient Greeks, the Norse, or the Egyptians—and create a real kingdom befitting the deities you worship in your new universe. The most fantastic feature of this game like Rise of Legend is to watch out for the evil neighbors who live close to your kingdom because they want to ruin you and your God.

Features of game Age of Mythology 

  • Human history Role play game
  • Evil aged mythology 
  • Develop a whole kingdom befitting the divinities you honor in your unique cosmos
  • Watch out for the evil neighbors who live close to your kingdom.

7. Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm

Games Like Rise of Legends

Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm is a go-to game from the games like Rise of Legends.

In this alternative to Rising of Legends, you will find a group of ghosts of the past murmuring your name in the far future, in the furthest reaches of space. You are Jim Raynor, a former marshal who has turned vigilante to overthrow the Dominion and its evil ruler, Arcturus Mengsk.

In this  Rise of Legends alternative, there will be a time when your opponent will think you have given up the fight and are haunted by betrayal and regret. However, you leave the battle because you have obligations to fulfill and an urgent desire for retribution.

Features of the game Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm

  • Group of ghost
  • Exploring space with a ghost 
  • Betrayal and fight
  • Urgent desire if retribution 

8. Halo Wars

Games Like Rise of Legends

For the Xbox 360, Halo Wars is a real-time action strategy game that lets players command enormous armies and cleverly maneuver them in actual combat. This alternative to Rise of Legends offers a fresh perspective on the conflict while introducing new heroes to the fray. It is set early in the enduring conflict between the Covenant and UNSC, which was made famous by the Halo FPS games. 

The Fans of games like Rise of Legends enjoy this game a little more because of first-person shooter gaming. This alternative to Rise of Legends will make you command armies of units, including UNSC Marines, Scorpion Tanks, and the recognizable Warthog from Halo Wars. 

Features of the game  Halo Wars

  • Real-time action strategy 
  • Control over a large army
  • A fresh perspective of the heroes’ conflicts 
  • First-person shooter gaming

9. Emperor: Battle For Dune

Games Like Rise of Legends

Emperor: Battle For Dune is among those games that are similar to games like Rise of Legends taking players back to Dune, the sand-and-spice-and-first real-time strategy land. The Dune universe is presented in full 3-D in this brand-new game. Like in the first Dune, players in Dune 2 can control three different political houses: the honorable Atreides, the sinister Harkonnen, and the cunning Ordos.

The political environment is unstable due to five strong groupings. In this alternative game to Rise of Legends, players have a choice of using high-level tactical maneuvers or tactical advancements on four different game worlds. Online battles between players can be competitive or cooperative.

Features of the game Emperor: Battle For Dune

  • 3D gaming 
  • Political battle 
  • Online battles between players 
  • Players can choose large-scale strategic advances or ground-level tactics.

10. Company Of Heroes 2

Games Like Rise of Legends

Company of Heroes is an amazing game among the games like Rise of Legends, where you are a Soviet Red Army commander engaged in brutal frontline combat to expel the Nazi invaders from Mother Russia. The heaviest battle of World War II, which caused more than 14 million casualties, began in 1941.

This alternative to Rise of Legends makes you observe the Red Army’s difficulties on the Eastern Front, the war’s most complex and expensive theatre, as they go from being on the verge of defeat to their astounding victory over Germany. Your military strategies can change the course of this fight entirely. As you make your way to Berlin, engage in a tactical battle to establish yourself as an army leader and use the Soviet Empire’s power.

Features of the game Company Of Heroes 2

  • Brutal frontline combat
  • Experience of world war battle 
  • Army struggle 
  • Easy gaming 
  • Multiplayer 

Wrapping up

Wooh! You got to know so much about wars and heroes. I hope you enjoyed reading this article on Games like Rise of legends. Get a kick out of playing these Rise of Legends alternatives mentioned above. You can grab more games from Path Of EX and enjoy playing these games on Mac, IOS, Switch, and other platforms.

Happy Gaming 

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