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10 More Games Like God Of War

Are you searching for your favorite action game’s co-opposites? We have a solution for you to have more games like God of War. So get ready to look for your more active adventures, hacks, and slashes here.

These action-adventure games like God Of War will make you groove with lots of activities while playing and will allow you to solve hurdles and mysteries. These games help build up your search skills and make you aware of teamwork. God Of War and other alternative games make players feel the character and evolve into it.

Here is the list of games to enchant your cravings and put a full stop to your search for more games like God Of War. So, come along and take a look at these God of War alternatives.

Here Is A List of 10 Games Like God Of War

Action games are not just games but emotions for game lovers. These games build up the minds and allow the players to take on challenges in real life. Games like God of War take the player and team on the adventure of life and show the struggle of reaching the success point.

Looking for games like God of War? Well, scroll no further. As you go down, you find more games like God Of War that will lead you to the same life adventures.

1. The Witcher 3

Type: Hunt

Platforms to Play: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Series X, Nintendo Switch

10 More Games Like God Of War

The Witcher 3 is one of the closest alternative games to God of War that leads you on the wild journey of concluding the witcher’s fascinating story. This swap to God Of War can be played opposite the visual player if you are playing alone and can even be enjoyed with the teams.

The game has almost all the similar features of the game God Of War like hunting, adventuring, action, and reaching the target after crossing multiple hurdles.

Features of The Witcher

  • Adventure Hunting
  • Wild Expedition
  • Target haunt

2. The Last Of Us Part 2

Type: Controversy

Platforms To Play: PlayStation4, PlayStation5 and Personal Computers

10 More Games Like God Of War

The Last Of Us Part 2 is one of the games like Gods Of War which makes us go through a controversial journey and will make us continue to resolve several hurdles throughout the game.

The Last Of Us Part 2 can be enjoyed with the company of friends or can even be played alone.

 Features of The Last Of Us Part 2

  • Auto Targeting
  • Text to speech is one of the best features of the last of us part 2.
  • Enemy AI feature is an important feature of this game.

3. X- Men Origins

Type: Action

Platform To Play: PlayStation3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, PC, Wii, Xbox360, Nintendo DS and Mobile

10 More Games Like God Of War

What is the vast part of God Of War that makes it such a loved game by the people? It’s the visceral disposition of its combat, and the same is true in this alternative games like God Of War, the  X-Men Origins. The game allows you to feel the action the players do while playing and going through different adventures in the game.

Anyone can play this fun game from anywhere as it is also available on the mobile version, and it can be played with teams through PlayStations, PCs, and other devices.

Features of the X-Men Origin

  • Action playing
  • Exploring an adventure world
  • Fight for life

4. Metal Gear Rising

Type: Action-Adventure

Platforms to Play: PlayStation3, Xbox 360, and Personal Computers

10 More Games Like God Of War

Metal Gear Rising is one of the most stylish action-adventure alternatives to Gods Of War. This game like God of War, is a non-stop and never-tiring game where the player confronts their enemy to raise their victory, which gives justice to the title of the game.

This God Of War alternative game is meant to be enjoyed with a team of friends, and if the person is willing to play alone, no one can stop him because it can also be played with visual assistance.

Features of Metal Gear Rising

  • Teaming with or against the group for the mission
  • Thrilling adventure
  • Action and War

5. Rift Apart

Type: Third Person Shooter

Platforms To Play: The game is only available on PlayStation 5.

10 More Games Like God Of War

Rift Apart is another amazing like God Of War that has all features of Gods Of War in it.

The game Rift Apart has many unique features like a gripping story mode which excites the people and makes the game more popular.

This rift shooting adventure can be played alone or in a duo and even can be enjoyed teaming up when played with friends and family.

Features of Rift Apart

  • Shooting Adventure
  • War and Action, and this feature make it the best alternative game of God Of War.
  • Gripping Story mode is the most unique feature of this game.

6. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Type: Fantasy World

Platform to play: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

10 More Games Like God Of War

Final Fantasy is one of the best action games that can be played on PlayStation four. This game is very similar to God of War, and it takes the player to a fantasy realm full of expeditions.

The game can be played alone or enjoyed and played with the company of friends.

Features of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

  • Multiple combats
  • A photo mode
  • Action adventuring

7. Monster Hunter: World

Type: Hunting

Platform To Play: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

10 More Games Like God Of War

Monster Monster Hunter: World is one of the games like God Of War that a player enjoys playing on the loop. The player finds this as the best alternative game for God of War because it is an addictive game that creates the same level of excitement that is created while haunting to reach the target.

The game is a team game but can also be enjoyed by the person with a visual assistant if they don’t have a team to play with.

Feature of Monster Hunter: World

  • Monster Hunter can be played with five different elemental attributes.
  • Haunting at the pro level is what Monster Hunter: world allows you to do with 48 hours long fetch
  • Loops in the game make gaming more interesting.

8. Bloodborne

Type: Gothic Action

Platforms To Play: It is only available on PlayStation 4 as it is a PlayStation-exclusive game.

10 More Games Like God Of War

Bloodborne is among the highest recommended games for someone who loves God of War. The games like God of War makes us travel to the visuals, which take the player out of this world. It is a game for players who enjoy Gothic and love science fiction while playing.

This God Of War alternative game can be played by the player alone or can be enjoyed in a friend’s company with fantastic visuals that make the game more adoring while playing.

Features of Bloodborne

  • Lost of science and fiction can be enjoyed while playing
  • Visuals and graphics that take you to another world
  • Regain System is one of the coolest features of the game.

9. Horizon Zero Dawn

Type: Jam-Packed Action

Platforms To Play: Playstation4 and Microsoft Windows

10 More Games Like God Of War

Horizon Zero Dawn is the game for people looking for complete action like God Of War. This similar game to God Of War features the world of robotic dinosaurs which roam around the land, which makes the game a unique concept to be played by people. It is one of the fantastic alternatives to God Of War.

This alternative game of God of War can’t be played alone, but if it is played in teams with friends, this game of the dinosaur world is enjoyed more.

Features of Horizon Zero Dawn

  • Mechanical creatures
  • New abilities can be provided to the players by skill tree.
  • Ultra-wide support

10. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Type: Action and Adventure

Platforms To Play: Playstation4 and PlayStation5

10 More Games Like God Of War

Whirling around the city as in Spiderman looks extraordinary, and so in the game. While playing this game of Marvel’s Spider-Man, the person who is playing gets lost in the world of superheroes, and this game in no doubt could be said as one of the hottest and firing alternatives to the God of war. The game features fantastic adventure and the best action the player enjoys.

 This God Of War alternative game can be enjoyed teaming with friends and can have a virtual action journey in the city of Spiderman. It can also be played alone with your visual assistant.

Features of Marvel’s Spider-Man

  • Unlocked framerate can be enjoyed while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man
  • Different tools and gadgets within the game can be customized
  • Wide range of display

Wrapping Up

Who doesn’t love to play games, and when it comes to action-adventure, no one can stop oneself!! If combined with action, the adventure leads you to the world of fantasy, just like the game God Of War. So we have packed up several action-adventure games like God of War that will help you and will answer your questions for an alternative to God of War.

Happy adventuring!! Happy gaming!!

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