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games like call of duty

There were days when Call of Duty was all over the market after a few days of release. It even became the benchmark for people who were first-time shooters. Over the last few years, Call of Duty has enjoyed an enormous fan base with their formula of gaming quite the same. You will be surprised to know it is approaching its 20th year, and games like Call of Duty are also becoming popular with the flow. 

Call of duty still tops the chart and pools in a lot of money. But followers of this game are finding the innovation and uniqueness missing. There are many Call of Duty alternative games that are available in the market and popular at the same time. 

Below, we would walk you down through those games like Call of Duty, which would keep you on the edge of your seat while you are on it. So, gear up and come with us on a journey of exploring the alternatives of games like Call of duty. 

Best Games Like Call of Duty

Most of the games mentioned below offer the best shooter experience and are befitting Call of Duty alternatives. In addition, these games like Call of Duty are focused on both single-player and multiple-player environments.

1. PUBG Battlegrounds

games like call of duty

PUBG is slower but one of the best games like Call of Duty. Players’ unknown battleground, better known as PUBG, is immensely responsible for popularizing the battle genre. 

In this Call of Duty alternative game, there are at least 100 players thrown on the map with literally nothing to fight. They have to fight, grab and loot whatever they can put their hands on. Then, they may get guns, ammunition, and even courtship and start their fight. The game can be played all alone and in a team. However, while playing alone, one has to fight and kill others to win the game. 

Team matches can be accessible on the go as you have to finish a team one by one. However, in this game like Call of Duty, every few minutes, there is a challenge; the map also shrinks in size. Hence, it is inevitable to have an all-out war that is tough to win. 

Developer: Krafton

Platform: PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, P.C., Android, and iOS  

2. Battlefield

games like call of duty

Are you looking for similar games like Call of Duty? Then this one will not disappoint you. There are more than fifteen games under this franchise. The new series is immensely more popular than the ones released earlier. 

Start from the first one and move ahead when you want to enjoy the series. Of course, games like Call of Duty become thrilling when played with multiple players, but the single-player experience is quite exciting. 

The series, better known as war stories, has a story divided into four to five timelines. Every part of this Call of Duty alternative game takes place in a different place and country. The player is free to explore the area and play the way they want. Unfortunately, in games like Call of duty, after some time, there is almost no control over the narratives, and it feels like the player is watching a movie. The latest series has thankfully changed the scenario

Developer: DICE

Platform: PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, and P.C.

3. Apex Legends

games like call of duty

Apex Legend is the latest addition to the team of games like Call of duty. It has borrowed several inspirations from games like PUBG, Titanfall, and Fortnite but has its rendition. It is a well-polished game with a stable launch absent in most games of this kind.

This Call of Duty alternative game is light on content which is disappointing for many players. The makers promise to add more soon to keep their gamers entertained. This game like Call of Duty  is an easy-go even for first-time shooters, and it is easy to learn the nuances of the match with the detailed tutorial which comes along.

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Platform: PS5 and Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, and PC 

4. Titanfall 2

Titanfall comes from the renowned developer Respawn Entertainment and is their second game which is way better than their first endeavor. This Call of Duty alternative game is a single-player experience lasting about four to six hours. However, players find it a fascinating experience better than games like Call of Duty.

Titanfall two is quite ahead of its first game and retains the fluid movements involved in the game. In addition, this similar game to Call of Duty has improved its shooting and movement mechanics. The fights are traditional with gunfights, and there are mechanical ones with giant techs where the players fight to kill each other. 

It is a shooter game like Call of Duty where you have to think, strategize and play. It’s a game where players need a lot of patience and strategy to win the game. So players have to switch on and off their mech whenever required. 

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, and P.C. 

5. Spec Ops

games like call of duty

Spec ops is another game like Call of Duty for a single-player experience which is quite commendable. The game starts with the city of Dubai, which faces a massive sand storm that has destroyed the towering buildings of the town. Everything is in chaos with an enormous departure, but some cannot flee and unwillingly remain there. 

In this Call of Duty alternative game, A.I. plays a commendable role with the actual player where they rescue the survivors with no help from any other place. The player has to dig deep into the ruins to save people. After a few hours, he realizes he is in a big mess. The player keeps on repeating his actions time and again throughout the game. They have to kill some guys one after another and make decisions for themselves. This game like Call of Duty promises to be challenging with whatever decision you take and a good option if anyone is looking for COD alternative games.

Developer: Yager Development

Platform(s): PC, and Xbox One 

6. Metro Exodus

The latest addition to the metro series comes from the novels written by Dmitry Glukhovsky. The first series was Metro:2033 and Metro:  Last Light. The outline of the game like COD is nuclear wars, which wipe out everything. The lucky ones surviving the attack are traveling in the underground Metros. 

The war wiped out everything visible on the surface and made the undergrounds habitable for the last trace of the human race to stay alive and fight. 

Metro Exodus is a COD alternative game where a person runs and fights simultaneously. The game has enormous content and focuses on exploring every nook and corner of the map for more adventure.  

Developer: 4A Games

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, and PC

7. Warface

Warface is another amazing game like COD that has been gunning down for five years now. The game developer has refined and tested the same content in an organized manner. They have bifurcated teams to generate more content into the game and update and make it more user-friendly. Contents in the match like modes, weapons, quests, enemies, and many more make it enjoyable. It may not be a popular game like Call of duty, but it can easily keep the player glued to the game for the next few hours.  

Developer: Crytek

Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Xbox 360

8. Post Scriptum

This COD alternative game has been in the shooter genre for two years. However, not many people are aware of the gem the game is. Post Scriptum is a game like COD in which a ww2 shooter goes on shooting simulators rather than casual shooters. The player needs to know the basics of the game before indulging in it. Even this game similar to COD requires the players to fight as a team and have good communication between them. Without these prerequisites, it is very likely the player would lose the game as he would need help anywhere he encounters an enemy. 

The maps of this COD alternative are humongous, much more significant than games like Call of duty. The target players have to be educated regarding the game and learn various tactics to fight the same; then, things would turn enjoyable for them. 

Developer: Periscope games

Platform: P.C., Xbox One, and PS4.

9. Squad

Players acquainted with Arms would be familiar with Squad in no time. The controls of this game like COD would be at the fingertips of the players before starting the game. In games like Call of Duty, the player only handles a few buttons and keys for action but here, the player should be savvy with the actual keyboard mapping. It may sound overwhelming initially, but with time it gets easier. 

Also, in this COD alternative game, there is a significant role of teamwork and communication. Enemies disguise themselves in the same outfits as the shooter, so it is hard to trace them. So each member of the Squad is given a unique role. So this game like COD does not only involve gunning down people and chasing enemies. When the players act in coordination, they will have a good time there.

Developer: Offworld Industries

Platform: P.C., Xbox One, and PS4. 

10. Insurgency Sandstorm

Do you feel tired and are bored by mindless gunning down enemies? So, here we have come up with games like Insurgency Sandstorm. This COD alternative game is a perfect blend of fun gameplay and reality where you feel you are actually on the battlefield. In this game like COD, it feels natural to shoot your enemy, and get deeper into the game. The gunshots have value; they may not kill you but may affect your health in the long run. 

Like Call of Duty, this game has a lot more violence than a player can imagine. It shows the harrowing experience a shooter goes through more than we see in movies. They can sometimes be disturbing for the player to handle. 

Developer: New World Interactive.

Platform: P.C., Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PS4.

Wrapping up

We have discussed the best alternatives for games like Call of Duty. Every detail is discussed here for the player to understand and analyze the game before exploring it more. I have tried PUBG, and believe me, it was worth a shot. Please share the views in the comment box. And also, share with us anything we have missed to include in our list. 

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