10 Fun Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Family & Friends

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Holidays are all about creating beautiful memories. Even if you weren’t feeling like yourself lately, festivals like Christmas always give us many reasons to feel cheerful. Spend time with your loved ones, fluff a Christmas tree and do everything to get in line with the festive vibe of the season. Among all these things, don’t forget to do some Fun Christmas Traditions to cherish the eve.  

You could be spending your Christmas with your whole family or you could be living a world apart from them. Missing your old memories is a pretty obvious feeling. However, this article will help you to enjoy your Christmas with and without your friends. For starters, you can send a letter wishing them Merry Christmas and by letter, I mean an actual one. (Not the printed letters you were going to hand them)

Maybe you already had a bunch of Christmas traditions throughout your childhood but now you want to create some new ones. Whatever it is, I will be sharing some good-old Christmas traditions that you can use according to your liking. You can even personalize these Christmas traditions.  

10 Best Christmas Traditions That Create Infinite Memories

Every other day there is a conversation around how this generation is getting distant each and every day. Not that Christmas is anything around this, but it will not cost you anything to interact and wish people Merry Christmas! 

Besides interacting with people, Christmas is also about creating lifelong memories. You can choose to spend this precious time with your loved ones and make them as special as you can. If you have kids, then these Christmas Traditions will definitely attract your interest. Simply scroll and read everything about these fun Christmas traditions. 

1. Visit A Church

10 Fun Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Family & Friends

Christmas is celebrated in so many different ways all over the world. There are multiple Christmas traditions. However, the only thing common in most of them would be visiting a Church. Tell me how will you ever complete your Christmas Day without even visiting a Church. 

Even if you aren’t Christian or are just celebrating Christmas for the sake of the festival, you must visit a Church and participate in a Christmas Church service. You might not recite the prayer but you will get all the positive vibes from the holy place. So, don’t ever miss out on this Christmas Tradition. Again, you can visit a Church with and without your family. 

2. Bake Cookies For Santa

10 Fun Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Family & Friends

It is a very popular Christmas Tradition to bake cookies for Santa. At the time of eve, kids would keep the cookies and milk for Santa and its reindeer in exchange for Christmas gifts. But was that the actual reason? Duh! Obviously no! 

The actual reason behind the cookie and milk Christmas tradition is that around the time of the Great Depression parents used to teach sharing to their kids. Saying that they are doing it for Santa when they were actually doing it for poor people. 

You can make this activity into a fun Christmas tradition by including your kids in the cooking part. Make it a tradition that every Christmas you and your kids will bake some cookies for Santa. However, you must tell them the actual reason behind it. 

3. Dress Up Your Pet

10 Fun Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Family & Friends

You have no idea how cute your little pet baby will look after you dress it up. First of all, you are lucky to have a pet, and secondly, why should you leave it out of your Christmas Traditions? Traditions are meant to be meaningful and something that gives you happiness. And there’s not one thing about pets that is not related to happiness. Now, you might have understood why it is important to involve your little family member in these fun Christmas traditions.

Buy reindeer horns, or even better make him your Santa Claus. You will get plenty of outfits for pets online as well as offline stores. Give your dog or cat a red cap, and if your pet is nice enough to keep it on its head for two minutes, then quickly click as many pictures as you can. 

4. Build A Snow Person

10 Fun Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Family & Friends

Who hasn’t built a Snowman yet? We all have, right? Now it’s time to make the same a Christmas tradition, but along with kids. It is super important to include kids here because it will be great for their creativity plus no kid will ever say “no to this Christmas tradition. Ever!

The only thing that changes here is fluidity. You can make a snowman, snow woman, snow anything. With the help of kids, I am sure you will end up even creating an alien. Well, let’s just decide at the end what you actually made. Don’t forget to use a scarf and a Santa hat to cover your Snow-being. 

Also, if you live far from your family, then you can call the neighborhood kids for this fun Christmas tradition. Plus, make sure the kids have covered themselves with warm clothes, gloves, and mitts. 

5. Visit A Public Tree Lighting

10 Fun Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Family & Friends

Living alone can suck a lot, especially if you cannot visit your family this Christmas. You might be missing them because you couldn’t celebrate and make memories this year with your loved ones. However, that never means you cannot celebrate it at all. You must! 

A lot of towns in NYC and other cities host an annual lightning event where they lit up trees at Christmas. It’s a public event so anyone can visit without any particular charges. Since it is a public event, you can meet new people, make new friends, and without knowing you will be making new memories along the way. Don’t forget to click pictures! 

6. Decorate A Christmas Tree

10 Fun Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Family & Friends

A Christmas tree decoration has to be some of the oldest Christmas traditions but it still remains one of the most fun ones. You can do so much with these trees. If you are still new to the concept, know that you can choose from different types of Christmas trees. Some of them are better with water retention so they require less care. Others are good with holding heavy ornaments and some have scented needles. Also, you can even choose a Christmas tree topper according to your liking.   

Some people are only excited about Christmas because they get to decorate the trees. Choose their favorite baubles. Talking about ornaments, this year Friends Christmas ornaments have been super popular. So, do give them a try and see if you like them or not. 

7. Watch A Christmas Movie Or Show

10 Fun Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Family & Friends

Getting to spend some quality time with family has to be your priority this holiday season. And if it’s not, then what’s better than to make it a Christmas tradition? You can choose from multiple hit Christmas movies and TV shows. Select your pick and watch it with your loved one. If you are watching this with your partner then you have all the reasons to get cozy and make this a Christmas Tradition of yours. 

You can choose any of the legendary Christmas movies like Home Alone, The Grinch, or the Santa Claus movie. Laugh as much as you want because Christmas cannot get better than this. Making a fun Christmas tradition with your loved one is not something that every couple gets to do. So, if you can, then you should definitely try not to miss it. 

8. Exchange Cookies With Your Neighbors

10 Fun Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Family & Friends

Let’s just admit we guys aren’t pros at being social, especially after the pandemic. We want less and less to interact with people and that’s exactly why you should make a Christmas tradition of sharing cookies with your neighbors. First of all, no stress, no one is going to scream at you if your cookies are a little overcooked or less cooked. 

Secondly, at this time when people don’t even want to talk to people, this Christmas tradition of yours can be very helpful in making a good societal impression. Christmas is especially the perfect time to interact with people and share happiness with people. So, please don’t refrain from building any new friendships. 

9. Make Christmas Cards For Friends

10 Fun Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Family & Friends

Since Christmas is all about wishing people good health and prosperity (you already have read those Whatsapp messages), it’s time to make things a little more special. Just like you, everyone in your circle has read those Christmas wishes probably a hundred times, if not more. Why would you want to copy-paste those wishes?  Please don’t!

What’s the better option? Instead of copy-pasting the same Christmas wishes, you can make some DIY Christmas Cards and wish your friends Merry Christmas in the best way possible. You need some colors, white sheets, a pen and that’s it. Plus it’s a fun Christmas Tradition so you can include kids in this one too. 

10. Dress Up

10 Fun Christmas Traditions To Enjoy With Family & Friends

Now, you can visit a Church in the morning of Christmas, bake cookies with kids, even create a snow person. But after doing all those things would it be worth it if you don’t dress up? I know the definition of celebrating Christmas would not be the same for everybody, but come on guys, it’s the official festive season. No more no-nut November, so that you can still be in your pajamas all day long. 

Get ready, wear some nice clothes, do your hair and click pictures. Even if you aren’t going to a Christmas house party, you never know who comes up to meet you in person. So, doll up on Christmas eve, you can stay in your pajamas for the rest of the year. 

Wrapping Up

The essence of Christmas is in its meaningful traditions and that’s exactly what we tried to bring out in these fun Christmas Traditions. I am sure there are many more meaningful Christmas traditions followed by people of various ethnicities. 

If your culture celebrates Christmas with some other tradition then comment below. We want our readers to share their best memories with Christmas traditions. 

You can also share this article with your friends and family members. Keep Visiting Path of EX! Have A Great Day! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 5 Christmas traditions?

The most popular 5 Christmas traditions are-
1. The Nativity Scene
2. Kissing Under The Mistletoe
3. Drinking Eggnog
4. Leaving Naughty Kids Coal
5. Leaving Santa Milk And Cookies

What are some Christmas traditions followed in America?

Some Christmas traditions followed in America are-
1. Elf on the Shelf
2. Angel Tree
3. Make Christmas candy
4. Go Christmas caroling
5. Have a cookie exchange party
6. Pick out a new ornament for each child
7. Check out a local light display
8. Donate food to your local food bank

What do families do on Christmas?

Families like to do fun activities on Christmas like-
1. Bake Cookies for Santa.
2. Host a Christmas Party
3. Visit a Local Christmas Parade
4. Make Christmas Cards
5. Open a Christmas Eve Gift
6. Make a Gingerbread House
7. Go Christmas Tree Hunting
8. Go Ice Skating


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