10 Flavorsome Friends Valentines Day Episodes For V-Day!!

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How you doin’? Fellas!! Why so gloomy? It’s Valentine’s day. You can’t feel lonely today, especially when you could be in the company of these amazing Friends. And they know exactly how to cheer you up. So buckle up before you commence on this fun-filled marathon of Friends Valentines Day episodes with your all-time silly yet favorite characters. 

You know, it doesn’t matter which year it is, how old you are and how many years have passed- Friends will always have a fixed marked spot in your hearts that will be your safe place whenever things get difficult. A large cup of coffee, a blanket, and a never-ending marathon of Friends Valentines Day episodes are enough to cozy up a perfect Valentine’s Evening.

Friends is known for paying homage to holidays with its festive, joyful moments like Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes. But there are other episodes that end up leaving you with tear-filled eyes and heartwarming memories… Yess!! I’m talking about those bitter-sweet Friends Valentines Day episodes that you just can’t seem to get enough of. 

How Many Friends Valentine’s Day Episodes Are There?

According to their tradition- Every season has at least 1 Friends Valentines Episodes, thereby making it a total of 10 Friends Valentines Day Episodes. Wow, what more could you ask- Let’s sneak a peek.

Friends Valentines Day Episodes

List Of All Friends Valentines Day Episodes you Wanna Watch Again And Again

Here’s a list of all your favorite Friends Valentines Day Episodes-

  1. The One With The Candy Hearts | Season 1, Episode 14
  2. The One Where Ross and Rachel.. You Know | Season 2, Episode 15
  3. The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break | Season 3, Episode 15
  4. The One With All The Rugby | Season 4, Episode 15
  5. The One Where Everybody Finds Out | Season 5, Episode 14
  6. The One With Unagi | Season 6, Episode 17
  7. The One With Joey’s New Brain | Season 7, Episode 15
  8. The One With The Birthing Video | Season 8, Episode 15
  9. The One With The Mugging | Season 9, Episode 15
  10. The One With Phoebe’s Wedding | Season 10, Episode 12

1. The One With The Candy Hearts

Season 1, Episode 14

1. The One With The Candy Hearts

It’s the first Valentine’s day of the show, but things are not looking so good for all of these friends. Ross is excited about his new date, but things take a turn when he ends up in the same restaurant as Carol and Susan. Well, you can imagine the rest. But that’s not all;

You know what’s sad…being set up on a date on Valentine’s day and what’s even worse if that date turns out to be your Ex, but hey wait what cRosses all records is the fact that ‘that someone’ is Janice..!! Oh Myyyyyy Gooddddd!! And guess what.. she has those candy hearts printed with the words “Chan and Jan Forever.” 

Adding to the fun, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe decide to spend the evening burning the effigies of their exes. Cool, can I join?

Woah, don’t tell me, isn’t this Friends Valentines Day Episodes worth watching..?

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2. The One Where Ross and Rachel… You Know 

Season 2, Episode 15

Friends Valentines Day Episodes

Joey receives his first soap opera salary, and guess what he buys? A big Tv screen and 2 leather recliners. Now, no one can get Chandler and Joey to leave these couches, turning them into Couch Potatoes. At the same time, Monica gets a catering job at Dr. Richards, her family friend, and seems to be quite smitten with him.

Though, this Friends Valentines Day Episode became famous because our favorite couple, Ross and Rachel, finally get together and decide to go on their first date. But obviously, things will not play out as expected, because it’s Rachel and Ross. All their fun and comic incidents make for a good laugh, but everything works out in the end. As they say, All is well if it ends well…

3. The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break

Season 3, Episode 15

Ok, seriously. What do you think? Were Ross And Rachel on a break !! Someone really needs to settle it.

Joey and Chandler both have a crush on Chloe, the girl at the copy center, but is it someone else who swoops her away ?? Yes, it’s Ross. Can’t believe it… Mee too! On the other hand, Phoebe is dating an East European diplomat and needs some privacy. But that is too much to ask when his personal interpreter accompanies him everywhere. She decides to distract the interpreter by setting him with Monica but soon regrets it when he gets too busy.

Rachel is a little too committed to her job, adding to the strain between her and Ross. In a series of quarrels, they decide they need a break or not! Depends on who is answering. But annoyed Ross goes drinking and well… Ends up sleeping with Chloe starting a controversial debate- were Ross And Rachel on a break ?! This episode aired one day prior to Valentine’s day, making it a part of Friends Valentines Day Episodes.

4. The One With All The Rugby

Season 4, Episode 15

4. The One With All The Rugby

If laughs are what you are looking for this Valentine? Then this Friends Valentines Day Episode is perfect for you. Where Ross risks life and limb to show Emily how tough and aggressive a rugby player he is, Monica gets obsessed with a new switch in her new apartment. She undergoes extreme measures to find its source and origin, which is later revealed as a switch that controls her previous apartment’s TV. Well, that doesn’t make sense, but most of it doesn’t either.

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But you know what the highlight of this particular Friends Valentines Day Episode is? Or better… Who is? Janice. Yes, she returns for yet another Valentine’s Day episode.

During a manicure session with Rachel, Chandler runs into Janice and tries whatever he can to avoid her, which somehow includes telling her that he is being transferred to Yemen for work. Seriously!

5. The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Season 5, Episode 14

I really love this Friends Valentines Day Episode. The amusing and entertaining secret plannings between the characters kept the audience on toes with excitement. The top-secret of Chandler and Monica’s relationship is soon coming to light, and Phoebe and Rachel try every measure to make them confess. And finally, they did but not before all the chaos and drama. We always knew he was her Lobster. 🦞

Ross applies for Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment after he moves out, only to find that there is so much competition. He tries to defeat his competitors by becoming friends with the ugly naked guy, even if that means sharing mini-muffins whilst naked. Ewwww!!  

Finally winning the apartment, Ross shows it to his boss, Dr. Ledbetter, trying to convince him that he no longer suffers from anger management issues. However, he then sees Monica and Chandler kissing through the window, causing him to angrily yell, “Get off my sister!” and making yet another scene.

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6. The One With Unagi

Season 6, Episode 17

Booooo!! Hey, where’s your Unagi?

Another Intriguing friend’s Valentines Day Episode is The one with Unagi. Rachel and Phoebe have decided to take self-defense classes, and Ross, being an ex-Karate master ( only in his mind), stages a mock attack to check their Unagi supposedly – ‘state of total awareness.’

Since its valentines day, Monica and Chandler have decided this year to give each other a homemade Valentine’s day gift… which apparently, both of them have forgotten. Monica ends up giving Chandler one of Phoebe’s Sock bunnies, and Chandler well.. Does he think what could possibly go wrong with a mixtape? Little did he know, it was a gift from Janice and that too with her customized voice notes..!! Hahaha.. Seriously Janice and Valentine never seem to work out for Chandler.

Also, Joey being Joey applies for an identical twin research project that pays $2,000 though there is one tiny little problem- He doesn’t have a twin and ends up recruiting someone to play his “twin”.

7. The One With Joey’s New Brain

Season 7, Episode 15

This Friends Valentines Day episode is full of surprises. Every member receives a surprise in one way or the other. Whether they are happy surprises or dreadful ones… that would be your surprise…Lol.

7. The One With Joey's New Brain

Joey learns that his character, Dr. Drake Rmoray, will finally come out of his coma and, in order to get further insights, visits Cecilia Monroe, whose brain he will be receiving. In order to cheer her mood, he charms her into working together to maintain Jessica’s legacy, and of course they end up sleeping together. 

Even Ross surprises Monica and Chandler when he decides he’ll play bagpipe at their wedding..!! Just a friendly piece of advice- cover your ears to prevent them from bleeding. At the same time, Phoebe and Rachel find a cute guy’s phone and fight over it. But their fairytale imagination is put to a halt when an elderly gentleman drops by Phoebe’s apartment to claim his phone.

8. The One With The Birthing Video

Season 8, Episode 15

8. The One With The Birthing Video

Yet another Valentine’s morning with all the love and hope-filled in the air. But don’t get too much into it because soon your mood would be killed by this legendary video just like Chandler, who, in an epic misunderstanding, plays a birthing video thinking of it as a gift porn video. Watching it with Monica and Rachel totally kills Valentine’s vibes and spoils all their Valentine’s plans. 

While Joey is mourning his lost relationship with Rachel, Phoebe decides to cheer him on with a dog. But his depression seems to be contagious, and even the Dog ends up depressed. It is an epic comic Friends Valentines Day episode that you don’t wanna miss.

9. The One With The Mugging

Season 9, Episode 15

9. The One With The Mugging

Though not much of Valentine’s celebration is happening in this episode, it is included among other Friends Valentines Day episodes because it was released on 13 February 2003. Chandler lands an unpaid advertising internship as he is thinking of switching careers, but soon he feels out of place due to his age. Meanwhile, Joey auditions for a play starring Leonard Hayes but have to undergo some extremes to finally get that part.

But the most significant storyline of this Friends Valentines Day episode is revealed when Phoebe and Ross get mugged by one of Phoebe’s old friends, Kyle Gass. During the conversation, Ross finds out that Phoebe was the one who mugged him on the street when he was a teenager.

What can I say? Phoebe and her unexpected past details have a way of making the bombshell revelations.

10. The One With Phoebe’s Wedding

Season 10, Episode 12

They couldn’t have chosen any better time to release this episode. Obviously, what’s better is to end the series with a wedding episode on Valentine’s day. Lots of Snow, Valentine’s day, and a wedding – tell me, is there a better combination?? NO, it was perfect.

Phoebe’s wedding is on the horizon, and the wedding planner Monica is going overboard with well.. everything! But what else could you expect? 

A freak blizzard hits New York making the wedding impossible to happen while Ross and Chandler are fighting to fill their part as Mike’s groomsmen and Phoebe has asked Joey to give her away at the wedding. Awww, can you see my tears!! A lot of chaos ensues, giving us our fair share of bitter-sweet memories and, of course, laughter. But in the end, everything falls perfectly at its place, making it one of the historical weddings- fans would never forget.

This is definitely a must-watch Friends Valentines Day episode to have your fill of Valentine’s Love.

Wrapping Up

So, what conclusion did you come to? Were they, or weren’t they on a break?? Well, it doesn’t matter whatever the case was; we surely had a fun time riding along the journey. You can trust me when I say whenever you are feeling low, just open the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. series and start watching them. It can really make you feel so much better. But since you can’t rewatch the whole series in a day, I have tried to help you out by sorting the list into –

Friends Christmas episodes for your Christmas vibes, Friends New Year episodes for your New year celebration, Friends Thanksgiving episodes for your family Dinner dates, Friends Halloween episodes for your fun creative mood, and of course Friends Valentines Day episode for a perfect valentine’s evening.

I hope you got what you are searching for. Keep visiting Path Of Ex for more intriguing collections.


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