10 Hilarious Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked In 2021

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You must be tired of finding the perfect aesthetic decorations for your Thanksgiving dinner, and that’s why we have come up with something that will make you laugh like crazy. Amid all the preparations, give yourself a treat and watch all the Friends Thanksgiving Episodes. Trust me, it is the best thing you can watch on Nov 25. 

It’s almost like a tradition to watch epic movies and series on Thanksgiving. Just like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, these episodes will lighten up your mood and get you all ready for the festive season. Who knows, maybe you get inspired by some dish Monica made, or even better, lock everybody in the hallway. Shh! We aren’t going to disclose everything here.  

One of the most entertaining Friends episodes is the one on Halloween, there’s only one Halloween episode on Friends. However, when it came to Thanksgiving, there was an episode every season. Yep, 10 Thanksgiving episodes in 10 seasons and we have ranked all here. 

Complete List Of Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

All the Friends Thanksgiving episodes are super important if you are a sucker for insider information. These episodes are some of the best made and disclose some past experiences of the characters. If you think you would want to see them check out this list and find out the best Friends Thanksgiving Episodes.  

10. The One With The List | Season 2 Episode 8

10 Hilarious Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked In 2021
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Ohh! Remember the list Ross made of pros and cons of Rachel and Julie? Well, Rachel is disheartened to find it and you can imagine how things went from there. Meanwhile, Monica has to prepare some recipes with a “what evil must taste like” ingredient. Later she learns that the ingredient isn’t approved by FDA and has actual side effects. 

This episode is the least “Thanksgivingy” episode in our list of Friends Thanksgiving Episodes. Meanwhile, you can guess in comment sections who said this word? 

9. The One With Rachel’s Other Sister | Season 9 Episode 8

10 Hilarious Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked In 2021
Source: Digital Spy

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without some family drama and this Friends Thanksgiving episode depicts just that. Amy, who is the middle sister of Rachel visits her place totally unexpectedly and there starts an argument in the gang somehow. 

We also see some surprising turn of events. Rachel and Ross end up in a discussion on who will get custody of Emma if both of them died. Monica and Chandler? Joey or Phoebe? Or is it going to be Amy? Check out in Season 9 Episode 8 of Friends

8. The One Where Underdog Gets Away | Season 1 Episode 9

10 Hilarious Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked In 2021

‘The One Where Underdog Gets Away’ is the first-ever Friends Thanksgiving Episode. It came out in Season 1 where the parents of Ross and Monica choose to make other plans instead of throwing Thanksgiving dinner. Now, poor Monica has to cook everything herself. 

Everyone gets locked out of Monica’s apartment and Joey realizes he is the model face of VD. His reaction, well you would have to watch the episode yourself. We can’t tell you everything here!!

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7. The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs | Season 7 Episode-8

10 Hilarious Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked In 2021

Before the seventh season, we never knew Chandler wasn’t a dog person. (Still processing that information). These Friends Thanksgiving Episodes give out a lot of information. So, Phoebe decides to bring a dog to Monica’s apartment (like that isn’t crazy enough), but she had to sneak the poor baby into hiding it from the gang. 

Ross picks up a game where he won’t touch his plate until he names all the 50 states in the United States. Rachel is troubled because of her crush relationship drama and the rest of the episode is pretty enjoyable. 

6. The One With Chandler In A Box | Season 4 Episode 8

10 Hilarious Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked In 2021
Source: Entertainment Weekly

The Season 4 Episode 8 Friends Thanksgiving Episode is around everybody’s problems. Well, relationship problems to be precise. Chandler kisses Kathy, who is presently Joey’s crush in the episode, and gets caught. To get JoeyTribbiani’s forgiveness, Chandler sits in a wooden box for six hours (not exaggerating at all!). 

Also, Monica faces a Thanksgiving accident. She get’s ice in her eye and the doctor she visits is Richard’s son. (Awkward alert). Between her eye patch and Joey’s forgiveness, the episode really makes you laugh. 

5. The One Where Ross Got High | Season 6 Episode 9

10 Hilarious Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked In 2021
Source: TBS.com

“The One Where Ross Got High” is my personal favorite episode in the list of Friends Thanksgiving Episodes. Here you’ll see Monica and Ross spilling all the beans to their parents and we all can relate when their mom says “It’s a lot of information to take in 30 seconds.” 

You won’t believe it! Rachel is given the responsibility of making dessert. Now we can only guess how that turned out. Also, Phoebe admits that she had a crush on Monica’s dad. Ewww!

4. The One With The Late Thanksgiving | Season 10 Episode 8

10 Hilarious Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked In 2021

‘The One With The Late Thanksgiving’ is the last Friends Thanksgiving episode. Monica and Chandler are made to host Thanksgiving. Rachel, Ross, Joey, and Phoebe convince them. On the day of Thanksgiving, all four are around an hour late for the dinner, and guess what does Monica does?

She rocks them out and she should. Rachel and Phoebe were busy in the participation of Emma in a beauty pageant. Ross and Joey were playing a hockey game, so that got all of them late for the dinner. However, the episode ends with all of them sitting on a table and eating Monca’s yummy Thanksgiving food. 

3. The One With The Football | Season 3 Episode 9

10 Hilarious Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked In 2021

You know the sibling rivalry. You also know how competitive Monica is. The same traits of the brother-sister duo are depicted in this Friends Thanksgiving episode. After watching a football match on TV, Monica and Ross decide to play a match of American ‘touch’ football. We already know Monica broke her brother’s nose in a match when they were kids. Now, you’ll see if they break any other bone or not. 

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Also, Phoebe proves to be useful in the match by flashing Chandler and Rachel, well, let’s not talk about her contribution to the match. 

2. The One With The Rumor | Season 8 Episode 9

10 Hilarious Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked In 2021

Monica invites her very hot friend to a Thanksgiving dinner and it took everybody by surprise. Will (Brad Pitt) discloses his resentment towards Rachel. She actually bullied Will in high school. We also come to know that Will spread a rumor about Rachel in high school and Ross helped him in spreading the rumor. 

Did you know? Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were actually married when they shot this episode. If you have more facts like this then comment below now. 

1. The One With All The Thanksgivings | Season 5 Episode 8

10 Hilarious Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked In 2021
Source: Metro

This is the episode where you see turkey heads. Okay, so it the Turkey Day and after having Monica’s big dinner, Ross whines about how it is the worst Thanksgiving for him, ever. From here, everyone contributes to the conversation by sharing their past bad experiences at Thanksgiving. We come to know why Chandler hates the day and how did Chandler end up with 9 toes. 

Wrapping Up

If you think you have left some of Friends in between, then Thanksgiving is the perfect time to continue. All the Friends Thanksgiving Episodes will make you laugh a million times. If you think this article was informative enough then comment below and let us know all about it.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the list of Friends Thanksgiving episodes in order?

1. The One Where Underdog Gets Away, Season 1 Episode 9
2. The One with the Football, Season 3 Episode 9
3. The One with Chandler in a Box, Season 4 Episode 8
4. The One with All the Thanksgivings, Season 5 Episode 8
5. The One Where Ross Got High, Season 6 Episode 9
6. The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs, Season 7 Episode 8
7. The One with the Rumor, Season 8 Episode 9
8. The One with Rachel’s Other Sister, Season 9 Episode 8
9. The One with the Late Thanksgiving, Season 10 Episode 8
10. The One With The Late Thanksgiving, Season 10 Episode 8

Do all Friends seasons have a Thanksgiving episode?

Yes, all the 10 seasons of Friends have a Thanksgiving episode.

Why does Chandler hate Thanksgiving?

When Chandler was nine, his parents told him on Thanksgiving that they are going to be divorced. That’s why Chandler hates celebrating Thanksgiving.

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