10 Friends Christmas Ornaments You Need This Festive Season

Take the Friends way to decorate your Christmas trees this year.

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After a super hit reunion episode, it was quite evident everyone was still rooting for their favorite FRIENDS characters. You and your pals might have watched the epic Friends Thanksgiving episode on repeat, being the die-hard fans of Friends. This makes it perfect to have some Friends Christmas Ornaments on your gift list. 

There are innumerable Friends moments and quotes you can relate to your festive vibe. Be it the “Pivot! Pivot!” or the legendary “Smelly Cat” song, there cannot be a single Friends dialogue that doesn’t take you down the memory lane. To bring up some more nostalgia on Christmas you have to get these amazing Friends Christmas Ornaments.

Decorate your Christmas tree with it, or simply hang them down on your porch, it will look great nonetheless. Also, if you want to look for ornaments with Friends’ quotes, then we have also included some in our article. Go through all of them once and celebrate Christmas in the best possible way.

10 Amazing Friends Christmas Ornaments

Do you have a Joey Tribbinani in your life? Along with feeding him with the yummiest food, why not gift him a Friends Christmas Ornament that he will cherish throughout his life? Moreover, if you want to buy these ornaments for your Christmas tree then look for some items from this list, like the beautiful door or the couch ornament.  

10 Friends Christmas Ornaments You Need This Festive Season

1. Friends Christmas Baubles

Along with the basic gold, silver, and red baubles, use these Friends Christmas ornaments and give your Christmas tree a different touch. These four pieces will cost you only $14.99 on Amazon. The material is plastic so it will not be heavy to hold on the tree. Plus the cute writings on them saying “You Are My Lobster” and “Pivot!” give it the right Friends’ touch you need this Christmas.

10 Friends Christmas Ornaments You Need This Festive Season

2. Central Perk Cafe Couch | Friends Christmas Ornament

Made from Resin, this cute little Central perk cafe couch is all that you need to set all the eyes on your Christmas tree. Costing you $39.94 on Amazon, this couch brings a hell of a lot of memories alive that you think. Its measurements are 3 x 2.63 x 1.72 inches and Amazon offers free shipping if you order it now.

10 Friends Christmas Ornaments You Need This Festive Season

3. ‘The One Where We’re Vaccinated’ | Friends Ornament

We cannot pretend some pandemic pun isn’t funny enough to be kept as an ornament. After all, we were all locked up at our places for more than a year. Get this “The One Where We Were Vaccinated” Friends Christmas Ornament for only $7.27 on Etsy. The handmade product is made from Ceramic and comes with a gold ribbon.

10 Friends Christmas Ornaments You Need This Festive Season

4. Smelly Cat Friends Christmas Ornament

Are you missing the legendary Smelly Cat? Say no more! Here is the Smelly Cat ornament among this list of best Friends Christmas Ornaments. The Smelly cat costs only $9.86 on Etsy which is a handmade product by CBcustomcraftsdesign. All the Phoebes reading this article must get her Smell Cat for this Christmas season.

10 Friends Christmas Ornaments You Need This Festive Season

5. Friends’ Characters Christmas Ornament

Haven’t you ever thought about which Friends character are you? I bet you have and all that is based on your qualities matching with a character’s. If you love hard (and often) you’re Ross, if you are a bossy clean addict, you’re Monica, if you dress the best, you’re Rachel and if you use jokes as a defense mechanism, you’re Chandler. Or if you eat like Joey, then this character ornament from Amazon will only cost you $56. It is made from glass and is a high-quality Christmas ornament.

10 Friends Christmas Ornaments You Need This Festive Season

6. All-in-one Friends Christmas Ornament

If you don’t want a quote or something, buy an ornament with figures instead. This Friends Christmas ornament has the popular turkey, two smelly cats, Marcel the monkey, central perk couch, and a lot more Christmas stuff. Get this double-sided ornament for $12.98 from Amazon now!

10 Friends Christmas Ornaments You Need This Festive Season

7. The Ultimate Friends’ Christmas Ornament

This is another one from our amazing Friends Christmas Ornaments with a price of only $13.99 on Amazon. Made from Ceramic material this ornament has way too many FRIENDS quotes. The quotes written on it are “Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?“, “Joey Doesn’t Share Food!“, “I’ll be there for you” and a lot more.

10 Friends Christmas Ornaments You Need This Festive Season

8. Yellow Friends Door Frame For Christmas

The popular peephole door is the perfect gift for Christmas if your Friends are a sucker for anything Friends. Available for only $13.51 at Etsy, this piece can make your Christmas tree look absolutely Friends-y. You can even choose to gift wrap the ornament with a little extra money.

10 Friends Christmas Ornaments You Need This Festive Season

9. Friends’ Thanksgiving Ornament

Who can forget the turkey head from Friends? No one, right? This gift is best if you are Monica to your Chandler. This Friends Christmas ornament even plays some popular sounds from the Friends and brings some nostalgic memories alive. You can get this five-inched ornament from Amazon for only $23.72.

10 Friends Christmas Ornaments You Need This Festive Season

10. Friends’ NYC Ornament For Christmas

Lastly, we have a classic Christmas ornament from Friends. The correct combination of red, blue, and yellow dots with the imprinted F.R.I.E.N.D.S is indeed a good option for your Christmas tree. You can get it now from nbcstore.com for only $30. It comes with a hanging ribbon which rightly enhances its look. Plus, the ornament is fragile so please handle it with care.

Wrapping Up

That was all about this article on “10 Friends Christmas Ornaments You Need This Festive Season”. I am sure you will want to buy all of these ornaments. If you liked or loved them then comment below your views. Which one is your favorite and which one are you going to buy. Share your views with our readers by commenting below.

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