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free music download websites

All my musician friends tell me to support them by buying their music. I do. But I don’t buy a Dua Lipa song, I mean she doesn’t need my support, does she? I will name the best free music download websites in 2023. I know we have Spotify and the likes for seamless music streaming (for premium subscriptions) but if you are a true patron of music, you’d want more liberty with your favorite songs. 

There is a bombardment of streaming apps. As a result, dedication to listening to music has taken a back seat. You discover hundreds of new songs every day and forget thousands of them. Although you don’t forget Hey Jude or Sweet Child ‘o’ Mine or Californication. Why? Because these songs are from a time when resources were limited. They will stay for generations to come. Yet, new songs will come and go like tornadoes of Texas.

The websites that I am going to list below will let you download music for free so that you can keep them forever and not depend on a subscription. Some of the websites I will talk about are also really helpful for producers to get royalty-free music. Read till the end of this article to know all the free music download websites in 2023. Some of these websites may not be available in your country, don’t worry, with a VPN connection you are sorted. 

9 Best Free Music Download Websites You’d Want to Bookmark

Free Music Download Websites

Music downloading in 2023 seems prehistoric but it is extremely popular among musicians and music enthusiasts. We want to be independent of streaming platforms and the internet when it comes to listening. Below is a list of all the free music download websites that you’ll ever need:

1. Muzmo.me

Free Music Download Websites

Muzmo is probably the only site where you can download all the music from around the world. Muzmo keeps changing their domain so keep an eye out on their recent updates in case you find muzmo.me or muzmo.ru not working. Also, you might need to turn on a VPN to access the Muzmo site. 

From downloading virtually anything that is in audio format to choosing bitrate, Muzmo is a gamechanger. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular free music download websites.

2. SoundClick

Free Music Download Websites

In SoundClick you can download music directly from the artists’ profile. You can follow the artists you like and keep track of their new releases. There is plenty of music available to be downloaded for free on SoundClick. 

On SoundClick, you can search for songs according to genres. Here you can also create playlists once you sign in. It lets you download music after you have logged in. 

SoundClick has a cool UI and after the recent redesigning the UX of this site has evidently been enhanced. The only sad part is that it has removed the custom radio stations feature. 

3. Musopen

Free Music Download Websites

If you are a sucker for classical music, this site is your friend. Although you can download only 5 songs per day, this site is worth the visit. You can listen to unlimited classical music and also hire a teacher to learn from. 

One of the greatest features of this site is that you can avail of sheet music from this site. 

4. MP3Juices

Free Music Download Websites

Just like Muzmo, MP3Juices is a treasure of music. It is basically a website that searches for songs from youtube and other platforms. It is almost impossible for songs to hide from MP3Juices. The site allows us to index over 40 million legal mp3 files from different sources in less than 1 second. You can search music by artist name, title, album name, and genre. 

It converts youtube videos to MP3s. You type your song title in the search box, click download on the desired result, and the conversion starts. After the conversion is finished, you can download the MP3 file. MP3Juices has sorted all the songs into categories that make searching time-effective. It is not one of those free music download websites that scam you.

5. ReverbNation

Free Music Download Websites

ReverbNation is a website launched in 2006 to provide a central platform for artists, managers, venues, and listeners to communicate and collaborate.  Not all the music is free in ReverbNation, however, there is a massive number of songs that are ready to download. The download icon will be on the right-hand side of the downloadable songs. You can also refine your search by checking the box next to “Free MP3s Required.”

6. SoundCloud

Free Music Download Websites

SoundCloud is one of the best music streaming platforms out there that doesn’t charge money for downloading. On this platform, you can listen to millions of songs and download them without any subscription. 

Dedicated mainly to independent artists, this platform is actually a community. One can enjoy budding to established artists’ work with fast streaming and downloading services. Even though not all artists have made their songs free to download, they sometimes only ask for a Facebook “like” in return for download access.

7. Audionautix

Free Music Download Websites

Audionautix is an ideal site for producers looking for royalty-free music. Here you can download all the music for free. Use them for commercial purposes, youtube videos, or films without paying a single penny. All they ask for is a credit. You can browse music on Audionautix according to the genre and tempo. All the music files are composed and produced by Jason Shaw.

8. MP3jam

Free Music Download Websites

With over 20 million songs at your daily disposal, MP3Jam is an ideal place for free music streaming and downloading legally. This site is absolutely obligation-free and doesn’t need you to sign in or enter a captcha. All you need to do is download their application and you are good to go. 

The jukebox application of MP3Juices is so user-friendly that even your grandma can download music. One can even download entire albums from this jukebox which is a really unique feature given the fact that it fetches songs from youtube.

9. DatPiff

Free Music Download Websites

DatPiff is your jam if you are into Hip-Hop, Rap, and Urban Music. It’s an online distribution platform that was launched in 2005. You can download virtually any Hip-Hop, Rap, or urban music for free here; from oldies to trending. I have discovered artists like Kendrick Lamar on this platform, and what a banger he is! I would highly recommend you bookmark it if you are making a collection of free music download websites.

Wrapping Up

While it can be really tricky and sometimes risky to download music for free from the internet, you will come across an overabundance of search results when you google for free music download websites. And, because it is tricky and sometimes risky, stick to the above-mentioned list of sites. I have carefully curated these sources and can guarantee you satisfaction depending on them.

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