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As you know, Manga is a Japanese-style comic, and people love the art used in it. Comics are pretty popular globally and loved by all genres. Many websites publish manga content for their readers, which is quite popular. But how to know which are the best free manga reading apps available online?

Do not worry; we have already done the hard work! We have designed a list of all the free manga reading apps that are compatible with your Android or iOS mobile phones. So, you need not take the pain. These apps have an excellent reading experience; the best part is they come with minimal ads.

You may choose whichever you like from the list mentioned below and get started with them, and the good news is you get the older as well as the latest manga comics in most of the apps mentioned below. So read the list below and get your free manga reading apps.

10 Best Free Manga Reading Apps

Free Manga Reading Apps
Free Manga Reading Apps

Here you will find some of the best free manga reading apps where you can read Manga, both the older ones and the latest editions. Check the list below and choose the one for reading your favorite Manga.

1. Manga By Crunchyroll

free manga reading apps

It is a renowned anime brand and is managed by WarnerMedia company. Crunchyroll brings manga and anime comics to its fans globally. Both iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones are compatible with this app. Through Crunchyroll, you get to read thousands of manga comics. Here you get both vintage mangas and the latest ones as well. The app receives the latest Manga within an hour of being published, making it one of the best free manga reading apps.

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2. Manga Toon

Mangatoon: free manga reading apps

Manga Toon is among the well-known free manga reading apps. It has a collection of the latest and best manga comics. The app is updated daily, so you always have new content to read. The comics come in HD and various categories. Apart from Japanese comics, they also contain Korean comics.

When you subscribe, you get alerts for a new episode of a manga comic. All the manga comics are not free; some are available on pay-per-view. Here you have the option of downloading comics offline as well.

3. Manga Dogs

Free Manga Reading Apps

You can read Manga Dogs online, which is one of the best free manga reading apps. It is an iOS app and is not compatible with Android users. However, it has features that are popular and easy to use. Manga Dogs have mangas from over 20 sources and are available in six languages.

You can check what is trending in Manga and get recommendations based on the mangas you have read earlier. You can also organize your favorite Manga and keep track of your reading history.

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4. Manga Plus

Free Manga Reading Apps

Manga Plus is developed by Shuiesa, which is a globally renowned manga publisher. Manga Plus is the official free manga reading app of this company. They publish mangas like Dragon Ball, Naruto, and more which are pretty popular. The library of the app Manga Plus is regularly updated with the latest mangas just after release. So each day, you get new mangas for free.

As a reader, you can comment on the Manga and read comments by other readers. You also message creators of your favorite mangas and join their fan following.

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5. Manga Zone

Free Manga Reading Apps

Manga zone was created to help manga lovers access the best mangas. It is among the best free manga reading apps. It has innumerable mangas to read. You can have a smooth, uninterrupted manga reading experience here. They have access to the best mangas from multiple sources each day.
When a new manga is available, it is added to the library.

You can comment and share your opinions regarding the mangas you like. You can save your favorite Manga and monitor your progress while reading them. The app features an advanced filter to get the Manga you want.

6. Manga Z

Free Manga Reading Apps

Manga Z is among the popular free manga reading apps. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. There is a daily recommendations section about the mangas to read.

It is easy to locate any manga with this app. Manga Z features many filters and sorting options. There is an option to sort the manga list by its author, title, genre, and even popularity. You can stream the comics online or download them offline.

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7. UR Manga

Free Manga Reading Apps

UR Manga is another popular free manga reading app with more than 1 million users. More than 2,000 new manga comics are added daily to the UR Manga library. There is Manga on different themes like love, fantasy, adventure, and more. The app has an interactive reading model tailored for each user, and the user can choose the story’s outcome.

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8. Manga Now

Free Manga Reading Apps

Manga Now is one of the best free manga reading apps exclusively for iOS devices. The app was optimized to perform fast and is supported by color and long strip manga. The app is compatible with Android OS but, unfortunately, not available in Google Play Store. Manga Now features has a minimalistic UI that helps to quickly locate the manga comic you require.

The app has Manga of various genres like comedy, action, sci-fi, horror, adventure, and more. In Manga Now, you get manga comics from popular websites also. The manga comics can beYou get translations of the manga comics in English, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

9. Manga UP!

Free Manga Reading Apps

Manga UP can boost having all the manga comics. This is again among the best free manga reading apps that utilize manga from various authors. It is an Android and iOS-compatible app and has comics in different languages.

They are always updated with the new manga comics. You can download your favorite manga and read them offline. The app has a feature where it takes you to the chapter you last read. They have high-quality manga images and they are optimized and cached to load quickly.

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10. Manga Fox

Free Manga Reading Apps

The last free manga reading app is Manga Fox. It is a fast and easy-to-use manga app, but unfortunately, it is only compatible with Android devices. Here, you can access any other manga websites. The best feature is that it has outstanding reading quality without any interruption in the comic mode.

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Wrapping Up

The list mentioned above is an amalgamation of the best free manga reading apps you can have. You can choose the best one for you and read the latest and best mangas for free and that too in different languages! I hope the list helped me look for the best manga app. We will update you about more such apps through our website, Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best free manga reading app?

All the apps mentioned in the list above are the best for reading Manga for free, but among them, Crunchyroll is the best.

Do we get the latest mangas in these apps?

Yes, just after a manga is released, you get them in most apps within an hour.

Are the manga apps compatible with Android and iOS phones?

Yes, almost all the apps mentioned above are compatible with both Android.


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