Fourth desalination plant « Current Affairs « Opinion « TR EMERITUS

Fourth desalination plant « Current Affairs « Opinion « TR EMERITUS

I sincerely congratulate PUB on the opening of our fourth desalination plant. What is even more remarkable about this large scale desalination plant is that it is capable of treating both fresh and seawater.

I am a fierce government critic because I love my country and I care but unlike so many blind pap suckers and supporters who only know how to suck but don’t know how to think about issues deeper and still strongly defend their masters even when things screwed up under their charge, I am not stingy with my praises and my accolades when they do well like in this case.

I would like to sincerely congratulate the pap government for a job well done. This plant will not only benefit the current generation of Singaporeans but also generations of citizens after us.

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Water is life. Singapore is small, we are land scare with high population density and for many years, Mahathir squeezed our balls over the water that we imported from Johore and older generations of Singaporeans have lived under that threat.

I strongly support the government’s policies to price water correctly in Singapore. Any responsible government must never shy away from doing that. We have enough water for everyone’s need but we will never have enough water for people’s wastage.

Everybody on this island and I mean everybody must understand that by heart and live their lives with that realism and water discipline.

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I would venture further to suggest that we allocate water on a per capita basis per household and tax usage above their respective allocations more dearly. Also, extra taxes should be seriously considered for private swimming pools, condominium swimming pools and hotel swimming pools etc.

Well done to the pap government on this one.



Simon Lim



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