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Are you looking for the Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes working in 2022? Well, Prop Hunt is surely one of the most famous games in Fortnite. Players can play hide and seek among themselves with Fortnite Prop Hunt mode which is surely a bundle of an entertainment package for late-night binge gamers. Below is the Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes list updated in 2022 you need to check out today. Move Along!

Fortnite Prop Hunt allows you to have an intense eye-catch to seek the ones hiding in the corners, and if you are the one hiding, you need to blend through the surroundings in order to be a good escapist today. Fortnite is already a gem with an amazing wildlife concept and NPCs, and to add on, Fortnite Prop Hunt is all set to mark its presence with sheer popularity and fondness.

Head on further and look for the Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes List, 2022 updated, to narrow down your options and master the concept of hide and seek in Fortnite Pop Hunt.

Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes List | Updated June 2022

Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes List: 2022 Updated

Prop Hunt is stealing the major time frame of Fortnite fans these days, and to comply with that, there is a treat for the Fortnite Prop Hunt fans further. Check out below the list of Fortnite Prop Hunt Map Codes working in 2022:

  • Tidal Wave: 8312-0054-3731
  • Prop Hunt: Home Alone: 1468-8833-8480
  • Prop Hunt With Abilities: 9249-3264-0093
  • Prop Hunt: Cozy Cafe: 8851-5874-9250
  • Easter Egg Park Prop Hunt: 6449-8811-4648
  • Hotel Deluxe Prop Hunt: 7451-9512-8283
  • Summer House Prop Hunt: 9333-9129-4841
  • Roller Disco Prop Hunt: 3948-7015-9316
  • Prop Hunt: Modern Mall: 1679-1165-5282
  • Lazer Tag Prop Hunt: 9933-9770-9493
  • Indoor Water Park: 0139-3586-5803
  • Battle Pass: 9565-6442-7019
  • Phone Prop Hunt: 0722-9799-3791
  • City park: 4760-0262-7171
  • Toy Story: 5530-6235-0681
  • Western World: 3541-6722-7262
  • Yacht Club: 8102-6553-6379

This is it! We have just introduced you to Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes List: Working in 2022. Explore through each one of the above and make the most of them while hunting for the Fortnite Prop Hunt hide and seek match.

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Wrapping Up

Summing up the Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes List 2022, these above-mentioned 17 codes are all that you need to rock the hide and seek play in Fortnite. See which code works out the best for you and do drop the one in the box below.

I hope all of your doubts regarding Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes are cleared. Path of EX is open to every confusion or opinion, do write them down to us if you have any.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Code On Fortnite For Prop Hunt?


2. What Are Some Prop Hunt Map Codes?

1. Roller Disco Prop Hunt: 3948-7015-9316
2. Indoor Water Park: 0139-3586-5803
3. Taxi Cab: 1662-3121-3063
4. Prop Heist: 0227-7562-4411

3. Does Vanguard Have Prop Hunt?

At the moment, Prop Hunt isn’t available in the newest Call of Duty title – Vanguard.

4. Can You Still Play Prop Hunt On Fortnite?

1. Launch Fortnite and select Creative in the game selection menu.
2. Select Island Code and press enter.
3. Enter the code of the Prop Hunt game you wish to play.
Your selected Prop Hunt game will begin


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