Foods That Can Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction or ED is the name of the condition when men are unable to attain or sustain firmness in the penis during an intercourse more than 50% of the time. It is a highly persistent problem faced by men globally. In Australia alone, almost 40% of the male gender has experienced this issue in one form or the other!

The inflation in the number of men experiencing the problem can be attributed to numerous issues like lifestyle, dependency on infra-red devices, pressures and competition. Along with these, the intake of unhealthy food is one important aspect which can result in the aggravation of this issue.

While food is one of the essentials of living, it is the healthy and well-balanced intake which is beneficial and helps the body to function well. Certain foods tend to increase the chances or accelerate the issue.
Erectile dysfunction is an issue related to nerves and blood flow. Thus, any food which impacts the functions of blood vessels or the nervous system shall indirectly worsen the issue of ED too. Some highly popular foods which have the tendency of enhancing ED are:

1) Protein – Meat

Red meat is a great source of protein available from different animals. According to a study, each individual eats almost 20kg meat per year in Australia. Regular intake of meat can increase the level of saturated fats in the body. These can constrict the blood vessels in our body resulting in many diseases impacting cardiovascular and reproductive systems (ED).

2) Oily And Fried Foods

Fried and oily food in the form of fast foods is now one of the most favorites of all and is consumed in high levels. In Australia, almost seven billion dollars per annum are spent on fast food, much of which comprises of oily and fried items.

These foods contain a high level of artificial Trans-fatty acids which if taken regularly lead to an increase in the level of cholesterol in the body. This eventually results in heart problems. Cardiac diseases impair the blood flow which can aggravate ED.

3) Processed And Packaged Foods

Much of the easy-to-go and quick-to-cook foods used are processed and packaged using preservatives and chemicals. Bisphenol A commonly known as BPA is one common element found in canned and packaged plastic containers. This is extremely harmful as it impacts the fertility of both the genders. It promotes the issue of ED in men and reduces the desire for a physical relation (decreases libido).

4) Alcohol And Fizzy Drinks

While alcohol makes one more apt to get in the mood quickly, in the long run it leaves detrimental effects in the body. Alcohol and other such drinks tend to increase dehydration in the body which decreases the blood pressure; it even damages the delicate nerves of the body and lowers the testosterone levels both being responsible for the erection to take place.


Oral pills and medicines are the most common and accessible form of remedies available to attain and sustain firmness during an intercourse. Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and Stendra are the most commonly prescribed PDE-5 medications to alleviate the issue. Testosterone treatments, vacuum devices and surgeries are also recommended to solve this problem.

Counterfeit PDE-5s’ are available across the globe and so you should buy it from an authentic source to ensure the originality of the medicines. You can get all the medicines and buy Avanafil in Australia physically or to order online visit this website to get the best price and authentic pills: OZ Meds Online

We are what we consume, so eat organic to have a healthy, happy and satisfied life!


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