Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good Like Being In Heaven

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Meenakshi Thakur
Meenakshi Thakur
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Whosoever said that the first impression is the last impression, he must be wrong! Probably, he was not a foodie! Haha! But we mean this! There can be a dish served in front of you that might look like heaven but taste nothing! But, thankfully, the contrasts can also happen. There is a lot of food that looks gross but tastes good. Want to know about these weird tasty delights? If that’s a yes, then we have a treat for you. Here is a list of food items that look nothing in comparison to their luscious taste.

Sleep! Eat! and Repeat! Only Real foodies can relate to this! But, being a foodie doesn’t mean that you have to eat gross as well. Instead, food is all about taste and flavors, and you cannot compromise that! Really! Like how could someone eat something that can make them vomit? Seriously How?

There is plenty of magical food that looks gross but tastes good. So, Oatmeal? Kiwi? Casseroles? or Passion Fruit? Which among these can bring you in the dilemma of eating the first bite or not? Well, all of them. Right? But, it’s time that you should take the first step and enjoy their delicious taste. 

If you are still a little hesitant, let’s talk more about this type of food. Not only these, but the ten most hated food items appear nothing but taste delightful. Read along to know about their flaws and Why these food items fall on the list here. So, let your taste buds enjoy the read.

Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good

“Appearances are often deceptive.” Well, not that it is true just in the case of people, but also food. There can be a dish served in front of you that might look like heaven on a plate but taste nothing like it, but its contrasts also happen.

You can never really judge what tastes good and what doesn’t base only on how it looks.

So, Let’s dive straight into the list!

1. Oatmeal: The Health Expert

Oatmeal: Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good

Here is most people’s morning breakfast cereal. Oatmeal fans know that it might not look astounding, but it tastes pretty impressive, and the best part is that it is super healthy too!

Rich in fiber, oatmeal is often the victim of sober judgment by humans purely based on how it looks (which is pretty unfair) without even knowing how it tastes.

Oatmeal is the perfect breakfast food to eat when in a rush. The fantastic thing is that it does not even take a lot of time to cook.

What can be better than this?

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2. Kiwi: Chinese Gooseberry

Kiwi: Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good

A fruit with a brown covering that looks like a potato with small hair also falls for our list of Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good.

Well, do you know If someone passes me a plate with kiwi in it, Ahhhhh! I would pass it on to the other person and ask them to taste it first.

Well, you don’t need to do this! This is because kiwi tastes pretty well.
At least better than it looks!

The best thing about kiwi is you don’t need to pair it with anything. You can savor it on its own.

Kiwi lovers know that it adds up to the taste of other dishes as well!
When you have your first glimpse at kiwi, you would not want to look at it for the second time. But cut it open and savor it once, and you will find yourself asking for it.

3. Cottage Cheese: Flavored Cheese Curd

 Cottage Cheese: Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good

As much as it sounds delicious, it tastes delicious too.

The only thing that bothers and stops people from trying it out is the way it looks. It doesn’t look so bad but does not look exotic either.

When it comes to taste, it has a mouth-watery taste.

You can trust this! Yes, definitely!

If you are a sweet tooth, add some sugar in the cottage cheese and “THE MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN HUMANS” it is just delicious.

The next time you will think about cottage cheese, your mouth will water, and you will crave it pretty severely!

4. Passion Fruit: Brazil’s Native

Passion Fruit: Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good

If you are active on Instagram, you must have heard of a viral hashtag, #foodporn.

Had you?

Let’s Explain them first.

This tag is used when you have an extremely exotic, mouth-watering dish in front of you that you cannot resist eating.

Sadly, passion fruit is not one of them. Instead, it is quite the opposite. When you look at it, there are chances that it might make your hunger rush back to where it came from.

When you taste it, you get to know why you should not judge a book by its cover and a sweet, simple, and innocent fruit with the way it looks.

Though it is named “passion,” it doesn’t look like it was called very passionately.

Maybe it was named after tasting it?

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5. Casseroles

Casseroles: Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good

OMG! How can you not like casseroles?

Don’t say that is it because of the way it appears?

Well, on that note, we would agree with you. It is the Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good.

It does not look that well because the multiple ingredients are messed up together but let us keep that aside for a while. And tell, Have you checked how well they taste?

If not, then you definitely should!

6. Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds: Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good

The tiny blackish-brownish seed that most people do not admire much because of how they look.

But let us tell you something, chia seeds taste delicious. It is beyond imagination.

You might have trouble looking at it if you have tropophobia. This means you are missing out on something very delicious.

7. Drop Dumplings

Drop Dumplings: Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good

Do you know how sometimes, some things put you in awe?

Well, Drop Dumplings are one among them. They don’t look like the most delicate appetizers, but once you taste them, OH MY GOD! They seem inviting.

The tiny softballs of dough that don’t look their best at the taste make you forget about everything about their appearance. Pair them with chicken and quench your thirst for taste!

8. Oysters: Ocean’s Gift

Oysters: Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good

Oyster disgusts most of the people out. It is understood why it falls on the list of the food that looks gross but tastes good.

The reason is understandable. Their slimy taste and weird shape are why people are reluctant to try out this delicious food.

An oyster tastes like, well, no word might describe how an oyster tastes. It is salty, but it’s also sweet. All in all, it is delicious!

9. Quinoa: Childhood’s Ugly Worms

Quinoa: Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good

When you look at it, quinoa looks pretty sober, but when it is cooked so that you could eat it, it changes itself and starts looking like a bunch of tiny ugly worms. For some, this might be the reason their hunger may go on a strike!

But when it bothers you, you can always doll it up with slight spices and veggies and add colors to its flavors!

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10. Morels: Cup Fungus

Morels: Food That Looks Gross But Tastes Good

What is this trouble?

This is a kind of edible mushroom rich in vitamin D. The only thing that sends off people is the way it appears to be, like rotten intestines.

But when it’s cooked, it is a journey straight from hell to heaven. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this food that looks gross but tastes good.

Wrapping up:

Don’t fall for the pictures or their appearance, all of these are the food that looks gross but tastes good, more appropriately awesome!

Well, I am too a foodie and my all-time personal favorite among these are Morels and Kiwi. Damn! They taste like heaven every single time and I don’t know Why? But these are my favorite. What’s yours?

Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section, which food among these gives you nightmare but taste fabulous. And, if you find this post interesting, then share it with your friends and family as well. Let them see, what they are missing!

Keep Eating! Keep Reading! Enjoy!


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