Floyd Mayweather VS Logan Paul | Truth Behind Bragging Rights Match

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Team Mayweather? Or Team Paul? Well, regardless of whomever you support, you are bound to be disappointed with the new exposed truth by Floyd Mayweather. We all know that the air around this epic battle of Logan Paul Vs. Mayweather was filled with thrill and excitement, but what we didn’t know was that this was all a facade?!

Can’t believe your ears? Well, then believe your eyes. Because if you are anyway as confused and as frustrated as me, then you are exactly at the right place. Here, we will cover all the facets related to Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight and try to come up with the answer to the question- Was Logan and Mayweathers fight real or not? 

Just when we thought Mayweather Vs Logan Paul fight days were gone by, Mayweather hits us with another fascinating detail. What is this Mayweather’s exposed truth? What are logan paul’s views? And most importantly, Is it true? Well, let’s get to the facts about Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul.

Mayweather VS Logan Paul Fight | Bragging Rights Boxing Match

Logan Paul, a YouTube sensation, and Floyd Mayweather, the former five-division world champion, decided to enter the ring and have an exhilarating boxing match in 2021. Since that day, these two fans’ favorites have created multiple news and numerous rumors regarding what happened during Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul, especially after its dramatic ending. But what actually went down behind the Mayweather Logan Paul fight? What was fake, and What was real? It all stands as a mysteryA mystery yet to be uncovered.

Floyd Mayweather VS Logan Paul | Truth Behind Bragging Rights Match

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather decided to have an epic battle of a lifetime and therefore entered the boxing ring on Sunday, June 6, 2021, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul, termed as “Bragging Rights,” became a massive hit among the entertainment world, with more than one million pay-per-view tickets being sold.

This hyped boxing match of Mayweather VS Logan Paul was enough to attract all the world’s eyes to them, but what stole the headline was the fascinating fact that the boxing match ended with no Winner. Even after 8 continuous rounds, the boxing match of Mayweather VS Paul Fight ended at a draw with no announced Winner at the end.  Let’s see why and how it happened?

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Who Won Mayweather VS Logan Paul Fight | Why Is There No Winner For Mayweather VS Logan Paul?

To everyone’s surprise, Mayweather vs. Logan Paul’s fight, the Bragging Rights, ended with no announced winner, and therefore No one actually won the Mayweather VS Logan Paul boxing match.

Floyd Mayweather VS Logan Paul | Truth Behind Bragging Rights Match

The Mayweather vs Paul 2021 fight was declared an exhibition boxing match rather than a licensed, professional bout which meant there were no judges, and the only way to Win was to stop or knock out the opponent within the eight scheduled three-minute rounds. As per this fact, the only way to win in the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight was to knoct out the other opponent. But both of the contenders, that is- Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, failed to stop each other, and the boxing match was nulled at a draw without any official Winner. 

Though Logan Paul tried his best by immersing himself with full dedication, he was unable to break Mayweather and his focus. As a result, after 8 successful boxing rounds, the champion May weather came out undefeated with an easily earned multi-million dollar paycheck.

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Mayweather VS Logan Paul Stats

By the end of Floyd Mayweather VS Logan Paul’s fight-

  •  Paul had landed 28 of his 217 punches
  • Mayweather had connected on 43 of his 107 punches

Since Logan Paul vs. Mayweather was declared an exhibition boxing match with no inclusion of judges, there was no winner. If the result was kept for judges, it was pretty clear Mayweather would have easily won this Paul vs Mayweather fight. 

With this declared draw result, both the contenders successfully kept their reputations on the line. Where Logan Paul’s survival for eight rounds meant that he could walk away from the ring without going down to the best boxer in the last 50 years, on the other hand, Mayweather walked away keeping his reputation and record of 50 wins from 50 bouts intact and a few million dollars in his pocket. I guess it was a WIn-Win situation afterall. Definitely, sounds more than just a co-incidence. 

Floyd Mayweather VS Logan Paul | Truth Behind Bragging Rights Match

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A New Exposed Truth About Mayweather VS Logan Paul Fight 

Well, well, well! Just as expected, there’s something more than what met the eyes. Recently, Floyd Mayweather took to the public and revealed a piece of fascinating news about the Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight that had left everyone skeptical. 

The exhibition boxing match, Bragging Rights, held between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, was quite the spectacle in 2021. With no one announced as the actual Winner, they both somehow gained a WIN-WIN situation. Though many fans kept on tweeting and sharing their opinions on how Mayweather would have won the Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight if the result was passed on to the judges, others congratulated Logan for his successful venture. 

But now, Floyd Mayweather has come up in the front and has addressed to all the replies. At the WBC Convention, Mayweather shed some new light into the Mayweather VS Logan Paul match, his preparation for it, and if he was even taking it seriously.

Floyd Mayweather says he’d KO Logan Paul in a real fight!!

“I did an exhibition with the YouTuber, Logan Paul. We had fun. People have gotta know; there’s a difference between a real fight and an exhibition,” Mayweather.

As per the Mayweather, his fight with Logan Paul was a fight just for the show as it was not a true boxing match but rather a fun match. Moreover, he claimed that he harder prepared beforehand for this Mayweather VS Logan Paul boxing match. In fact, he only used to “work out from time to time,” implying that he was totally non-serious about it. Adding to the flame, he even boasted that if he had wanted, the fight would have been over before the second round, and the result of the Mayweather VS Logan Paul match would have been totally different. 

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All this chaos suggested that the Mayweather VS Logan Paul boxing match was not a real fight and the exhibition match between Logan Paul and Mayweather was just for the show. This shocking reveal is also threatening Paul’s reputation and putting his rumored fight against Mike Tyson at stake. One may wonder if Floyd’s comments could really damage Logan Paul’s image making him an unfit contender opposite to a knockout machine like Iron Mike?

Floyd Mayweather VS Logan Paul | Truth Behind Bragging Rights Match

With this, let’s end our search for the solution and wait for what the future holds? Regardless of who will turn out as the winner, one is sure that another controversy is just up on the brewing. And my intuition says it’s gonna be bigger than this one, just like his new business venture Prime Hydration

Watch Floyd Mayweather VS Logan Paul Boxing Match- Bragging Rights

Wrapping Up

This was everything you need to sum up about the Logan Paul Vs. Mayweather fight, so you could make your decision as to Who is telling the truth? And most importantly, was Mayweather Vs Logan Paul’s fight fake or real?

So, made up your mind yet? Who do you think is the real winner of Mayweather VS Logan Paul? And is Mayweather’s claim true? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’ll be waiting.

See you again at another day and another fight! 


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