Flowers That You Must Include In A Garland

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When you are celebrating a special day such as birthday or Wedding Day, you probably want to decorate your home with flowers.

Of course, it is nice to display beautiful flowers in vases. But, don’t forget that you can display flowers in other exciting ways. Garlands are a great way of displaying flowers.

Making your own garland is easier than you think. Before your special day, you want to have a bit of a trial run. Make a small garland to see how you get on.

Flowers That You Must Include In A Garland

What Flowers Should You Use In Your Garland?

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You don’t need to use traditional garland flowers.

Here are a few of ideas to get you thinking:

  • Blue hydrangea flowers
  • Plumbago
  • Jasmine
  • Honeysuckle
  • Stephanotis
  • Passionflower

Vine flowers look beautiful when added to a garland. But, blue hydrangea flowers and plumbago will make your garland “pop.”

Mixing Different Colors And Flowers

Does it matter if the colors of the flowers in the garland clash? No, It does not matter at all. As a matter of fact, it makes the garland even more interesting to look at.

In many ways, garlands are like paintings. Keep looking at them and you will discover an insane amount of different details.

That is why you should not worry about coming up with a creation that is different from the rest.

How Long Will My Garland Last?

The longevity of your garland depends on the temperature and the humidity. Although it is best to prepare the garland the day before, you may want to add the finishing touches on the day.

Blue hydrangea flowers like their water. When you want to make sure they look a million dollars on the day, it is best to leave them in water for as long as possible.

Fortunately, both plumbago and blue hydrangea flowers are what you can call showcase flowers, you don’t need many of them. In the morning, all you have to do is to insert the blue flowers in selected places to make your garland look fresh.

To make sure your garland lasts for longer, it is a good idea to mist it with fresh water. You don’t want to overdo it as too much water makes flowers drop. That is, in particular, true when it comes to flowers with delicate petals including plumbago and blue hydrangea flowers.

Do I Really Need To Throw My Garland Away?

Having done so much work, it is easy to understand that you don’t want to throw your garland away.

Why not take it down very gently and place the flowers in vases? None of the flowers in our collection root easily, but will still carry on putting on a show for a couple of days.

Flowers That You Must Include In A Garland

The other alternative is to ask your guests to take some flowers home. In that way, they will have a memory of your special day for a few days longer.

Garlands are a fantastic way of displaying flowers and not only for Christmas.


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