What Is Xbox Error Code 80151912 | How To Fix It?

Xbox Error Code 80151912

Are you looking forward to fixing Xbox Error Code 80151912? Let’s go! In this article, I will reveal everything concerning this new Xbox error code and what possible solutions you can try to resolve this issue. Go on and make your way into the Dashboard update without any disruption.

Out of all the gaming consoles available, Xbox has been one of the user-friendly consoles that features multiple games on the platform. Whether it is Party Animals or Payday 3, a player can stream a wholesome package of games on Xbox all day long. But what if you get an uninvited error on the door?

Earlier, players were continuously buzzing overĀ Xbox Error Code 8015190a, and after resolving this one, a new one is here to put a halt to their fun. Make your way through this page and learn what Xbox Error Code 80151912 is and what fixes you must try to resolve this. Head on!

What is Xbox Error Code 80151912?

Xbox Error Code 80151912

Xbox Error Code 80151912 is an error faced while participating in the Xbox Live Dashboard Beta Program, where players cannot upload a picture and are not able to access Xbox Live or any aligned features. If players have pre-ordered multiple games or Xbox Live Gold, they won’t be able to access Xbox Error Code 80151912.

Although there is no specific reason defining why this Xbox Error Code 80151912 prevails, let’s go further and see how you can fix this.

How to Fix Xbox Error Code 80151912?

Xbox Error Code 80151912

Xbox Error Code 80151912 is a random bug that is not very often found in the game, but when it does, it affects their participation in the Xbox Live Dashboard Beta program. Although there are no defined fixes to recover from this issue, we have got you covered.

Further are the two proven methods to fix the Xbox Error Code 80151912 error. Let’s go!

Fix 1: Clear Your Xbox Cache

Well, the first thing you can try to resolve Xbox Error Code 80151912 is to clear the Xbox 360 system cache 3 times and switch off the Xbox 360 console. Turn ON the Xbox again and see if the error still prevails. Follow the steps mentioned below and learn how you can clear your system cache. Go on!

Steps to Clear Your Xbox Cache:

  1. Click on the guide button on your controller > head on to settings.
  2. Click on the System Settings option > select Storage.
  3. Select the storage device and click Y.
  4. As the Device Options opens up on the screen, tap on Clear System Cache.
  5. Further, click Yes to confirm your selection, and that is it!

You have finally cleared the system cache. Head back to the Storage Devices screen > click on the Guide button and return to the Xbox Home.

Fix 2: Wait till the Dashboard Update

The Xbox error code 80151912 is directly related to the dashboard beta program. If you are somehow removed from the program, you will have to wait till the dashboard update is released. Have some patience and allow the error to recover itself.

To resolve the Xbox Error Code 80151912 error, you must clear the Xbox 360 cache 3 times. If it resolves the error, well and good. And if there is still an issue prevailing, all you can do is wait for the dashboard update to be released.

Wrapping Up

With this, our discussion on how to fix Xbox Error Code 80151912 ends. Read this page and clear the Xbox cache three times to resolve this error. Also, Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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