Why is My YouTube TV Blurry: Know The Reasons & Fixes! 

Why is My YouTube TV Blurry: Know The Reasons & Fixes! 

If you love to spend your free time watching YouTube TV streams, you must have come across a blurry and unclear video at some point. Users frequently complain about YouTube TV blurry video problems. Do you often wonder why is my YouTube TV blurry and how do I fix it? For you, I have brought all that you need to know about this issue. 

YouTube TV commonly keeps users troubled with several problems. A few days back, users reported that YouTube TV was not working on Roku, while a couple of weeks ago, YouTube TV audio went out of sync. These issues keep users on edge, especially when platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix provide users with HD-quality videos. But you need to take no stress! After much research, I have figured out various effective fixes for your problem. 

You need to scroll down through this blog to know the reasons behind your query of why is my YouTube TV blurry and how do I fix it. 

Why is My YouTube TV Blurry?

Why is My YouTube TV Blurry: Know The Reasons & Fixes! 

There can be several reasons for the appearance of your YouTube TV blurry. I have mentioned some of the most relevant possible reasons below:

  • DNS Server Issue: DNS is one of the most common reasons behind the issues with streaming platforms. Users usually face the issue of low-quality streaming or no streaming at all. Specifically, Google’s public DNS or Cloudflare’s DNS causes this problem to your streaming device or router.
  • PQ is Set to Auto: Another reason behind YouTube TV blurry can be that the Perceptual Quantizer (PQ) is set to auto by default. PQ is what allows the conversion of SDR to HDR. The PQ set to auto generally gives 480p video quality. 
  • Channel Does Not Support HDR: If you are watching a channel that does not support high-definition resolution, this might cause your problem. Ensure that you are using a YouTube TV channel that supports HD-quality streaming. 
  • Application Glitches: Sometimes, application glitches or bugs can also be one of the possible reasons. Try to open another video on YouTube TV, and if it also plays in a blurry quality, then you can consider a glitch in the application for your YouTube TV.
  • Firestick Issue: If you stream YouTube TV using Firestick, issues like blurred videos and frequent buffering are common. The reason behind it can also be a weak internet connection or a software glitch.
  • Google Cloud is Down: Many users need to learn that Google Cloud accesses many powers in streaming YouTube TV. If Google Cloud has some issues with its server, then YouTube TV blurry issue will definitely happen. 
  • Cache and Junk Files: Accumulated cache and junk data files can also add on as a cause of YouTube TV being blurry. Corrupted data and cache files can affect the smooth functioning of the YouTube streaming service. These junk files may cause the app to hang and lag as well. 
  • The App is Outdated: If you have a YouTube app that is not updated from a long time, then this might be one of the causes of the issue of YouTube TV blurry. Using an older version of the app can cause problems in connecting to the back-end servers. This may give rise to glitches in online streaming.
  • Weak Internet Connection: This is the most common cause of the videos being blurry and unclear while streaming. If you have a fluctuating or unstable internet connection, you will also face a YouTube TV blurry problem. 
  • The Streaming Device Broke Down: Sometimes, an issue with the streaming device can also cause this issue of YouTube TV blurry. An issue with the screen of the device may also give rise to this issue addressed as YouTube TV blurry. 

How to Fix YouTube TV Blurry?

Why is My YouTube TV Blurry: Know The Reasons & Fixes! 

In order to fix this YouTube TV blurry issue, here are the effective fixes that can pull you out of this situation.  

1. Fix YouTube TV Blurry by Changing DNS Server Settings

If you are facing this issue of YouTube TV blurry due to a DNS server issue, you need to either update the DNS record or change the DNS settings. You can change the DNS server settings through the router, computer, or mobile phone. But in most cases, fixing DNS through the router gets the deed done. 

DNS Server settings can be done on network routers, iPhones, Apple TV, Fire TV, Vizio TV, LG TV, Samsung TV, Windows TV, Android phone, and MacOS PC. 

NOTE: After updating or changing the settings of the DNS server, consider restarting your streaming device or network recruiter so that a new record of DNS can be used. 

2. Fix YouTube TV Blurry by Setting PQ Manually

If you think that YouTube TV blurry problem is persisting because the device’s PQ is set to auto, then you need to change its setting manually. You need to set the PQ from auto to HD so that the YouTube TV resolution shifts to HD mode. 

3. Fix YouTube TV Blurry by Watching Another Video

Why is My YouTube TV Blurry: Know The Reasons & Fixes! 

To make sure that it is not happening with one video, try to play other videos on YouTube TV. If another video is streaming in good quality, then you will be sure that there is nothing wrong with the device or your Internet connection. 

4. Fix YouTube TV Blurry by Uninstalling And Reinstalling YouTube App

If you think that this problem of YouTube TV blurry is occurring due to an application glitch, then consider uninstalling and reinstalling your YouTube app. Doing this will end all the temporary bugs and glitches in the application. YouTube TV streaming without any glitches will give you the best video streaming experience. 

5. Fix YouTube TV Blurry by Rebooting Fire TV Stick

Why is My YouTube TV Blurry: Know The Reasons & Fixes! 

If the issue of the YouTube TV blurry is occurring due to Firestick, then you should try to fix it by restarting your Fire TV. Make a note that you need to completely switch off the TV with the power button and then switch it on. Turning on and off using a TV remote does not completely restarts it. You need to completely turn the device on and off in order to refresh it completely. 

NOTE: Plug out the power switch for more than 30 seconds to get the refreshes that are required to clear all the errors. 

6. Fix YouTube TV Blurry by Checking the Status of Google Cloud

If you think that Google Cloud’s bad server status is the reason behind YouTube TV blurry, then there is nothing that you or I can do to fix it. You simply need to keep an eye on the status of the Google Cloud. If it is still in a lousy status, then simply wait for it to improve. 

7. Fix YouTube TV Blurry by Clearing Cache and Junk Files

If you doubt that this issue of YouTube TV blurry is occurring due to the corrupted cache and junk data, then you need to clear it. Clearing all the accumulated cache and junk data of YouTube TV will clear all the bugs and glitches in the app. 

In order to clear the app cache and junk files, here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Go to the Settings of your TV device. 

2. Select the option of Apps.

YouTube TV Blurry

3. Then, select the option of See All Apps option.

4. Scroll down or search for the YouTube app.

YouTube TV Blurry

5. As the page of YouTube app will open, scroll down and find the clear cache and clear data.

6. Select the option and press the OK button.  

YouTube TV Blurry

And that’s it. This is how to clear the cache and junk data on the YouTube TV app. 

8. Fix YouTube TV Blurry by Updating YouTube TV App

To get rid of the issue, make sure that your YouTube TV app is updated from time to time. Go to the App Store of our device and make sure to install the updated version of the YouTube TV app. An updated version will surely fix YouTube TV blurry problem that you are facing currently. Additionally, you will have new features and perks. 

9. Fix YouTube TV Blurry by Checking the Internet Connection

If still, the YouTube TV blurry problem persists, then ensure that you have a stable internet connection. Run a network test to check the speed of the internet connection that you are streaming on. An average speed of 5Mbps is required for a high-definition video. Consider restarting your router, and if that also doesn’t help, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for further assistance. You should also try to upgrade your internet pack if you have exhausted your current internet pack. 

10. Fix YouTube TV Blurry by Rechecking Your Streaming Device

Why is My YouTube TV Blurry: Know The Reasons & Fixes! 

Ensure that your streaming device is doing good. At times malfunctioned hardware of the device may be causing this issue. Make sure that, technically, your streaming device is in good condition and completely okay. 

11. Fix YouTube TV Blurry by Contacting YouTube TV Support

If none of the above-mentioned fixes helped you, then your last resort is to contact the YouTube TV support team. They will definitely diagnose the issue and figure out a way to help you out. As you will browse their link, you will be able to ask questions regarding the problems that you are experiencing. 

Wrapping Up

In this blog, I have mentioned all the essential details and information about why is my YouTube TV blurry. After reading this blog, I hope all your doubts and queries are clarified. 

For any suggestion or further query, feel free to comment below in the comment section. We will reach out to you soon. To read more about such informative and interesting blogs, visit our website, Path of EX. Have a great day ahead! 

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is YouTube TV picture quality as good as cable?

The comparison of the quality of YouTube TV and cable completely depends on the quality of the default quality of the channel. YouTube TV offers more than 100 channels with great quality. To be specific, YouTube TV was a little better at streaming channels with good quality whereas, whereas Hulu only streamed some channels at HD quality. 

2. Why is my 1080p stream blurry?

The stream quality of 1080p might be appearing blurry because of the poor Internet connection. If you have a fluctuating internet connection or a weak internet connection, then you might get pixelated videos in streams. 

3. Which streaming service has the highest quality picture?

YouTube TV and Hulu TV, with HD quality support of 1080p, are considered to be the best picture-quality streaming service. 

4. Why is my streaming quality so bad?

The primal reason for the bad streaming quality is a weak, broken, and unstable Internet connection. An exhausted Internet pack might also be a cause of the bad quality of a streaming video. 

5. How do I change my YouTube TV settings?

In order to change your YouTube TV settings, you need to follow the steps given below:
1. Open your YouTube TV settings.
2. Select the option of Apps and Notifications.
3. Now, scroll down and find YouTube TV in the list.
4. Then tap on the Permissions. 
5. Check all the settings and select the option in settings that you want to amend.

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