How to Fix Welcome To Instagram Error In 2023 [Solved]

Fix: Welcome To Instagram in 2022 [Solved]

Instagram is a popular social media platform we have in this era today that comes up with a ‘Welcome to Instagram’ message and a lot more features to spend our time with. Be it the reels, stories, or shares; it holds in a lot of value apart from what we call it social media. It is considered a mega space for all the marketers, influencers, or brand dealers to come over and reach the updated larger portion of the audience. Here, I will tell you How to Fix Welcome to Instagram Error.

However, any error that comes up is no less than double trouble in our scrolling. Head on through this article to know how to fix Welcome to Instagram error in 3 ways.

How To Fix Welcome To Instagram Error?

Fix: Welcome To Instagram Error In 2022 [Solved]

The ‘Welcome to Instagram’ flash really halts our carefree Instagram binging extensively. Head on further to know how to fix the Welcome to Instagram Error in 3 easy methods.

Method 1: Look If Server Is Down

If in case the server is down, you cannot do anything about that. However, all you can do is wait and allow the server to recover itself. There are two ways to check if the Instagram server is down:

  1. Head on to downdetector and search Instagram. Also, make sure you have selected the US version of it.
  2. Navigate to the Twitter app and search Instagram down to see if there is any recent buzz by the app developers.

If that is not the case, then it is only you who are facing this bug. Head on to see how you can fix Welcome to Instagram error in easy methods.

Method 2: Wait For Some Time

If the server is down, you cannot do anything about it but just wait for Instagram to recover itself. If the server is absolutely fine, you still can not do anything about the Welcome to Instagram error message. Wait for the temporary glitch to recover itself organically.

Wait and allow the message to be removed automatically.

Method 3: Follow More People On Instagram

The major reason for this Welcome to Instagram error is when you log in to your new Instagram account and you have not followed any new people yet. This Welcome to Message comes up when the app wishes to remind you that you need to follow new people in order to resolve this error.

What Is Welcome To Instagram Error?

Welcome to Instagram error comes up due to majorly 2 reasons. The first one is when you log in to a new Instagram account and haven’t followed any user yet, and the other one is when there is a glitch happening for all the users.

If the glitch is universal, you can do nothing about it but wait, otherwise, you can follow new people on your gram to fix the glitch.

Watch How To Fix Welcome to Instagram Error

How to Solve Welcome to Instagram problem | how to Remove welcome to instagram bug 2023

Wrapping Up

This was all about how to fix Welcome to Instagram message in 2023. Look which one works the best for you and do drop your experiences in the box below. Instagram is a space for all of us to rule today, and hence, we all deserved it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Fix Welcome to Instagram Error?

Further are the ways to fix ‘Welcome to Instagram’ error:
1. Check the server
2. Wait for some time
3. Follow some people

2. Does This ‘Welcome to Instagram’ Error Comes Up to Every User?

This error is majorly faced by new Instagram users.

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