Unable To Upload Photo On Reddit | 8 Fixes To Solve The Error

Unable to Upload Photo Reddit | 8 Fixes to Solve it!

Reddit is a platform that has interesting content in their platform. Most users post photos and memes on the platform and exciting captions. Sometimes, users face issues while uploading photos on the platform. Hence, they get messages like unable to upload photo, and here I will tell you the fixes of the error Unable to Upload Photo on Reddit.

Such errors are standard on the platform, and you may come across them also. Hence, I have designed an updated article that would help you to understand the probable reasons and get the fixes for them. I am sure the fixes would help you to solve the problem to a great extent.

Hence, if you are experiencing similar issues on the platform, I suggest you read through the rest of the article and get the best fix for your glitch.

Why are you Unable to Upload Photo on Reddit?

Unable to Upload Photo on Reddit | 8 Fixes to Solve the Error

When you are unable to upload photo on Reddit, it is due to an unstable internet connection, or the size of the image is quite considerable. Sometimes when the photo format is incorrect, you can not upload it on Reddit. You may also experience the problem if there is a bug or a glitch in the app or if you are using an older version. When you do not enable media storage permission on your device, you experience such a problem.

How to Fix Unable to Upload Photo on Reddit?

Unable to Upload Photo on Reddit | 8 Fixes to Solve the Error

There can be many more reasons for the Reddit photo not being uploaded. Hence, let’s know the probable fixes to help you upload photos on Reddit.

1. Check the Size of the Photo

The photo which you wish to upload on Reddit should be of the size of 20 MB. The photo size should not exceed 20 MB; otherwise, you may experience an error. If your photo size exceeds 20 MB, crop the photo before uploading, and you will be able to upload it successfully.

2. Stable Internet Connection

Stable Internet Connection in Reddit

Whenever you face problems, and you are not being able to upload photos on Reddit, then check your internet connection. If it is unstable, you will not be able to upload a photo. You may switch between your mobile data and wifi and check whether the connection is working correctly. If not, try to switch off and on your mobile or wifi data. Then it may start working; after that, try uploading a photo.

3. Logout and Login into the App

Log out and login to upload photo in reddit

Sometimes you may try to log out and then log in to the Reddit app; this may help you to solve your problem. Then you may also be able to upload photos in the app. This hack works wonders, and you must give it a try.

4. Clear App Cache

When the Reddit app does not function properly, you may try clearing the app cache. Clearing the cache would help you get rid of unwanted data and also helps the app to run smoothly. After clearing the app cache, try loading the photo again; it will be done successfully.

5. Install an older version

There may be a presence of a bug in the latest version of the Reddit app. For temporary use, you may try using the older version to upload photos. Then you can do your job successfully.

6. Update App

Update Reddit app to upload photo

Contrary to the last fix, you may try using the latest version of the app. You may even update your app to the latest version and then try to upload your photo. When you update your app, then, you also get rid of the bug which is present in the older version.

7. Wait for the App to Work

When you are unable to upload photo on Reddit app then, you should wait for the app to work correctly. Sometimes Reddit app backend team knows about their problem and tries to fix it. Then you should wait for some time and let them fix the problem.

8. Reddit Support Team

When all the above fixes fail to work correctly, you should contact the Reddit support team. They would get back to you with the solution within some time; also, they may also solve the problem for you within some time.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes the Reddit App may not work correctly or may malfunction. They happen due to various reasons. Hence, if you are among those who have experienced such a problem in your app, then you should refer to our article. I am sure one of the above fixes would help you to solve your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I unable to upload photo on Reddit?

You may face similar issues when there are app glitches or bugs in the app. You may also face those problems when your internet connection is not stable.

Can I Fix the problem of uploading photos on Reddit?

Yes, you can fix the problem of photo uploading on Reddit. In such cases, try fixes like making the internet connection stable, uninstall and reinstall the app, log out and log in to the app or contact the Reddit support team to solve the problem.

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