TikTok Shop Not Showing? Try These 6 Easy Fixes

TikTok Shop Not Showing

I get it — you have set sail on your TikTok shopping adventure, only to be met with the error message: TikTok Shop not showing. It is like the digital mall doors have decided to play hide and seek, leaving you in a state of online shopping distress. But fret not, because I am here to guide you through resolving the TikTok Shop not showing up. Stay tuned for the solution!

You have investigated thoroughly, validated the legitimacy of TikTok Shop, snagged that irresistible first TikTok order discount, and felt like a digital shopping champion. With a heart full of excitement, you set up your very own TikTok Shop, but alas! It did not take long before you and your customers found yourselves in the chaotic web of TikTok Shop not showing.

Now, what could be causing this roadblock? Fear not, dear reader! Join me, and let us fix the error of TikTok Shop not showing and reclaim your TikTok shopping joy. Read on!

Why is TikTok Shop Not Showing Up?

It is not uncommon for some users to encounter frustrating issues like TikTok Shop not showing up. Several factors could be at play, and here are some of the possible culprits behind the TikTok Shop not showing error:

  1. Policy Violations: TikTok maintains strict community guidelines, and accounts that violate these rules, whether through spamming, intellectual property infringement, or posting inappropriate content, may have their access to TikTok Shop restricted.
  2. Geographical Limitations: TikTok Shop is not universally available. It is currently accessible only in select regions and countries. If you are residing in an area where TikTok Shop is not supported, you will not find this feature within the app.
  3. Technical Hiccups: Sometimes, technical glitches can be the root cause of TikTok Shop’s invisibility. Network errors, app bugs, or server maintenance could be to blame.
  4. Feature Turned Off: It is easy to forget if you have disabled a specific setting or feature. Similarly, if you have unintentionally turned off the TikTok Shop button, it will not be visible in your TikTok app.

How to Fix TikTok Shop Not Showing?

Now, you are aware of what triggers the “TikTok Shop not showing” issue. Let us find out how you can remedy it and assist your customers in finding a solution.

01. Wait for TikTok to Fix TikTok Shop Not Showing

If you suspect that the error of TikTok Shop not showing is due to a server problem, a policy violation, or geographical limitations, patience is your best ally. Here is how to deal with these situations:

i. Server Issues: Head to websites like Downdetector to check if the problem has been resolved. You can also monitor the status on X (formerly Twitter), where users often voice their concerns openly. You can also contact your TikTok-savvy friends to check if TikTok Shop works correctly.

ii. Privacy Violation: In the case of a policy violation, you may have to wait until the suspension period ends. If you believe your account was wrongfully suspended for shopping features (selling or buying), you can contact TikTok support.

iii. Geographical Limitations: To determine if geographical limitations are the culprit, check TikTok’s Help Center or consult nearby friends who can access the TikTok Shop. If they can, it is time to troubleshoot your account. Scroll down to discover more fixes.

02. Enable TikTok Shop Feature to Fix TikTok Shop Not Showing

Ensuring your TikTok Shop feature is activated is vital. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 01: Open your TikTok profile by tapping the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the FYP.
Step 02: In the upper right corner of your profile, you will notice three dots; tap on them to access the settings menu.
Step 03: From the options presented, choose Settings to proceed.
Step 04: Within the Settings menu, scroll to the Shop section and tap on it.
Step 05: Confirm that the toggle switch is set to the “on” position. If it is currently switched off, toggle it on.

Now restart the TikTok app to save your changes. This should help resolve any issues related to the Shop feature not showing up.

03. Restore the TikTok App to Fix TikTok Shop Not Showing

Keep your TikTok app up-to-date and bug-free. Here is how to address app-related issues:

i. Restart the App: Sometimes, a simple force stop can clear bugs. Swipe the app in the multitasking window (left, right, or up, depending on your device) and then restart the app.

ii. Update the App: Ensure you have the latest TikTok app version installed. Outdated apps can cause glitches. Check for updates in the iOS App Store or Google Play and install them if available.

iii. Clear Cache: If updating did not work, clear the app cache. While caches usually help load the app, they can sometimes overwhelm it. Clear the app cache from your phone’s App Manager or TikTok settings, then restart the app.

iv. Reinstall the App: If all else fails, uninstall the app. Before doing so, save the TikTok drafts to your phone memory and remember your password. Now, uninstall the app, then go to your smartphone’s app store, search for TikTok, and reinstall it. Open the app, enter your credentials, and start fresh.

04. Resolve Network Issues to Fix TikTok Shop Not Showing

A stable internet connection is crucial to fix TikTok Shop not showing. To troubleshoot network issues, consider these steps:

i. Disable VPN: Begin by disabling your VPN if you have one running. Then, check if TikTok Shop is now accessible. VPNs can occasionally disrupt app functionality or restrict access to specific regions.

ii. Restart WiFi: Take a moment to restart your WiFi connection by plugging the power cable out for a while. This simple action can resolve many network-related issues.

iii. Activate Flight Mode: If you are using mobile data, consider turning on Flight Mode momentarily. This can help refresh your network connection.

iv. Reboot Your Device: For a more comprehensive solution, reboot your device. A simple daily restart of your phone can help keep your app and settings running smoothly. If you want to go the extra mile, initiate a complete reboot by turning off your device for 3-5 minutes before restarting it.

05. Use TikTok Web to Access TikTok Shopping

If you are facing persistent issues with the TikTok Shop feature on the mobile app, consider accessing TikTok Shopping through the web version. Sometimes, technical glitches specific to the app may not affect the web version, allowing you to shop and explore seamlessly.

Simply open your web browser, visit the TikTok website, log in to your account, and navigate to the Shopping feature from there. This alternative approach can provide a temporary workaround while you resolve any issues with the mobile app.

06. Contact TikTok Support to Fix TikTok Shop Not Showing

TikTok Shop Not Showing

If none of the previously mentioned solutions resolve the issue of not showing, it is advisable to seek assistance from TikTok support. To do so, access your profile and tap the three dots located in the upper right corner. From the menu options, select “Report a problem” and specify “TikTok Shop” as the category for your concern. Provide a detailed description of the issue and, if applicable, attach relevant screenshots or videos. Alternatively, you can reach out to TikTok via email or explore their help center for additional guidance and information.

Wrapping Up

Well, that is a wrap on the curious case of TikTok Shop not showing! I hope this article helped you dodge the digital shopping blues. For more TikTok tips and tricks, hop on over to Path of EX regularly. Our quirky team and I are always cooking up something fun for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is TikTok Shop not showing up?

It could be due to policy violations, geographical limitations, technical glitches, or app settings.

2. How can I enable TikTok Shop?

Go to your profile, tap the three dots, access settings, find “Shop,” and turn it on. Restart the app.

3. Does TikTok Shopping work on the web?

Yes, consider accessing TikTok Shopping through the web version as an alternative if you’re facing app issues.

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