TikTok Couldn’t Load Sticker Error: Here are the 8 Fixes!

TikTok Couldn't Load Sticker Error | 8 Fixes

Where all the users are hooking on to TikTok’s trendy sounds and gift points, uninvited bug feels no less than a halt in our smooth working. TikTokers complained about the new Sticker error. In this article, you will learn a detailed guide on TikTok Couldn’t Load Sticker error and how to fix the filter not loading.

While some users are losing their calm on why the AI Manga filter is not showing on TikTok, others are facing problem loading it. Head on through this article and learn about TikTok couldn’t load sticker. Also, know how to fix this error in some ways.

TikTok Couldn’t Load Sticker Error Explained

Are you stuck on your Sticker loading? Well, you are not the one. Many users are being victims of TikTok couldn’t load Sticker. The effect of the AI Manga filter is no longer available to them.

Many users are also observing that the filter is no longer available to them. One user has to say, “I think they’ve taken away the whole filter now. I no longer have it.”

And the other one says, “I used it maybe twice, and now it’s gone.”

While some users are claiming that they used it once or twice and now it is gone, some of the users aren’t even able to find the filter.

Hence, it is clear-cut that it is a bug with the filter only.

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How to Fix TikTok Couldn’t Load Sticker Error?

TikTok Couldn't Load Sticker Error | 8 Fixes

Further are the ways to fix TikTok Couldn’t Load Sticker error in 08 total ways. Check them out and see which one works well for you today.

Fix 1: Have a Stable Internet Connection

The first way to fix TikTok Couldn’t Load Sticker error is by switching to a stable network connection. It is a common understanding that when you do not have a defined network, many of the filters are not expected to load faster.

Switch between mobile data and WiFi or a better network to see if this fixes the bug or not.

Fix 2: Reopen AI Manga App Again

Next, the best thing is to close the AI Manga app and reopen it again to see if this fixes the error Couldn’t load sticker TikTok.

There is a high chance that your error will be fixed by now. If it doesn’t, you have to check out the other fixes mentioned below as well.

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Fix 3: Check AI Manga Server

If your AI Manga filter is not working, it is quite simple that the AI Manga app is having some bugs and glitches. In order to check out the AI Manga server, check out the further steps:

  1. Head on to downdetector.
  2. Search AI Manga on the search field.
  3. Lastly, track the growth of the AI Manga server. If there is a sharp in the growth or not.

You can also head on to Twitter and search ‘AI Manga down’ to see if there is any recent tweet on the same or not.

Fix 4: Sign Up With AI Manga App Again

TikTok Couldn't Load Sticker Error | 8 Fixes

Another method to fix that TikTok couldn’t load sticker is by signing out from the AI Manga app and then resigning it again.

It is one of the best troubleshooting ways to fix the error. Resign up to your app and see if AI Manga reloads or not.

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Fix 5: Clear AI Manga App Cache

Going on with the list of methods to fix TikTok couldn’t load sticker, a user must also clear the app cache to see if this fixes the Sticker bug or not.

Here’s how to clear the AI Manga app cache on Android:

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Scroll through the page and tap on the AI Manga app.
  • Select Clear Cache. AI Manga app cache will be cleared.

Here’s how to clear the AI Manga app cache on iPhone:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Head on to General > tap AI Manga app.
  • Further, select iPhone Storage.
  • Click on the option Offload app.
  • And lastly, reinstall the AI Manga app.

If it fixes the bug then well and good. Otherwise, you must head on further now.

Fix 6: Turn Off ‘Low Power Mode’

Sometimes, enabling Low Power Mode also doesn’t help in fixing TikTok’s Couldn’t load sticker error. Head on further to learn how to disable ‘Low Power Mode’ on TikTok easily.

Turn Off Low Power Mode on Android:

  • Open Settings on your phone > scroll through the page to spot AI Manga app.
  • Look for the Battery saver mode, and toggle off Low Power Mode.

Turn Off Low Power Mode on iPhone:

  • Head on to Settings on your phone.
  • Click on the option Battery > tap Low Power Mode.
  • If Low Power Mode is enabled, toggle it off.

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Fix 7: Reinstall the AI Manga App

The next method to fix the Couldn’t Load Sticker is reinstalling the AI Manga app. Sometimes, there is a bug in the app, and hence, it can cause an error in your AI Manga filter.

Uninstall the AI Manga app and further reinstall it to see if this fixes your glitch or not.

Fix 8: Disable VPN

Last but definitely not least, one must always make sure that their VPN is disabled. Enabled VPN feels like a huge obstruction in Filter couldn’t load error.

Turn off VPN and see if this fixes TikTok couldn’t load sticker error or not.

Wrapping Up

So? Which fix helped you out with TikTok Couldn’t load sticker error? Check out the detailed guide mentioned above and see which one of the, fixes your glitch today. Do drop your savior in the box below.

Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts and we will get back to you asap.

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