How Do I Fix Roku Won’t Turn On | Figure Out the Reasons and Options

Fix Roku Won’t Turn On

You’re sitting with your family watching a favorite movie when your Roku device refuses to turn on. If this occurs, it will undoubtedly irritate you. Furthermore, you will be perplexed about where and how you should attempt to repair the item. There could be many reasons for facing an issue like ‘fix Roku won’t Turn On’, and it is better to know the causes and get them correct.

There are many reasons why Roku TV won’t turn on. Before you connect with any technician to fix the error like Roku TV won’t turn on, it is better to check your gadget thoroughly. The options are not that tough that you can’t understand and implement. After careful checking, all the instructions will be found in the article, which is listed.

So, if you’re having trouble with this, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered. We’ll show you how to tackle an error like fixing Roku won’t turn on without contacting a technician.

How to Fix Roku Won’t Turn on, When It’s Red Light is on

Fix Roku Won’t Turn On

In connection with fix, Roku won’t turn on error, you’re dealing with a power supply or other hardware issue when your Roku Television won’t turn on but the red indicator light is steady or flickering. It may help to disconnect your TV for 5 to 10 minutes before putting it back in.

When power-cycling fails, check if your device is still protected under the company’s guarantee. If you still have coverage, get in touch with the supplier for help.

How Can I Reset it, if My Roku Won’t Turn On?

Fix Roku Won’t Turn On

So far as fixing Roku won’t turn on error is concerned, disconnecting and reconnecting your Roku device will reboot your television, even if you don’t have access to the Roku settings on your TV. You can also use the pinhole or reset button on your remote control to reset your TV.

What Should I Do If My Roku Won’t Turn On?

Fix Roku Won’t Turn On

When you are stuck with an error like fix Roku won’t turn on, attempt these diagnostic procedures, which are arranged from simplest to most difficult, prior to approaching Roku TV’s developers.

1. Make Sure You’re Using the Correct Remote

If you have multiple Roku players or TVs, make sure you’re using the remote linked to and synced with each one. When your remote is properly linked and verified, it should fix the Roku won’t automatically turn on error.

2. Examine the Connecting Cords

First, double-check that the power supply goes snuggly into your Television and a power adapter and that the connections appear to be in good condition. You could also try plugging the TV into a different socket to determine whether a defunct socket causes the problem.

3. Check for Remote Interference

So far as fix Roku won’t turn on is concerned, the infrared (IR) connection between your Roku control and your TV may be interfering. When the TV is spotty, it may take much-pressing power or home buttons before it replies. Also, make sure you’re not too far away from the TV and pointing the remote directly at it.

4. Reset the Roku Remote Control

Disconnect the batteries from your remote and spend five seconds after resetting them. An inactive remote can often be fixed by replacing and replugging the batteries. You might also replace the batteries with a new set to make sure everything is covered.

5. Take a Look at the Roku Remote App

Try using the Roku app to charge your Television. Click the Power button to exit the application.

6. Use Your TV’s Actual Power Button

Several Roku Streaming models have this button on the bottom or rear.

7. Restart your Roku Device. & Disconnect your Television to Save Energy

Press and hold the power button on your device for the time specified in the user guide. Then attempt to turn on the TV by plugging it in again. You can also use the following remote procedure to restart your television: 

Five times on the Home button > Up arrow > Rewind > Fast forward.

9. Reset your Roku TV to Factory Settings

To eradicate the error like fixing Roku won’t turn on, consider a factory reset when power-cycling and resetting the device doesn’t help. On the rear of the device, look for a reset symbol or keyhole and push it down as per the instruction booklet.

10. For Assistance, Contact the Maker of your Roku TV

If resetting the remote and equipment doesn’t solve the issue such as fix Roku won’t turn on, call the company of your Roku Device. Browse the company’s website or use the Roku support site to discover a communication address.

Wrapping Up

Gadgets are lovely for watching television and movies on the go, but they aren’t without flaws. This Roku diagnostic tutorial will resolve the most frequent difficulties, but you may approach Roku support if you’re still having problems like fixing Roku won’t turn on.

While we hope you can resolve your issue, look at our Roku buyer’s guide if you need to purchase a new Roku.

Is there anything in this Roku help guide that we missed? Do you have trouble getting your Roku to work? Let us know in the comments box, and we’ll do our best to assist you. Thank you for reading, like always.

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