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Rokus as a streaming service does not compromise on quality and standard, and upon this, it offers one of the best picture quality of programs to its users. There are multiple plans available with Roku devices that users choose to enjoy the streaming of favorite shows with a range of features. If you have already purchased a Roku device, and the error occurs when trying to use it, like, fix Roku TV sound not working, I would say, don’t worry, since you are at the right spot. We will help you out with this.

Sound on Roku TV could be poor at times, either on a communication link or across. If the sound on your Roku TV isn’t functioning, we should understand there could be multiple reasons. However, we would help you with all the diagnostic steps to fix this error, and you would not require to visit any mechanic for it. Otherwise, we understand it could be frustrating when a sound mistake occurs with the Roku TV.

Therefore, get ready to walk with us through the article steps by step to know all your options regarding how to fix Roku TV sound not working error.

How to Fix Roku TV Sound Not Working Error?

These parameters might be to blame if you are facing Roku TV sound not working error, but the display is okay:

1. It’s possible that the volume on your remote is turned down or turned off.

2. Your audio has been turned off.

3. Evening or Smoothening is the volume setting.

4. With the Roku android application, private listening is enabled for headsets listening.

5. Browse the app’s support site for particular if you’re having sound troubles with just one application. 

If the audio is only missing from the Roku screen, ensure the menu volume isn’t turned off. 

1. Tap on Audio.

2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

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Is There a Problem With Roku’s Sound?

Roku TV Sound Not Working

As far as Roku TV sound not working error is concerned, Roku may be having audio troubles when your sound problems affect the Roku interface and most of your programs on our Roku Channel or other Streaming media gadgets.

Check the Roku social media handles or the Roku help website for maintenance notifications. By looking through the newest Roku OS release notes, you might be able to figure out what modifications may well be hurting your sound. 

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What Happened to the Sound on my Roku TV?

Some potential causes for your Roku TV sound not working error involve:

1. An unreliable network connection.

2. Wiring that is loose.

3. A flaw in the software upgrade.

4. Technological failure.

5. Whenever a Roku TV drops sound repeatedly and takes multiple soft or hard restarts to restore sound, it could be faulty and need extra assistance from the TV producer.

How to Resolve Sound Problems on a Roku TV?

Roku TV Sound Not Working

If you are facing Roku TV sound not working error, try these solutions to get it working again.

1. Check the Volume on Your Remote 

Press the volume up and mute buttons at the same time. Follow these instructions to reset your Roku remote if it isn’t responding.

2. Check to see if your Speakers are Turned On

To check whether speakers are turned on or not, you would need to go to the Settings > Audio > Speakers from the drop-down menu. Zero audio may come from your Television or audio equipment if Off is enabled.

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3. Turn Off Audio Levelling 

To access the Options menu, use the Star button on your remote. Go to Volume mode and select Off to see if this fixes your no-audio problem.

4. Switch Off Private Listening

Launch the Roku application and select the earphones symbol to turn off private listening.

5. Make Sure your Wi-Fi Connection is Working

Roku TV Sound Not Working

Your sound quality may deteriorate if your cellular modem is weak.

6. Keep an Eye Out for a System Update

Roku TV Sound Not Working

For an Operating system upgrade, go to your Roku TV’s configurations. This option may be found in System > System Update on most Roku Televisions.

7. Restart your Roku TV

If an upgrade isn’t forthcoming, try restarting your computer. This procedure frequently resolves system-wide difficulties.

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8. Examine all of your Roku Channels

You’re most likely working with a Roku Operating system or Television problem if the interface and all stations are mute. If it’s just one program, contact the vendor for more details or uninstall and reinstall the application.

9. Examine the Sound and HDMI Wires Once More

Roku TV Sound Not Working

Confirm exterior equipment like audio systems for soft acoustic output and input interconnection, and make sure the plug to your Roku Device is safe. You may want to replace the cords just to be safe.

10. Make Changes to the Sound Configurations

Choose Automatic instead of a specific audio format from System > Audio if you’re using the Television speakers or setting up a surround stereo system with your Roku Channel.

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11. Please Contact the Manufacturer of your Roku Device

If you haven’t successfully removed a problem with a mobile feature, all of the connected cords are safe, and upgrades and defaults haven’t worked, it’s time to contact the maker of your Roku Device. These details can be accessed in Settings > System > About.

Wrapping Up

I am hopeful that users would have learned how to Fix Roku TV sound not working error while reading the article step by step. The steps are lined-up and appropriately written so that it should not create any technical glitch when it comes to an understanding.

I expect you will enjoy the streaming of bundles of channels on Roku now once you implement all the steps given above and have fixed an error like how to fix Roku TV sound not working.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the issue with my Bluetooth speaker with Roku TV

Automatic Bluetooth connectivity with Roku TVs is not possible. Just specific Gadgets, such as the Roku Streambar and Roku Televisions equipped with Roku speaker systems, may link to Bluetooth devices such as smartphones and iPads. To overcome this limitation, connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth speaker and set on private hearing in the Roku application.

What is the best way to connect a speaker to a Roku Device?

Use the HDMI ARC connection to hook up the speaker to your Roku Device. When you pair a Roku Smart Speaker with a Roku Device, certain configurations are activated instantly once the Television detects the speaker. Activate CEC from Configuration > System > Control various gadgets> System audio control > 1-touch play on a non-Roku speaker, and ARC via Control other devices > System audio control > ARC on a non-Roku speaker.


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