How to Fix Roku TV Black Screen Error | Restore the Image on Roku

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Roku TV is one of the best options to stream the media content of choice. A bundle of channels available on Roku TV entertains the viewers and keeps them updated about the latest happenings worldwide. Many streaming devices come with the latest features and price affordability; however, Roku stands the first preference among all. After spending a couple of dollars on getting a Roku TV home with a view to stream the best content and get the feeling of a theatre, the trouble starts when an error encounters you like Roku TV Black Screen. Therefore, to know how to fix the Roku TV black screen error permanently, you need to read the article till the end.

Some possible reasons are there for your Roku TV’s black screen. The issue maybe with your Roku remote or the TV directly. When you can establish the specific root of the issue, diagnosing will be faster. Unless the TV screen is black, however, the sound continues to play, there is a problem with your electrical wiring or the monitor brightness. Meanwhile, if your TV isn’t showing any video or audio, all you have to do is restart it to fix the problem. 

To know all the instructions in detail about how to fix the Roku TV black screen error, please go through the article carefully and understand all your options.

What is the Reason Behind Black Screen on my Roku?

Roku TV Black Screen

As far as Roku TV black screen error is concerned, the gadget or your television can cause a black screen on a Roku. If you can find out who else to concentrate upon, it will make a massive impact on overall diagnostics. Unless the TV is operating great except for the Roku, it’s the Roku that needs to be troubleshot, and the majority of the solutions below will assist. If the black screen appears while using the streaming device, but the problem is with the Television, we can assist in helping.

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What to Do When Roku Device Screen Turns Black?

Roku TV Black Screen

When you do not even believe either of the phases is necessary, proceed to the next one. The simple ways appear first on our page, and they can also be able to have your Roku back in operation considerably quicker than some of the more difficult activities.

1. Restart the Roku Device

Roku TV Black Screen

Once the Roku’s screen is black and you need to access the configurations, the simplest solution is to remove the app’s battery, wait a few moments, and thereafter rejoin it. If your display has a Roku built-in, flip it off and then On again.

2. Go to the Rear of the TV and Double-Check

Roku TV Black Screen

While talking about Roku TV black screen, users must guarantee that Roku’s network is secure; this ought to be simple when users complete stage one. Ensure that the gadget is properly linked to the main wire and positioned in the television socket. For programming considerations, it’s best to attach the cable to a power outlet using the charging cable that came with the Roku.

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Then is a great moment to pare down your connections to the basics. Disconnect everything connected between the Roku and the Television to make a smooth linkage: HDMI extension cord, converter, or any other gadget. It will assist in identifying such items as the cause of the display issue.

4. Make Sure Roku TV is on the Right Input

Roku TV Black Screen

While looking to fix Roku TV black screen error, check to see if the TV is hooked to the correct cable. Since the Roku communicates with one of your gadget’s video links, the only way to guide the Television to the official list would be to use the Input/Source button on the Remote control. A few input alternatives are open on most Televisions (e.g., HDMI 1 and 2). Go through them if required, waiting a few moments after selecting every one until the Roku appears on the screen.

5. Reset the Roku Device

Roku TV Black Screen

Press the RESET button on your Roku for 10 seconds to reset it. You could also navigate Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset after pressing the Home button on the remote. Resetting the program to factory settings may help to resolve the Roku TV black screen. Nevertheless, you have no choice except to execute a hard reset (see reset link above).

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6. Troubleshoot like an HDMI Network Issue

There are a few tasks you must do in order to fix Roku TV black screen error:

Change the default HDMI cable when that doesn’t function. Plug the Roku to one of the ports and services on the back of one’s Television, then reverse processes 3 and 4 when one’s TV has more access points. Although the TV’s real socket is damaged, the one beside it is still working. Use an alternative Extension lead to see if it helps. When users haven’t any sight or audio, the cord could be the problem.

7. Visible Menu Items

However, unless the menu items are accessible, the Roku is black only if attempting to play a video. It’s a unique issue that could be addressed in one of 2 directions:

Replace the channels that aren’t working: Uninstall and reload the YouTube application when YouTube videos aren’t streaming on Roku and everything else is working well.

Troubleshoot the issue of a slow internet connection: An overcrowded link is the most

 common cause of a working Roku that won’t stream video (or won’t do it well. The most viable approach is to disable network connections on your other gadgets.

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8. Consider Roku Using on a Separate TV

 If feasible, consider using the Roku on a separate Television. When it doesn’t succeed, the Roku However, unless the menu items are accessible, the Roku is black only if attempting to play a video. It’s a unique issue that could be addressed in a few 2 directions.:

Reinstall the channel that isn’t functioning: For instance, if YouTube videos aren’t playing on Roku but everything else is fine, remove and reinstall the YouTube app.

To fix a sluggish internet link, follow these steps: The widespread reason for a functioning Roku that won’t play video is a congested connection). The most viable approach is to disable network connections on your other gadgets that will need to be repaired. Whether it works on the other TV, you should take this as a Transmission problem and continue the remaining steps.

There may be a difficulty with the gadget recognizing your Screens quality choices unless the Roku produces sound but no picture example, you may see the remote scrolling over menu items.

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9. Change Visual Settings

To use the TV remote to fix Roku TV black screen error, alter one among your Screen’s graphical settings, like turning on/off overscan or adjusting the resolution degree. Many folks have reported success in turning the Roku black screen using this technique. Whenever a visual displays after that, change the Roku’s quality to anything else. When Auto-detect isn’t already enabled, for instance, attempt it first. Change to 720p tv when it doesn’t function.

Wrapping Up

I recommend you follow all the steps and instructions given above to clearly understand how to fix the Roku TV black screen error. I hope, that once you fix the error completely, you will enjoy the streaming of unlimited media content with good picture quality.

Please feel free to write back to me in case there is any other error appearing related to Roku TV black screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Screen on my Roku Green?

Whenever you try to watch Television with your Roku and get a green, blue, or purple display, verify the links on display and the gadget to maintain a safe environment. The Roku should then be reset. Furthermore, a defective Wire can potentially be the source of a green screen.

What should I do if my Roku is Stuck on the Loading Screen?

In connection with Roku TV black screen error, try resetting the Roku with the remote when your television is stuck on the login screen or won’t go beyond the jumping words. Five times on the Home screen, once on the Up button, twice on the Rewind button, and twice on the Fast Forward button,  The Roku will restart after a brief pause.

What should I do when Restarting or Resetting the Roku TV Fails?

When none of the above-given solutions succeed, the problem with your Roku Channel is very certainly hardware-related.
The most likely cause of your defective Television is a problem with the brightness, which would necessitate expert assistance.
One possibility is that your electrical circuit is malfunctioning. This problem is considerably cheaper to repair, as a battery replacement is readily available on Amazon. Nevertheless, unless you’re unfamiliar with the procedure, it’s advisable to seek advice from a professional.


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