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Fix Roku Remote Not Working

Nowadays, people don’t have time to watch movies and other content in theatres due to the busy schedule of their life. To reduce the monotonous appearance of life due to busy and tight work culture, apps like Roku have become an important option. Roku’s entertainment features have created havoc so far as the demand for this app is concerned. After getting a subscription to a Roku gadget to watch the quality media content, it becomes a real frustration if its remote doesn’t work. To know now about errors like fix Roku remote not working, you must read this article carefully.

When looking at the error like fix Roku remote is not working, there could be multiple reasons. To proceed further, we should probe first thoroughly. Is your Roku remote not functioning correctly? Here are a few quick methods to get your Roku control correctly. It could be any of various issues, many of which are straightforward and others of which are incredibly complicated.

To know in detail the instructions about how to fix Roku remote not working, I request you follow the steps listed in the article carefully and get your options done.

How to Fix Roku Remote Not Working Error?

Fix Roku Remote Not Working

If you’re pondering how to fix Roku remote not working and repair a broken Roku remote, the good news is that it can be straightforward. You might be back to broadcasting your frequently broadcast programs, films, Twitch or YouTube channels, or something else in no moment if you follow the suggestions under.

Roku remote controls are basic and uncomplicated, with a small design and very few keys. This is one of the main reasons why the Roku Streaming Stick 4K is at the top of our list of the best broadcasting gadgets. However, you might find that Roku isn’t working sometimes, and if the problem is with your remote, here’s how to solve it.

When your Roku controller isn’t synchronizing, the very first action you need to do is change the batteries. If that doesn’t succeed, you might want to try a few more things before giving up. If none of these methods work, you can replace it with a Roku remote or convert an existing gadget into your new Roku device. Continue reading to learn how to do all of these activities.

1. How to Fix a Roku Remote: Pair your Roku Remote

Roku remote pairing and troubleshooting

Suppose you’ve previously attempted to replace the batteries. (Almost every analysis technique includes detailed instructions on how to change batteries, but let’s face it: you’ve probably previously done that if you’re here.)

Instead, consider the second most common reason for Roku remote problems: pairing. When you initially set up a Roku player, you’ll need to pair it with your remote. Furthermore, the most recent models will connect your remote control to your television, allowing you to adjust volume and power adjustments.

The problem is that a range of events, from unstable Wi-Fi to a factory reset, might cause this pairing to fail. And if your Roku’s remote control won’t work with it, your streaming device is effectively useless. Fortunately, every Roku gadget includes a simple method for reestablishing connectivity. Here’s how it’s done:

Your Roku remote’s rear cover should be removed. A tiny circular button should be visible beneath the batteries: this is the pairing button. Bring the remote as close to your Roku device as possible, then press and hold the button for three seconds. After a few seconds, a pairing dialogue should appear on the screen.

That’s the only thing I have to say about it. If the connection screen does not appear, try the procedures below to know how to fix Roku remote not working error.

1. Remove and replace the batteries in your Roku remote.

2. Restart the Roku device (if it lacks a physical button, unplug and re-plug the power source.)

3. While the device is booting up, hold down the pairing button.

4. Alternatively, try pairing the remote with a different wireless network. Remote pairing can fail due to a lack of Wi-Fi signal strength; however, your connection will remain even after reconnecting the Roku to the original network.

You do have another alternative if none of the preceding options work in order to know how to fix Roku remote not working error. It’s time to get your cellphone out and try out the Roku mobile app.

2. Use the Roku Mobile App to Fix Roku Remote Not Working

Fix Roku Remote Not Working

In connection with the how to fix Roku remote not working error, the Roku mobile application is extremely user-friendly. You can search for content, learn about new platforms, and stream your content. This program, more importantly for the purposes of this article, enables you to use your cellphone as a remote control.

Simply download the Roku app for iPhone or Android, link your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku device, and select the Remote button. You’ll see a display with a D-pad and a few multimedia buttons, and you’ll get a legitimate Roku remote in your hands.

Though you could utilize your cellphone as a Roku remote indefinitely, this is certainly not the most excellent option. It’s depleting the phone’s battery, and you’re probably doing something else with it. You’ll have to change your Roku control if you feel it’s forever damaged and it will solve how to fix Roku remote not working error once for all.

3. Try a Different Remote

Fix Roku Remote Not Working

As far as the how-to fix Roku remote not working error is concerned, the Roku Speaking Remote Pro ($30), the Roku Speaking Remote ($20), and the Roku Simple Remote (with IR) ($15) are the three remotes available at the time of authoring.

It’s better to go to the Roku webpage to figure out which remote will function with your gadget because it’s always abreast. But, in general:

1. Roku Streaming Stick (Plus, 4K, and 4K+ models): Roku Voice Remote Pro, Roku Voice Remote, Roku Voice Remote, Roku Voice Remote, Roku Voice Remote, Roku Voice Remote, Roku Voice Remote, Roku Voice Remote, Roku Voice

2. Roku Ultra has the following remote controls: Roku Voice Remote Pro, Roku Voice Remote, and Roku Simple Remote.

Roku Voice Remote Pro, Roku Voice Remote, Roku Simple Remote for Roku TVs, Roku Voice Remote Pro, Roku Voice Remote, and Roku Simple Remote are all audio devices from Roku.

3. Roku Premiere comes with a voice remote: Roku 2 and Roku 3 devices from the past: Remote control for Roku gaming. The Roku Express 4K Plus comes with a Roku Voice Remote. Most earlier Roku devices, including the Roku Express: Standard IR remote for Roku.

The functionality varies depending on the remote. The Roku Enhanced voice remote has a headset connector for personal listening, as well as pre-programmed channel buttons and Television on/volume controls.

The Roku Speaking Remote Pro is now a much better alternative, with hands-free controls, adjustable favorites, and private listening. It’s also the first Roku remote that’s incredibly flexible. Find out our process instructions on upgrading your Roku remote after reviewing our hands-on assessment of the Roku Voice Remote Pro. This should certainly solve how to fix Roku remote not working error.

4. Check for HDMI Interference to Fix Roku Remote Not Working

So far as how to fix Roku remote not working error is concerned, Roku acknowledges in its official documentation that interference from neighboring HDMI connections affects the remotes for some of its models. Roku streaming sticks, which link straight to your TV’s HDMI connector, are particularly susceptible to the problem. The option is to install an HDMI cable extender, which will allow you to place your streaming stick further away from the HDMI cable on your television.

Any HDMI extension that you have sitting around your house will suffice. Roku will, however, send you a complimentary short extender if you don’t already have one. Fill out the proper form on the Roku website to get your free cable.

5. Check Your Wi-Fi Connection to Fix Roku Remote Not Working

When you’ve tried all of the Roku remote diagnostic suggestions to know how to fix Roku remote not working error, and still can’t get it to function, your Wi-Fi connectivity may be the issue. The Roku remote doesn’t really necessitate a broadband connection to access your media player, but it would need to be connected to a working wifi connection. When your network device is unavailable for whatever reason, the remote will not function.

When you have sufficient specialist knowledge, it would be worth looking into the router’s configuration to see if anything has occurred to prevent the remote’s connectivity.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article’s suggestions helped you to know how to fix Roku remote not working error and get your Roku remote operating correctly. You don’t need to constantly look for multiple remotes because your Roku remote can handle several methods, including your speaker.

If in the future, you the error like how to fix Roku remote not working comes again while streaming channels on Roku TV, do write us in the comments section, and will get it fixed.

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