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Roku streaming service provides unlimited media content to the people who love to stream effective programs. Roku device enables you to watch various channels ranging from super hit movies, serials, sports events, and documentaries. Simultaneously, the internet speed time has also increased and has enhanced the pace of watching stuff online. However, after having good internet speed and a subscription to the Roku TV, it still stops you from watching uninterrupted content that creates frustration. Therefore, if you want to know how to fix Roku Keeps Buffering error, and to watch uninterrupted stuff, then don’t worry since you are on the right page.

This tutorial will lead you through the most significant methods for when your Roku streaming gadget experiences buffering and delayed video processing. Adjustments to the Roku player directly, connection recommendations, and sometimes even a few ideas to attempt with the Roku applications and system software are included in these Roku buffering solutions.

Therefore, get ready to walk through this write-up to know how to fix Roku keeps buffering error with all the available options. The options that we are going to apply to all Roku devices’ models.

How to Fix Roku Keeps Buffering Error | 16 Steps to Stop Buffering on Roku

Fix Roku Keeps Buffering

There are several reasons why Roku keeps buffering, such as weak internet connection, temperature, or outdated system software. When using a slow link that can’t handle large data files, buffering could also be caused by media applications that downconvert to high-resolution clips.

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When streaming media on a Roku, these are the most straightforward strategies to avoid buffering.

1. Turn on your Roku

Fix Roku Keeps Buffering

A simple restart takes a few moments and can resolve your buffering difficulty and other difficulties.

2. Restart your Roku Device 

Many issues and malfunctions could be resolved by switching your Roku off and on again.

Fix Roku Keeps Buffering

3. Make Sure Roku is Up to Date

To ensure that Roku is updated, you need to select Settings > System > System Update from the drop-down menu. Verify Now to see if your Roku’s operating system is updated.

Fix Roku Keeps Buffering

4. Remove and then Re-add a Channel or App

In connection with how to fix Roku keeps buffering error, delete the app or network that is constantly lagging and then re-add it.

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5. Check for Temperature

Your Roku may be overheating if it begins buffering an hour after turning on. Ensure it’s on a solid floor rather than a blanket or cover, and wash it periodically so dust doesn’t gather. You might also turn it on its side to expose more of the surface to air.

6. Use a Wired Internet Connection Instead of a Wireless One

Connect your Roku player to a wired internet connection when available. Wired connections are often quicker than wireless links, and they reduce the likelihood of multimedia buffering.

7. Disconnect Any Other Gadgets Connected to the Internet

While attempting to stream multimedia, cellphones, iPads, desktops, and video gaming systems all utilizing the internet simultaneously might create buffering. The connection gets overburdened and unable to handle all of the downloads and transfers simultaneously. Try switching off these other gadgets or canceling any downloads or updates that are now active.

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8. Restart your Modem

A simple modem restart may establish a fresh connection fresh connections with your internet service provider, which is often quicker than the previous one.

9. Use your Roku at a Different Time

On Weekend nights, Telecom companies see many users, which might slow down everybody’s connections. Try video content on your Roku several times on different dates to see whether you could discover a period when there is less congestion and higher connections.

10. Upgrade to a Higher-Speed Internet Connection

Fix Roku Keeps Buffering

The major reason for Roku buffering issues is a sluggish internet service. Check unless you can link to one that has quicker speeds and less congestion.

11. Contact your Internet Company

Your network operator may analyze your internet activity to identify potential causes of sluggish download speeds. They could be capable of making manual modifications to your router settings or even switch you to a quicker internet connection.

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12. Clear the Cache on your Roku Device

Fix Roku Keeps Buffering

To remove the caches on your Roku, hit Home 5 times, Up once, Reverse 2 times, and Quick Forward 2 times on the remote. It could take anywhere from a few moments to 30 mins to finish.

13. Reset the Roku Device

Fix Roku Keeps Buffering

When everything else fails, try resetting your Roku to factory defaults. This should clear all of your settings and reset the Roku to the way it was when you initially set it up.

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14. Use a Different Device

In connection with how to fix Roku keeps buffering error, if replacing your Roku is impossible, consider watching entertainment from other gadgets. Several streaming video apps are available on smart TVs, gaming systems, and select Blu-ray devices. Your cellphone, iPad, or laptop might be capable of transmitting material to your Television.

Wrapping Up

I am wrapping up this article here with an expectation that it has served its purpose and answered how to fix Roku keeps buffering errors to all the people facing this issue. I am sure you will enjoy the streaming of high-quality media content on Roku once you get done with a problem how to fix Roku keeps buffering error. 

If facing any other related issue, write back to me in the comments box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do when my Roku Screen is black?

When your Roku display is black, restart the gadget and double-check that all wires are attached, and the Television is set to the proper input. If required, suggest a new HDMI cable and restart your Roku. Uninstall and reload channels whether you’re having trouble with it.

Why is the display on my Roku green?

As far as how to fix Roku keeps buffering error is concerned, inspect all Television and gadget hookups before resetting the Roku if your screen is green, blue, or purple. If the problem persists, consider using an alternative Wire.

What’s the deal with my Roku being stopped on the start screen?

There’s a systematic error software when your Roku is stuck on the start screen. If it doesn’t work, consider rebooting and then resetting your gadget.


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