How to Fix Roku HDCP Error in 2023 | One Time Solution & Error Gets Fixed

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As we all know, the Roku gadget is a fantastic piece of technology that allows us to stream media content in HD quality. In terms of price, plans, and after-sale service, Roku devices do remarkably well compared to their competitors. The device is simple to use, and even a child can effortlessly operate and connect it when watching their favorite shows. You should not be alarmed if you receive a warning like Fix Roku HDCP Error when using a Roku device. We’ll assist you in permanently resolving the Roku HDCP problem.

Many of us scratch our heads in understanding what an HDCP is? Here is the answer. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is an electronic built-in security benchmark used by the film and television industries. It helps to avoid multimedia information from being copied as it journeys all over links like High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), DisplayPort (DP), or Digital Visual Interface (DVI). Therefore, to rectify the problem like HDCP error, you need to scroll through the article gradually to find out the solution.

Let’s get ready to go through the article to find the solution and the options available to fix Roku HDCP error comprehensively without anybody’s assistance.

How to Fix Roku HDCP Error | Try 4 Simple Steps

Roku HDCP Error

If you want to eliminate errors such as Fix Roku HDCP error when streaming material on your Roku device, carefully follow the steps outlined below.

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Note: When ones Roku player is linked to an A/V transmitter, follow the instructions on the transmitter instead on your television.

1. Disconnect the HDMI cord from the Roku gadget and the television.

2. Remove the power connections for both Roku gadget and Screen and switch off the television

3. Strongly link both ends of the HDMI wire.

4. Rejoin all smartphone’s electrical wires and turn on the television.

1. Re-plug the HDMI Cable

Roku HDCP Error

Remove the HDMI cable or connectors between the Roku and the TV box. Disconnect the TV and Roku from the power source. After that, you must wait for a few moments, at least 5 to 10 seconds, before reconnecting both ends of the HDMI cable. Replug the power to the TV and Roku after reconnecting. Now go ahead and try streaming it again.

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2. Check the Cables

Roku HDCP Error

Whether unplugging and replugging HDMI cables no longer works, check the cable to see if it still works. Your cable may be loose or severed, or the jack may be broken, among other possibilities. So, consider substituting it with a fresh one and see if that resolves the issue.

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3. Disable the Roku Device’s Refresh Rate

Roku HDCP Error

Open the Settings of your Roku device in the home menu and select the System. Now open the Advanced System Settings from the resulting menu selecting the System Settings. Then uncheck all your Display Fresh Rate options and check if the Roku code 020 has got fixed.

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4. Set the Display Type to Auto Detect in the Roku Settings

Roku HDCP Error

Open Settings in the Home menu of your Roku device and open the display type. Select the auto-detect and check if the Roku device has cleared the Roku HDCP error 2.2.

Reasons Why Roku HDCP Error Occurs

Roku HDCP Error

We may be aware that HDCP, or high bandwidth Digital content protection, is employed in newer technology like televisions to secure them from errors. Let’s look at some of the things that can lead to an error.

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  • Attempting to stream content that is not HDCP supported is one of the familiar sources of this problem, and because of this, vast numbers of people who have Roku membership suffer badly. To simplify it more, if you are watching the content that is not supported or suitable with the protection system, there is a good chance that you will get an error.
  • Defective HDMI connections or wires are another major cause of this problem. As a result, it’s critical to inspect your HDMI cables even before an HDCP issue occurs.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you can fix the Roku HDCP error now once you are looking to stream the media content while using the Roku gadget. I have mentioned above some straightforward steps that are easy to understand to fix the HDCP problem.

If your Roku gadget starts to show a purple monitor, it is most probably an HDCP error. When the Roku gadget detects that the HDMI cable connected to the television does not comply with the protection technology, the next message you will see is HDCP error detected with error code 020. To fix it at this stage, follow the steps outlined above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do first to resolve the HDCP Error on Roku?

This issue is common among Roku customers, mainly when there is an issue with the actual link between your Roku player and your TV. It’s only a matter of making a point of reconnecting the HDMI port. To do so, unhook both ends of the cable and shut off the electricity to the Roku and TV gadget.

What happens if the Roku device encounters an HDCP Error?

The HDCP error indicates that your screen and Roku player are at odds. That’s the simplest way to define what happens when two HDMI systems are added simultaneously. The information interchange among them does not always go smoothly.

How do I get around the HDCP Error?

You will need an HDMI and HDCP Splitter to get started.
1. Link the HDCP device to the HDMI Splitter immediately. 
2. Plug the HDMI Splitter into a DVR/TV gaming console, such as the Hauppauge High Definition PVR 2 Gaming Edition.
3. Restart the device with caution. You can now watch and play videos. All HDCP faults will be eliminated!


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