How To Fix Pull Up For Precise Seeking Problem On YouTube 2023

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YouTube is a platform where you can watch exciting and interesting videos throughout the day. Recently due to some technical errors in the platform, many users are facing problems. The users are taking other social media platforms to search for How to Fix Pull Up for Precise Seeking Problem on YouTube.

If you are among the ones who are looking for a solution to the problem, you may turn to other social media platforms. Otherwise, read our article below and you would get all the details and tips to solve the problem.

Hence, keep your anxieties away and read my latest article on how to fix Pull Up for Precise seeking problem on YouTube ahead. I am sure one of the tips would come in handy. Do share your feedback in the comments below.

How to Fix Pull Up For Precise Seeking Problem on YouTube?

How To Fix Pull Up For Precise Seeking Problem On YouTube 2023

You must follow some simple steps when you wish to fix the pull-up for the precise seeking problems on YouTube. Here you have to enable the accessibility player under YouTube settings. To enable the accessibility of players, you have to click on the profile icon. Click on Settings, then on accessibility. After that, you have to toggle on the accessibility player.

You have to set the hide player control to after 3 seconds or after 5 seconds. The precise seeking problem on YouTube will be solved. Even after that if you find any issues on YouTube then there is a presence of a bug or a glitch in YouTube.

You must wait for the YouTube team to resolve the problem in such cases.

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Solutions by Reddit Users

How to Fix Pull Up For Precise Seeking Problem on Youtube 2022 (Solved)

Some Reddit users suggest you right-click on the video and click on the troubleshoot playback issue option on YouTube. After that, you have to send the message ‘Turn off the precise seeking feature.’

Another user suggested selecting the seeking bar and immediately pressing the space bar. After this, the video will start playing.

Another Reddit user posted that the video gets paused due to the new feature on Youtube, precise seeking when anyone puts on the mode. Earlier, you had to drag the timeline upward to get to the precise seeking mode, but now when you click on the timeline, you get to the precise seeking mode.

So, when you wish to avoid the precise seeking mode, you must drag the timeline downward.

Some users suggest that it is an account-based bug. So, choosing the YouTube video you wish to watch is better than logging out of the website.

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Wrapping Up

The precise seeking problem on YouTube is supposedly a bug affecting the system. The bug or glitch on the platform is affecting many users globally. And users are not being able to watch their videos on the platform. So, they are resorting to other social media platforms where they search for answers to solve their issue. But I hope our article helped you find the solution to the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix Pull Up for Precise seeking problem on YouTube?

You must allow the accessibility player under YouTube settings to fix this issue. This helps you to get rid of the problem.

What are the solutions provided by Reddit users to solve the issue of the precise-seeking problems on YouTube?

Reddit users have devised many solutions to the problem of precise seeking on YouTube. Some press the seeking and space bar simultaneously to help start the video again. Some suggested right-clicking on the video and clicking on the troubleshooting playback issue option. Then sends the message Turn off the precise seeking feature.


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