How To Fix PS4 Error NP-31805-7 | Causes & Fixes

ps4 error np-31805-7

Are you struggling with PS4 Error NP-31805-7? Well, that sounds frustrating! PS4 is a popular console where players can find various games. Let’s go further onto this page and learn the possible causes of PS5 Error Code NP-31805-7 and how you can resolve this. Step forward!

PlayStation is a powerful console that provides us with many intriguing features. However, there are many errors coming up to the interface lately. Whether it is about the PS4 Error SU-30746-0 or PS4 Error Code SU-42481-9, every bug is a huge trouble. To top up such irritation, error NP-31805-7 is here.

PS4 Error NP-31805-7 is an unfortunate bug that comes out on the platform. However, do not worry because I will not leave you halfway. Let’s go further and solve this problem by trying out a few effective tricks and fixes. Step further!

What is PS4 Error NP-31805-7 | Possible Causes

ps4 error np-31805-7

The NP-31805-7 error is a bug that appears when you are trying to upload any image or save the game to PS + cloud. Many players are found facing this issue. Hence, I have listed some of the popular reasons for the same below. Check them out:

  • You have pushed the maximum capacity of PS +.
  • There is a network issue.
  • Malfunction prevailing
  • Logging PS4 device continuously

Some common reasons can result in PS4 errors. Let’s head below and try out the effective fixes to get out of this one. 

How to Fix PS4 Error NP-31805-7 | 5 Fixes

PS4 is a user-friendly platform for its massive community. However, if a sudden error comes up while uploading our image or saving the game to the PS+ cloud, this rips our soul indeed. Let’s head further and look for the fixes mentioned below, 

Fix 1: Restart PlayStation 4

To start with, you can fix PS4 Error NP-31805-7 by restarting your device. Many times, troubleshooting methods promise to recover any prevailing bug. Hence, when you shut down the device and restart it again, it recovers the network, and a fresh start to the device helps fix the issue.

Fix 2: Have a Stable Network

ps4 error np-31805-7

Low or disconnected network towers will not allow the smooth operation of the device and will result in uninvited bugs. Hence, restart your modem or router and recover your server by providing a stable network connection from a WiFi or wired device. After regaining the internet, there is a huge possibility that the issue will be fixed. 

Fix 3: Update WiFi Band from Automatic to 5 Gigahertz

The next method is to update the WiFi Band from Automatic to 5 Gigahertz. Click on the options button and change the WiFi band to 2.4 Gigahertz or 5 Gigahertz. See if this has resolved the problem. In case it hasn’t. You can switch it back to automatic. 

Fix 4: Change DNS Settings

Going on with the possible solutions to resolve the PS4 Error Code NP-31805-7 issue, you can also update the DNS settings. Follow the instructions mentioned below and see if this resolves your concern today.

Steps to Update DNS Settings:

  1. Go to the WiFi network.
  2. Select Advance Settings > update the DNS settings to manual.
  3. Update the primary DNS to and the secondary DNS to
  4. Hopefully, your issue will be recovered by now. 

Fix 5: Contact Support

Suppose you are stuck on the PS4 issue even after trying out all the above steps. Your last resort is waiting for the developers to fix the error. Now, you cannot do much because you have tried your level best. It clearly means that it is a fault from their end. So report your issue and sit back till it gets fixed. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about how to PS4 error np-31805-7. This article thoroughly and try out all the solutions mentioned above. For me, updating the network status was a savior. Let me know how you got your issue fixed in the comment section to help our virtual family. Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any issues, and I will try to resolve them for you ASAP. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Reasons for PS4 Error NP-31805-7?

Reasons for PS4 error np-31805-7 are:
1. You have pushed the maximum capacity of PS +.
2. There is a network issue.
3. Malfunction prevailing
4. Logging PS4 device continuously

2. How to Fix PS4 Error NP-31805-7?

Fix 1: Restart PlayStation 4
Fix 2: Have a Stable Network
Fix 3: Update WiFi Band from Automatic to 5 Gigahertz
Fix 4: Change DNS Settings
Fix 5: Contact Support

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