How to Fix Profile View History Not Showing on TikTok? 2 Reasons & 2 Fixes

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Many TikTok users enjoy fan following by posting unique, informative, and entertaining content. This is what the viewers want their favorite celebs or ‘TikTok’ stars to post. If you are an influencer, you would surely wish to check the profile view history on TikTok. But, there are chances that you are unable to do so. Do you want to know how to fix profile view history not showing on TikTok? Scroll down!

Before fixing the issue, it is important to know how to activate the profile view feature. With just a few clicks, you can activate your profile. Simply click on the profile view icon at the bottom right corner, then hit the eye symbol while you click the menu icon. Now, you can turn on the profile view history. 

This way you can view how many people have viewed your latest post. Remember, the viewer ID is on your list for one month. Also, it will only appear if your prospective viewers have turned on this option as well.

How to Fix Profile View History Not Showing on TikTok?

TikTok; How to Fix Profile View Not Showing on TikTok

You might wonder that the profile view history feature sometimes starts showing tantrums; not allowing you to view your fan following demographics. Some technical or settings issue might hinder a user from viewing profile history on TikTok. So, if you want to know How to fix profile view history not showing on TikTok, we have two steps to solve the problem.

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1. Create New TikTok Account 

You can create or open up a new TikTok account to avoid the situation of being a minor (under 16), and having less than 5,000 followers. To bypass this concern, creating a new account is the only option.

1. Open TikTok.

2. Now click on the Profile option.

3. You will see your Username on the Navigation bar at the top.

4. Click on Add Account option.

5. Now, you can Sign Up by using any of your social media accounts, phone number, or e-mail id.

This is one to fix profile view history not showing on TikTok.

2. Contact Tik Tok

If you are above 16, and your followers are under 5,000, yet another option is to contact the authority to solve your problem of how to fix profile view history not working on TikTok. This can be done in two ways: A, Report on TikTok feedback form by filling in all the details, and B, Report on the Tik Tok App. Follow the following steps to use the second option. 

1. Open your Tik Tok profile.

2. Tap or click on the Menu-Setting and Privacy-Report a Problem

3. Click on Need more help option, fill in your concern, and click on Report.

4. Click on the Submit option. 

To use the first option of filling in the feedback form, 

1. Enter your credentials- email address linked to the TikTok account and username on the feedback form.

2. Click on Change account information. Click on Others as the subtopic. 

3. Submit the forms once you have clearly explained the issue you are facing. 

4. As your issue is being unable to view profile history, state that you are above 16, and your followers number is less than 5,000, and still you are not able to view the history. You need TikTok support help to fix this issue. 

5. Wait for 1-3 business days for TikTok to revert via email. 

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Why Can’t I See Profile View History on TikTok?

Profile View; How to Fix Profile View History Not Showing on Tik Tok

There are three possible reasons you are unable to watch profile view history. So, to figure out how to fix profile view history not working on TikTok, check the following three points.

1. You are a minor.

2. The support system at TikTok is facing server issues.

3. You have more than 5,000 followers. 

Feedback; How to Fix Profile View History Not Showing on TikTok

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Wrapping Up

This feature of Profile View History Has been enabled by TikTok so that it becomes easy to track the audience and check on video algorithms. The intention behind this optional feature is for safety purposes.  But, the important thing here is that to know the profile view history, the other party must also have activated this feature. So, before wondering how to fix the profile view history not working on TikTok problem, check the minor settings. 

Fixes are easy! Unless and Until you figure out the problem and its possible reasons. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to check Profile View History on TikTok?

You have to select the Profile View feature in the Settings.

I am above 16, still why I am unable to view my profile history?

You might have crossed 5,000 followers. If the number of followers exceeds 5,000, you might have to create a new account.

Can I have two different accounts on TikTok?

A person can attach more accounts or switch between accounts on TikTok.


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