How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI 3012 on Every Streaming Device?

How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI 3012 on Every Streaming Device?

So, you just fixed one error a few days back, and the other error code flashed today? It might have happened while watching your favorite OTT streaming platform Netflix. If I am not wrong, you were watching Friends, and your screen flashed Netflix error code UI 3012.

This happened to me too. Fortunately, I fixed it at home, and here are a few fixes for you too. Netflix is so popular that it meets the requirements of every age and every genre. From romance to mystery, to horror to family, it has everything for everybody.

Spanning its reach to almost 96 countries, some errors are bound to occur due to some or other reason, one such being Netflix error code UI 3012. 

What is Netflix Error Code UI 3012?

If your TV screen is displaying the Netflix Error Code UI 3012, it means the hurdle between your computer screen or TV screen and Netflix is none other than the connectivity issue. Your screen will display Something that went wrong. There was an unexpected error. Please reload the page and try again.

What Causes Netflix error code UI 3012

There are no particular reasons for this error besides the networking issues. An uncountable number of people are accessing the Internet. Such connectivity issues are common things. Let us discuss all the possible fixes for Netflix error code UI 3012.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI 3012?

Here are the fixes to combat Netflix error code UI 3012 and enjoy streaming Netflix movies and shows. You won’t believe they are too simple to follow.

1. Check Your WiFi

Netflix Error Code UI 3012

The first step is to check if your Wifi is working. If the modem has stopped blinking, or the red light is flashing rather than the green one, the problem is in your internet connection. You can switch off the modem and switch it on after a few minutes. You can also switch off the Wifi from the Toggle Window on your phone or computer screen and re-enter the password

2. You Can Improve Signal Quality 

Netflix error code UI3102

So, if your WiFi is not cooperating and the signals are weak, and these network codes are a routine issue due to Wifi. We have a solution! You can improve your WIFI’s signal quality. This can be done by simple remedies like avoiding keeping electrical devices near the router. Your router must have a fixed space in your house, like a shelf. Also, your router should preferably be centrally located.  

3. Your Network Must Support Streaming

Netflix Error Code UI3012

It is essential that your network or the Internet connection has the potential to support the streaming device. If you are watching Netflix from your WiFi, you can ask your Internet Service Provider to check which streaming networks are supported. You must also ensure the bandwidth with your ISP. A limited bandwidth will lead to Netflix error code UI 3012. 

4. Your Browsing Extensions Can Cause Interruptions

Netflix Error Code UI 3012

Sometimes, the browser extensions like Google Chrome, Edge, etc can interrupt streaming platforms and cause errors like Netflix error code UI 3012. If you disable the chrome extensions in the settings, you can enjoy the smooth running of Netflix movies on your Windows. 

5. Restore Your Connection Settings

Netflix Error Code UI3012

Restoring the connection settings to the default settings is the best way to fix Netflix error code UI 3012 fast. So, if you make some settings in this area, ensure to disable/enable/ restore them.

6. Connect your Computer to the Modem

Netflix Error Code UI 3012

This is also one of the significant fixes. Rather than connecting your Computer with the router, try connecting it with the Modem directly. You need to follow the following steps to do so. 

1. Shut down the system.

2. To connect your computer directly to the Modem, use an ethernet cable

3. Take out the plug of your Modem for 30 seconds

4. Re-plug the modem. 

5. Restart your computer to watch Netflix.

7. Log out from Netflix Connected to Various Devices

Netflix Error Code UI3012

Last but not least, stop using Netflix on multiple devices. If you watch Netflix from your phone, computer, or smart TV, stick to one and log out from others. This can be done by simply navigating to the username on the streaming device and selecting Sign out from all devices. This can solve the issue of Netflix error code UI 3012.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI 3012? Watch the Video Now

How To Fix Netflix Error Code UI-3012

Wrapping Up

A code associated with a streaming device comes with a cause and a fix. These error codes are not meant to frighten the viewers. They are a part of the networking and connectivity journey. Like, Netflix error code UI 3012 is all about connectivity and networking. Let me know if these fixes worked for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Netflix error code UI 3012?

Netflix error code UI 3012 is associated with networking issues.

How can I fix Netflix error code UI 3012?

Netflix error code UI 3012 can be fixed by checking the internet connection and speed.

Why do I see Netflix error code UI 3012 on my streaming device?

Netflix error code UI 3012 message appears because the networks do not permit Netflix to properly connect to the Streaming device. 

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