How to Fix Messenger Not Showing Active Friends in 2023?

Messenger Not Showing Active Friends | 9 Fixes to Get Your Friends Back

The instant messaging app developed by Meta has evolved through the years. Now it is not only a messaging app, but you can also exchange photos, videos, audio and video calling, and more. But sometimes, the app gets into trouble, and the users experience glitches. The most common is Messenger not showing active friends. This problem is recurrent, and there are many reasons for this.

The problem of the app has many probable fixes, and some of the best ones are discussed below. Do not think that you are alone on this bandwagon. Many users across the globe face similar problems. They have tried the below fixes and got their problem solved within minutes. Hence, you also follow the same and fix your problem quickly.

Why is Messenger Not Showing Active Friends?

Thee can be many reasons for Messenger not showing active friends. The reasons can be technical as well the common. Whatever it may be in the article below, we will discuss it in detail below.

1. Messenger active status is turned off.

2. There may be glitches in the messenger app.

3. Messenger server is down.

4. The low data mode is turned on on the mobile.

5. Messenger app not updated.

6. Messenger cache not cleared.

7. Wi-Fi or mobile data is unstable.

How to Fix Messenger Not Showing Active Friends?

The fixes to the messenger not showing active friends are provided below. Please refer to the list below.

1. Active friend Status Enabled

The messenger may not show active friends then. The first thing is you have to check whether the friend status is active or not. If the status is not active, turn it on. Then you will see that your messenger friend status is active.

2. Messenger Would Fix Their Glitches

When you find Messenger not showing active friends, there may be bugs and glitches that make the Messenger server down. In such cases, the Messenger team would work on the issue from their end. Hence, you can not do anything and wait for them to solve the issue.

3. Messenger Network Down

The network on which you are using Messenger may also not work correctly. When you are using mobile data, you may try switching it on and off to fix it. Otherwise, you may switch from the mobile data to the wifi network to fix the problem. Even after that, you must talk with the network provider if you face any issues. These methods may help to fix your problem of messenger not showing active friends.

4. Log in And Log Out of The Messenger App

This is the most common fix you can use for the messenger app. Try login out and then log in to the messenger app. This may solve the issue, and the app will be running successfully. If this fix does not work, try the above fixes to solve the issue.

5. Clear App Cache

Sometimes clearing the cache of the app would solve the issue. You have to clear the Messenger app cache regularly so that such issues of Messenger not showing active friends would never happen.

6. Delete and Install The App

The messenger app may malfunction sometimes. The easiest method is to delete the app and then reinstall it again. This would fix your problem, and the issue would be resolved.

7. Install The Older Version of Messenger

When you experience any problem with your Messenger app, you may try the older version. This would solve your problem temporarily. Such problems generally happen due to a bug in the latest version. After the bug is fixed, you can go back to the latest version. But this facility is available for only Android users, not iPhone users.

8. Update Messenger

You may experience problems with the latest versions of the Messenger app. In that case, you must keep your Messenger app updated so that you stay away from any kind of glitches. Updated versions help you to stay away from any kind of malfunctions in the app as well. The outdated version of any app generally has bugs in them.

9. Restart Device

Last but the best fix is to restart the device. Restarting the device would help you to fix the app. Whenever you face any glitch in your Messenger app, then try to close the app and restart the device. This would solve the problem to a great extent.

Wrapping Up

The above are the best on the list and would solve your problem within minutes. I had tried one to two of them when I faced a similar problem. And believe me, they worked miraculously. Hence, you can also try them, and I am sure you would be please with the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Messenger not Showing Active Friends?

This is a glitch that most users are facing on the Messenger app.

How can I Solve the Glitch of Messenger Not Showing Active Friends?

There are many solutions to the problem of messenger not showing active friends, like restarting the device, changing the network and many more.

Can I Uninstall and Reinstall the Messenger App to Solve any Glitches?

Yes, uninstalling and reinstalling the messenger app would solve the problem of glitches you experience.

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