How To Fix Kayo Sports App Not Working? 6 Best Solutions in 2023

Kayo Sports Logo; How To Fix Kayo Sports App Not Working?

Almost everyone in the world loves to watch their favorite sports shows. It can be on the sports niche channels or OTT (Over The Top) platforms. Kayo Sports is a well-known OTT platform in Australia. There are many channels available on their platform, including Fox Sports News, Fox Cricket, ESPN, Fox Footy, Fox league, and many more. Many viewers use the Kayo Sports app, and it is highly possible that the app stops working due to any technical issue. To avoid this unwanted encounter, we will give you useful insights on How to Fix the Kayo Sports app not working.

We all have witnessed the craze of sports among the masses. You might be one of them who loves to watch sporting events in your home. Apart from cricket, numerous other sports are together, including Soccer, Basketball, Rugby League, Horse Racing, and Field Hockey, with counting on and on. 

Imagine you are watching your favorite sports, and suddenly your app stops working. This is frustrating. There can be a plethora of reasons for your sports app not working. We are going to discuss them.

Why Kayo Sports App Not Working?

How To Fix Kayo Sports App Not Working?

Firstly let us point out all the possible reasons to address the issue in detail. Please note that these are general issues and can vary as per your complications.

  1. There may be a new update on the app that is yet to be installed.
  2. Your internet is not working on the streaming device.  
  3. Hindrance by a bug on the Kayo Sports App.
  4. Vague memory and storage on your device.
  5. Incompatibility with your device.
  6. Corrupted cache memory.
  7. VPN installation.

How To Fix Kayo Sports App Not Working?

Following are some of the methods you must follow to fix the Kayo Sports App not working. Let’s discuss each one of them to make you understand better. 

1. Check your Internet Connection

Check Internet Connection

The first and foremost thing that comes to mind is whether the internet connection you are having is stable or not. This is one of the common reasons why the Kayo Sports app is not working. Sometimes a poor network on mobile data or wifi connection can cause hiccups in your app. The strength of your WiFi signal can affect the performance of the network. Without a consistent internet connection, you will experience stutters or lags on the streaming platform.

Check the location of your router. If it is placed far from your position, then it can interfere with the connection speed. So, try to move your router to the optimum location and see if it works out for you. If everything is in a suitable position, try reaching out to your network provider for the best possible solution. 

2. Inspect Kayo Sports app server is working:

Inspect Kayo Sports app server is working

When we say the server is down, we usually mean that the program or app that is supposed to respond to network requests is not working. There are several possible causes, each of which requires necessary action. You can ideally check whether the Kayo Sports app server is down by visiting the Downdetector → Search Kayo Sports.

  • If there is a rise in the graph, then the Kayo Sports app server is down.
  • If there is no rise in the graph, then the server seems to be good.

You can also get information about the server issue by reaching out to the “Contact Support-Kayo Sports Help.”

3. Try Refreshing your Device or Relaunch the App:

Sometimes there are issues while loading the content on your app. Try to fix it by refreshing your device. It may help you to solve a particular issue. If the problem is persistent and not going away, Just go uninstalling the Kayo Sports app and Install it again to resolve the issue in an effective way. It might give you the solution for Kayo Sports App Not Working.

4. Clear the Corrupted Cache on the Kayo Sports App:

Clear the cache of the kayo app

Over time, your app accumulates a large number of unwanted files you do not require. Clearing the cache in your Kayo Sports app helps with the issue with the app’s behavior.

  •  Those using Android smartphones can do the same as below to clear the cache on their device.
  1. Go to phone settings.
  2.  Search and click on Kayo Sports App.
  3.  Tap on clear cache.

Finally, your Kayo Sports App cache is all cleared, and you are good to go.

  • Those using iOS smartphones can do the same as below to clear the cache on their device.
  1. On the iPhone, open Settings.
  2. Click on the General option.
  3. Find Kayo Sports App and click on it.
  4. Tap on the iPhone storage option.
  5. Click on the Offload App option.
  6. Again, install the Kayo Sports App.

Now just see if the Kayo Sports App is working or not on your preferred streaming devices.

5. Deactivate the VPN:

Some Apps that contain confidential information may aware of your device’s IP and location, so it is likely possible to get an error while you are using a VPN connection.

There are various reasons why your Kayo Sports App is not working; one might be the issue with the Vpn. If you are using a VPN network, try to deactivate it and check whether your app is running or not. 

6. Find the Compatibility of Your Device with the Kayo Sports app:

Check the Compatability of Kayo sports app with your Device

It is quintessential to check the compatibility o your streaming device with the Kayo Sports App and see if it is compatible or not. If your current device is not working with the app, then try to use another device that is ideally compatible with your device. You can also check the compatibility on their official website. It may help to resolve your issue with accessing the app.

7. Contact Customer Support:

Contact Customer Support

This is the most approachable option to have on your list of alternatives. The Kayo Sports App can happen for any number of reasons, and you can contact Kayo customer support and get help from the team of Kayo Sports. They are available to respond to your queries every day from 8 A.M to 11 P.M. You can also get help simply by sending your query to their e-mail

Wrapping Up

Any problem with the Kayo Sports App can make you uneasy or put you in distress. So, we have discussed some of the problems which can be tackled or fixed with the aforementioned steps.

There can be plenty of other reasons too, why your Kayo Sports app is not working, and we will be happy to fix them. Comment down the issues you are facing using the Kayo Sports App, and someone from our circle will try to help you out.

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  1. Not a big deal; it is a common problem, and every other user is confronting this. I discussed this with my regular customer care service provider @ 61-480-020-996, and they suggested it might be a network connectivity issue or my subscription has been finished. And that’s true! I checked my subscription date and found it was expired.

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