How to Fix iPhone Vibration Not Working | 6 Best Methods to Try

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iPhone gadget has an upward price curve compared to other smartphones. Its uniqueness in features does not guarantee that it will not make mistakes while in use. You must have encountered a circumstance where a pop-up window appeared on your iPhone, and your phone was intended to vibrate. Something appears to have gone wrong. You have tried to turn the silent mode on and off, but it still didn’t work. No worries, I will help you if you want to know how to fix iPhone vibration not working with some best methods.

I’ve included several tried-and-true methods for resolving issues like iPhone vibration not working. What to do about it? You shouldn’t be concerned because it’s not a significant technical issue with your phone, and you won’t need anyone’s help to fix it. The instructions in this article will ensure that the mistake does not occur again while using the iPhone.

Let’s get through the article to understand how to fix iPhone vibration not working. Get all your options and instructions here.

iPhone Vibration not Working? How to Fix it? | Try 6 Simple Steps

There are some steps underlying to guide you properly on how to fix iPhone vibration not working. How to fix it error. Therefore, analyze all the steps well and follow them till you get rid of the error.

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1. Turn on Vibration on Ring/Silent Mode

How to Fix iPhone Vibration Not Working

The first method is to check if you have turned on the vibration ring or silent mode.

1. Go to Settings on your phone.

2. Tap Sounds and Haptics.

3. On the vibrate section, you will find two options. To enable Vibration on your phone, you need to ensure that both these options ( vibration on ring/vibration on silent) are switched on. If not, turn it on.

4. Try to switch on the Silent mode button to see if it works. This time you should feel the vibration.

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2. Change the Vibration Patterns

As far as how to fix iPhone vibration not working error is concerned, if nothing happened while attempting the first method, change your iPhone’s vibration patterns. This option can be found in Sounds and Haptics preferences.

1. Scroll down to find the Ringtone and tap it. You will find all the ringtones from the system.

How to Fix iPhone Vibration Not Working

2.  On the top of the settings screen, you will find the Vibration option. 

How to Fix iPhone Vibration Not Working

3. Tap on it.

4. Vibration will be default set to synchronize.

5. If you don’t get a vibration when the ringtone rings, choose any other option other than None.

You can even customize your vibration by doing so. 

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3. Turn on Vibration in Accessibility

In connection with how to fix iPhone vibration not working, the third method is to turn on vibration in Accessibility.

1. Go to the Settings and find Accessibility.

How to Fix iPhone Vibration Not Working

2. Hit on the Touch option.

How to Fix iPhone Vibration Not Working

3. Scroll down, and you will find Vibration.

4. Switch on the Vibration button if it is off. 

If the button is off, all the vibrations on your phone will be disabled. Attempting to restart or force restart your iPhone may be a smart option if this scenario occurred suddenly but not consistently.

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4. Restart or Force Restart iPhone

Another method to understand how to fix iPhone vibration not working issue is to restart your iPhone. The restart alternative would be a good choice. Sometimes, restart can solve some unexpected issues on your iPhone. You can also choose Force Restart your iPhone which is just Press and release the Volume up. Then Volume down and press the side button till the iPhone reboots.

5. Reset All Settings

If nothing works after trying all of the above procedures to learn how to fix iPhone vibration not working issue, you may want to consider resetting all of your iPhone’s preferences.

How to Fix iPhone Vibration Not Working

The resetting option can be found in General Settings, although it should be noted that resetting all of your iPhone’s settings will not wipe your data. It will simply restore the default System Settings, including vibration.

How to Fix iPhone Vibration Not Working

6. Erase All Content and Settings

Last but not least, you can try erasing all of your phone’s Content and Settings if you could not learn how to fix iPhone vibration not working because the problem could be related to the software. You can also wipe all of your phone’s content and settings, but make sure you’ve backed up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud first

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Wrapping Up

I hope I successfully resolved the issue like how to fix iPhone vibration not working and what to do about it. Even though it is not as significant as the technical issue, it can be resolved by following the methods mentioned in this article. The steps are written, keeping the audience’s reach and skill level in mind.

If you have any further questions about why your iPhone’s vibrations aren’t working, please leave them in the comments.


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