5 Ways to Remove Glance App Widget Error in Google Pixel

error; 4 Ways to Fix Glance App Widget Error in Google Pixel]

Since the latest Google update, there have been numerous complaints regarding an error showing up on the Glance App Widget error in Google Pixel and some other devices, too. Many users who managed to remove the error somehow reported that it started showing up again in some time. 

ADB logcat error started showing up not more than a week ago, but more and more users are targeted daily. Many people tried downgrading the Google app, reporting the error, refreshing the app, and some other easy fixes. Some of them worked temporarily, but the error surfed up again in a short time.

So, some common fixes can help you eliminate the error message for a short while, but in this article, you will learn how to fix the Glance app widget error in Google Pixel more effectively.

How to Fix Glance App Widget Error In Google Pixel?

You can remove the glance app widget error in Google Pixel following one of the ways given below:

widget; 4 Ways to Fix Glance App Widget Error in Google Pixel

1. Update The Google App

This is a guaranteed fix provided by Google for the Google pixel users. You can read the steps below to apply it in your device:

  1. Open Google Playstore on Your Device.
  2. Search for The Google app and check if there are any updates pending.
  3. If it shows the Update button then you can Update the Google app, otherwise you will have to Reinstall Google App to give it a refresh.

2. Select Different Style  

For this fix, you have to – 

1. Long Press the widget error.
2. Tap the configure button in the context menu.
3. Select a different widget style.

3. Google Beta 

Many Google Beat users reported this problem to be recurring until they turned off the Google Beta. To opt out of the Google Beta Testers program, you have to visit this Google Tester Opt-out page. You may need to sign into your Google account and select Leave the Program.

4. Delete Cache

Try to delete the cache of the Google app by following this process –

  1. Long press the Google Widgets app.
  2. Click on app info and app storage.
  3. Next, click the delete cache button and refresh the app by closing it.

5. Restart the Phone

The most basic way to troubleshoot any kind of error is to restart the device. So you can try to reboot the device by long pressing the power button and selecting the restart option from the screen.

Wrapping up

The error is clearly not easy for non-developers to tackle as it shows error text in the device language. So, it is okay to struggle with this error because many others face the same problem. I tried to provide all the fixes for the Glance App Widget error in Google Pixel; if there’s any new fix that you know about, please comment below. In any case, the Google forums are filled with related complaints, so it won’t be too long before Google releases a new update totally kills the error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to Remove Glance app Widget Error in Google Pixel?

Try methods like updating the Google app to latest version, clearing app cache, opt out of Google Beta, Change widget style or Restart the phone.

Q2. Why is my Phone Showing Error?

It is an error that has been surfacing since Google dropped its latest update.

Q3. Did Anyone Fix The Error?

Many people managed to temporarily get rid of the error but most people had to face it again very soon.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Remove Glance App Widget Error in Google Pixel”

  1. None of the above worked for me. Here is what worked:
    1. Disable the Weather app.
    2. Power off your smartphone (power off, not restart).
    3. Power the smartphone back on.
    4. Enable the Weather app again.

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