How to Fix Error Code 80090016 | Quick and Effective Solutions

How to Fix Error Code 80090016 | Explained

When it comes to software products, Microsoft is a name to reckon with. It has revolutionized the world of tech and software. Imagine how the world would have been without Microsoft. Having said that, Microsoft is not immune from errors. It can, at times, develop certain types of errors. one among them being Error Code 80090016. What does this error stand for? What prompts this error, and what are the ways to fix it? These are some of the questions I will be dealing with in this article. If you are eager to know the answer, stay around to know more about it.

The software products of Microsoft are known for their quality and the services they offer. Some of them are Internet Explorer, Microsoft 365 suite of productivity applications, and edge web browsers. Microsoft is ruling the space. For a long time has been the leader of the software world. Since its inception in 1975, Bill Gates has successfully managed to take it to a new height and has made it a household name across the world. The journey has been quite interesting and exciting.

Since we are primarily concerned with Error Code 80090016, and we will be looking forward to finding ways to fix it. If you are eager to know the answer, then this read is a must for you.

What Does Error Code 80090016 Mean?

How to Fix Error Code 80090016 | Explained

Once the system board replacement takes place, An Outlook error is received by the users. And this error is labeled Error Code 80090016. The error is displayed as “Your computer’s Trusted Platform Module has malfunctioned. If the error does not wither away, approach the system administrator with error code 80090016. In simple words, it is TPM ( Trusted Platform Module) malfunctioning.

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What Are The Causes of Error Code 80090016?

How to Fix Error Code 80090016 | Explained

As such, there is no certain or definite reason that can lead to Error Code 80090016. However, any of the given causes can lead to this error. Given below are some of the causes enlisted.

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1. Replacement System Board

When Microsft office licensing and Outlook Exchange authentication fail due to replaced system board, any folder that is generated by these applications does not match the authentication tokens that are generated by TPM, therefore, leading to Error Code 80090016.

2. PC Health Checkup Application

The PC Health Checkup application is one of the primary causes of error code 80090016. This application is meant to let you know about the compatibility of your system with the software.

3. Using A PIN to Sign In

How to Fix Error Code 80090016 | Explained

In case you resort to using PIN while you wish to sign, the error code 80090016 will occur; when Windows fails to set up a PIB for the computer, it will lead to this error. In such a case, the error takes place due to a corrupt Ngc folder that is located on the system volume.

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4. An Issue With Your User Account

If you try to use a work or school account. This will not work for you. Instead, it will lead to this error called error code 80090016.

5. A Buggy or Corrupted Outlook Installation

When you install a buggy or corrupt Microsoft Outlook. This will lead to Error Code 80090016. So refrain from installing such software.

How to Fix Error Code 80090016?

How to Fix Error Code 80090016 | Explained

There are multiple ways to fix this error. And you can try these methods accordingly, as it will resolve the issue of Error Code 80090016.

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1. Rename the Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin Folder

How to Fix Error Code 80090016 | Explained

If the error is caused by a TPM issue after replacing your system board. Renaming the AAD.BrokerPlugin Folder will help you to fix it. Once you rename this folder, a new folder with matching authentication tokens will be created by the TPM module.

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Follow the given steps to rename Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin Folder.

1. In order to rename Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin folder, you need to log in to a different window administrator account. If you don’t have an alternative one, create a new one.
2. To open Run, Hold the Windows+R keys.
3. In the Run dialog, type in
4. Tap “OK
5. Right-click Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin_cw5n1h2txyewy and click Copy.
6. Paste the copied folder on your desktop to be used as a backup.
7. Go back to the Packages folder.
8. Right-click Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin_cw5n1h2txyewy and click Rename.
9. Append Microsoft.AAD-BrokerPlugin folder name with old and save
the name.
10. Close the Packages folder and restart your PC.

2. Disable ADAL in Windows Registry Editor

ADL, no doubt, is helpful in authenticating the on-premises Active Directory deployment or Cloud, Whereas at times, disabling it sometimes fixes the issues or errors related to TPM.

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1. Close any open Microsoft Office app
2. To open Run, Hold the Windows+R keys.
3. Type in “regedit” and click “OK in the Run dialog.”
4. At the left of the Window, click File, and then click Export before you edit
your Windows registry.
5. Give a name to the file registry_backup and tap Save.
6. Now navigate to,
7. Choose the Identity key.
8. Find the EnableADAL value in the right pane.
9. If you don’t find the EnableADAL value option, You have to create it.
10. Right-click the Identity key, Choose New, and tap DWORD 32-bit Value.
11. Give a name to the new value EnableADAL.
12. To Modify, Right-click EnableADAL.
13. In the Value data section, type in 0 and tap OK. Setting it to 0 will disable ADAL.
14. Restart your PC after closing your Registry Editor.

3. Remove Microsoft Office Credentials

How to Fix Error Code 80090016 | Explained

Many users have confirmed that removing Microsoft credentials from the credential manager and then logging in again to Microsoft Office helps in fixing the Error Code 80090016.

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1. To open Run, Hold the Windows+R keys.
2. Type in control.exe keymgr.dll and click OK in the Run dialog.
3. Select Windows Credentials.
4. Locate MicrosoftOffice16_Data.
5. Expand MicrosoftOffice16_Data menu and tap Remove.
6. To confirm the removal, click Yes.
7. Launch Outlook.
8. If prompted, type in your Password.
9. In the Menu bar, click File.
10. Choose the Office account.
11. Tap Sign out.
12. To confirm Sign out, click Yes.
13. Now, click sign in.
14. Enter your email address and click Next.

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Wrapping Out

So it has come to the fore that Error Code 80090016 is a technical glitch that can be caused due a wrong PIN. It is, more or less, an authentication issue. The various causes for Error Code 80090016 and the ways to fix this error as enlisted above in the article. In case you encounter any such error, you can refer to this article.

I hope this article will be of some help to you. In case something is missing. You can let us know by writing in the comments section. We also look forward to your valuable feedback. You can visit our website for content like this and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: What does Error Code 80090016 mean?

Ans: When there is a board replacement and an outlook error is received by the user. This error is known as Error Code 80090016. This is an authentication issue.

Q 2: What are the causes of Error Code 80090016?

Ans: Replacement system board, PHC health check-up, using a PIN to sign in, the issue with your user account, a buggy or corrupted installation.

Q 3: How to fix Error Code 80090016?

Ans: Disable ADAL in Windows Registry Editor, Rename the Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin Folder, Remove Microsoft credentials.

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