How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 on Smart TVs, Consoles & More

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Smriti Razdan
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Doesn’t it feel sick and irritated when Error Code 39 flashes when you are all set to watch something really trending on Disney Plus? Do you know how to fix Disney Plus Error Code 39? To understand how to fix the problem, have you ever wondered what is error code 39? Why does it happen we stream videos and movies on our favorite streaming platforms like Disney Plus?

Disney Plus Error Code 39 appears on your screen when you try streaming it on any incompatible device. If the driver is missing or interrupted, it causes Error Code 39. If your device lacks a secure connection and proper permission to run content managed and governed by digital rights, this problem will occur. 

The first step to be taken is understanding the concern or issue that is causing the platform to flash an error. To know how to fix Disney Plus Error Code 39, figure out you have a compatible device and a secure connection. Moreover, follow the following steps to understand and fix the problem.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39?

Getting Error Code 39 on Disney Plus can be due to various reasons. Besides device incompatibility or server running down, there can be various technical reasons behind it.

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How to Fix Disney Plus Code Error 39 on Multiple Devices

Disney Plus Code Error is a common problem associated with rights issues. If the streaming service provider does not have access or authority to a particular type of content, and the viewer wants to watch it, Error Code 39 is bound to occur. Then there are various reasons that can cause this error. So, follow the following steps to know how to fix Disney Plus Error Code 39.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 on Smart TVs, Mobile Devices, Game Consoles & Web Browsers| 6 Possible Causes You Must Know

1. Log Out from Multiple Devices that Run Disney Plus

We have multiple devices like our smartphones, set-top boxes, and even various Television sets that run Disney Plus. First, log out from all the devices connected to a single account and check if Error Code 39 still persists. Also, ensure that you have not exceeded the limit of the devices connected to a single account. 

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2. Reload

Though it is a one-time hack, you can try reloading the video. Sometimes, a simple try works. However, if you still see Error Code 39, you must visit the Troubleshoot page again.

Disney Error Code 39

3. Disney Might Be The Reason 

Do not worry, it might happen that Disney Plus is facing issues at the back end. Also, every streaming platform needs authority and the right to play a particular type of content, that too region-wise. Content permitted in Asia might not run in other countries or continents. 

4. Switch to Some Other Streaming Device

Suppose you are Streaming Disney Plus on Set Top Box or your Smart TV, and Error Code 39 appears, log out from there and try streaming on your mobile or laptop through a browser. If it works here, it means the problem in the streaming devices, can be fixed anyhow. 

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5. Pause, Stop, Exit, and Restart

Disney Plus Error Code

So, the point is to exit from the page and restart the device, and set up. Prolonged viewing can also cause the streaming platform to show Error Code 39. A simple software bug can also lead to an error and hamper the video from running smoothly. Restarting the device can be a quick fix. 

6. Check HDMI Cables or Port

Disney Plus Error Code

If your device is connected via HDMI, its cable or port can be the reason. To fix this, first, try switching the HDMI cables. The other must be HDMI 2.1 compliant. A short, visibly undamaged wire can solve the purpose. Remember, the HDMI cable must be swapped or plugged in by HDMI only. 

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Wrapping Up

Hence, Error Code 39 is not always because your device is not compatible or you are using more than one device. The streaming platforms have this feature to give access to different devices. Nevertheless, I have mentioned the possible ways to know how to fix Disney Plus Error Code 39, you can also check if Disney Plus has the authority or access to stream a particular content category. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting Code Error 39 while streaming Disney Plus?

Error Code 39 indicates validation issues for video right permissions.

Can restarting the device solve the problem?

It can be a one-time solution if there is no back-end problem at Disney Plus.

What if I am facing Code Error 39 issues in my Windows XP?

If the problem is in Windows XP, check for a missing driver, or it can be a Windows Registry Issue.


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