How To Fix Discord Not Working On PS5 | Step Guide

Fix Discord Not Working On PS5

If you’ve tried Discord on PS5, you might have problems with its functioning. This article teaches you how to fix Discord Not Working on PS5. Here, we’ll go into the specifics of fixing them. So head on!

Since its launch in the early 2010s, Discord has become a byword for gaming. Since then, it has changed significantly and is now used to house entire AI Image generation APIs. It is now much more than just a chatroom. Despite the platform’s enormous growth, the creators didn’t forget about console gamers, who may now formally access voice chat groups.

Several users report difficulties linking their account to their PS5, despite it being completely accessible on the PS5 and only marginally usable on the PS4. Here’s how to fix Discord Not Working on PS5.

How To Fix Discord For PS5 Not Working?

The platform may have experienced a minor hiccup if you’ve connected your Discord to your PS5 and it’s not working. According to rumors, connecting your PS5 to Discord on a computer won’t function on your PlayStation. To fix this, you only need to disconnect your account from your PC and re-link it to your PS5. After that, you might be able to utilize Discord voice chat on your PS5 if you still need to upgrade your console to Fix Discord Not Working On PS5. 

Follow the instructions below to ensure your system is updated because your console needs to be completely current.

Fix Discord Not Working On PS5

Steps To Fix Discord For PS5 Not Working:

  1. Choose System under Settings. 
  2. System Software > System Software Update and Settings should be selected. 
  3. If a newer version is accessible, Update Available is displayed. 
  4. To update, choose Update System Software.

Why Isn’t My Account Linking To Discord For PS5?

Fix Discord Not Working On PS5

There isn’t a good explanation for why Discord for PS5 doesn’t function correctly immediately. A straightforward networking issue—likely caused by attaching your Discord account to your PlayStation using your PC—is to blame for the issue. Instead, it makes sense to try configuring Discord through your PS5. 

We don’t know if a bit of update to Discord for PS5 would fix this, but we anticipate the devs will fix it shortly.

Wrapping Up 

It’s a wrap! Here you go with everything about How To Fix Discord Not Working on PS5. Follow the steps mention and get a solution to the Fix Discord Not Working On PS5. For more articles about this and other gaming platforms, visit Path of EX. Please let us know if you have any questions about this post in the comments box below.

Happy Gaming!

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