How to Fix DirecTV Remote Not Working?

Direct TV remote/How to Fix DirecTV Remote Not Working?

The DirecTV remote not working means that you are off the TV. You may miss your favorite program being broadcasted. All you need at this time is to have a working Television and do away with the issues that make DirecTV Remote not work.

A DirecTV remote is a satellite Pay TV provider that is similar to a Cable TV provider. A DirecTV remote is quite a simple and easy-to-use device. A DirecTV remote is a collage of so many features that allows you to control your TV set and the Direct TV receiver. Other than this, It controls DVD players and audio receivers. 

DirecTV remote being so unique is not flawless. There are many errors that can occur, which will lead to DirecTV not Working. What are the reason behind Direct TV not working properly, and the possible fixes? 

Why is DirecTV Remote Not Working?

How to Fix DirecTV Remote Not Working?

Your DirecTV remote can’t be working due to any of the possible given reasons. Since there is no certain and sure cause, that can be deemed as the possible reason for Direct TV not working. Given below are some of the issues that might be the causes.

1. Incorrect Batteries and Input Settings: Drained or damaged batteries can lead to the DirecTV remote not working. Besides, check if the Settings are not set properly and accordingly. Error on the part of any of these can be the cause of the DirecTV remote not working.

2. Receiver and Remote Control: When any of the two, either receiver or the remote control, doesn’t work accordingly can lead to the DirecTV remote not working.

3. Channel Changing, Fix Volume: Sometimes, the error occurs due to a bug either on the part of volume fixation or an error in Channel changing. 

How to Fix DirecTV Remote Not Working?

How to Fix DirecTV Remote Not Working?

There are several ways to fix the error that occur in the DirecTV remote not working. Following are some of the possible fixes that might be of some use to you. Read it to know more.

1. Check and Replace the Batteries:

Check the battery strength. This is how you can check the battery strength of the DirecTV remote.

1. Press and hold any button on the remote to find.

2.  If a solid green light appears, Which means the battery strength is strong.

3. A fast, blinking green light. It means the batteries are OK but need to be replaced soon.

4. A dim, blinking, or not light means the battery is dead that needs to be replaced immediately.

5. Replace the old batteries by inserting two new AA batteries. 

2. Set the Remote to Control Your DirecTV Reciever:

In order to properly set the remote to control your DirecTV receiver, follow the given steps:

1. Press and hold the Enter button for three seconds.

2. To change your Menu’s input, a source Menu will appear. 

3. Choose the DirecTV receiver’s input source. Try the different inputs to find the one that will fit in the setup for your TV.

3. Pair Remote With Reciever: 

If nothing works for you, check if the remote is paired with the receiver. If not, here is how you can pair the two.

1. Point the remote at Genie, Genie Mini, or Wireless Genie.

2. At the same time, Press and hold, Mute, and Enter. 

3. When the screen displays Applying IR/RF setup. It means the remote is synced.

4. Reset Reciever and Remote Control: 

Another viable option to address the issue is to reset the receiver and remote control.

In order to reset the receiver, Press the red button that is located on the side of the receiver or inside the access door. Press and hold till it flashes.

 5. Check For Stuck Button: 

At times, if any of the buttons have been left stuck. It prompts the remote to malfunction, and the remote stops working properly. Run your finger all over the remote and check if the buttons are well-paced. And try to see whether the remote is working. 

How to Fix DirecTV Remote Not Working

DIRECTV Remote Not Working? One Button, Some Buttons or All Buttons Don't Work? Try This First!

Wrapping Up

On any given day, DirecTV remote not working can come to haunt you as it can’t be said with authority what led to DirecTV remote not working. Accordingly, there is no definite fixation. But you can try the fixes given and see which one works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I reset a DIRECTV receiver?

Ans: You can do so by pressing the red button on the side of the receiver or inside the access card door. Press and hold the Red button until the receiver starts.

Q: Why did my DIRECTV remote quit working?

Ans: Check batteries, Reset the receiver, and check if any button is not stuck.

Q: Why is my remote not working even with new batteries?

Ans: Check if the battery terminal is clean. Remove the dirt if there is any.

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