Could Not Find Matching Credentials Snapchat | 3 Reasons and 6 Fixes For Snapchat

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You are bombarded with a strange message when you log in to your Snapchat account. It accuses you of being an unauthorized user. I know it feels terrible and strange at the same time. Some users also have the same feeling when they could not find matching credentials Snapchat. 

People are frustrated as they can not log back into their accounts. This problem has been persistent with some of the users on the app. Hence, some users have found the probable reasons and their fixes, which define how to solve the problem from the user’s end. 

Snapchat “Login Temporarily Faile...
Snapchat “Login Temporarily Failed” Error FIX - iOS 14

Hence, if you also face similar problems, please refer to the points below. I am sure you will get the results. Let’s not waste more time and check how to fix the problem. 

What Does it Mean Could Not Find Matching Credentials on Snapchat?

Could Not Find Matching Credentials Snapchat | 3 Reasons and 6 Fixes For Snapchat

Whenever you try to login into your account, you see a message Could Not Find Matching Credentials. It refers to the program’s suspected suspicious activity in the user’s account. It will not allow the user to log in even with valid credentials. 

The app has many login requests from several unknown locations whenever you get such a message. 

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Reasons for Could Not Find Matching Credentials Snapchat

Could Not Find Matching Credentials Snapchat | 3 Reasons and 6 Fixes For Snapchat

There are reasons get Could Not Find Matching Credentials. Check them out. 

1.  Account is Hacked

snapchat account hacked

Snapchat detects suspected logins several times in your profile from unknown locations. Hence, the account gets locked. Another reason can be that while you are using Snapchat, someone else tried to enter your account. So, for safety measures, the account is locked. 

Even when you use the same credentials, like the same user id and password, to enter websites that are hacked, Snapchat takes this measure to keep you away as it was a suspicious attempt, according to him. 

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2. Glitch in Snapchat

there may be glitches in snapchat

Getting messages like they could not find matching credentials on Snapchat may be a systematic failure on their part. Whenever there is a malfunction, the app may log you out irrespective of having the correct login credentials. 

Apps have bugs that create such issues in their system. Hence, the best option would be to troubleshoot or wait for someone to solve the problem. 

3. Outdated App

update snapchat account

When you have an outdated app, then they become prone to glitches. When messages like Could Not Find Matching Credentials Snapchat come, you should check whether your app is updated. If not, update it immediately, as it helps Snapchat track your profile better. 

How to Fix Could Not Find Matching Credentials Snapchat?

Could Not Find Matching Credentials Snapchat | 3 Reasons and 6 Fixes For Snapchat

Below we have listed a few fixes which might help for Could Not Find Matching Credentials Snapchat. Look at them; if one does not work, the other might do. So take a look yourself. 

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1. Verify account is blocked

You might get this strange statement as Snapchat is not working correctly, so your account gets locked. In that case, you can follow the steps mentioned below. 

1. Go to option Forgot password.

forgot password option in snapchatsnapchat

2. You would get a message saying, ”manage my account through the mail.”

3. From the menu in the yellow box, click on unlock the account.

Note: This helps to verify whether the account is enabled or not.

log into snapchat

4. Then try logging into your account again. 

2. Reset Snapchat Pasword

reset your snapchat password

You can reset the password of your account. Sometimes, someone else might try to log in to your account when you use account. The app detects this suspicious activity and locks the account for safety purposes. 

3. Update the App

update snapchat app

You may not receive Could Not Find Matching Credentials when you update your app. And an updated app would also help you to receive other updates from Snapchat as well. Hence, if your app is not updated, please update it from your app store or play store. 

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4. Try Logging in Multiple Times

There is another option that you, as a user, can use to regain your Snapchat account. You can change your password and try logging in. Always verify the mail sent to your email. 

You may also have to verify your identity after you confirm your password. After you are verified, try logging in. Always keep trying to log in, as who knows, you may get lucky!

5. Login with a Different Device

log into snapchart from a different account

Try logging in from another device whenever you face issues like Could Not Find Matching Credentials. This may help you to solve your problem and also help you to log in and fix the issue as well. 

6. Reach out to Snapchat Support

Reach out for snapchat support

Last, there may be a bug when you face issues like Could Not Find Matching Credentials. In such cases, when all the above attempts fail. Try contacting Snapchat support. 

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Wrapping Up

Have you ever encountered Could Not Find Matching Credentials on Snapchat, please refer to the reasons and fixes mentioned above? I am sure you would get your solutions from the one above. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean could not find matching credentials on Snapchat?

When Snapchat detects any malicious activity or log-in attempts several times, you might receive messages that you could not find matching credentials.

What are the reasons for could not find matching credentials?

The probable reasons for not finding matching credentials are the app not being updated, the Snapchat account being hacked, or a glitch in the system. 

What is the meaning of “Matching Credentials” on Snapchat?

The login issue on Snapchat is called the “Matching credentials.” When the user enters the wrong credentials for logging in, they may face such a problem. 


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