How to Fix Cloud Gaming Not Working Error: Reasons & Fixes

Cloud Gaming not working

Cloud Gaming is a new trend of gaming released by Microsoft that allows its players to binge over the best Xbox Series X games without downloading them. However, some users are claiming that that they are facing ‘Cloud Gaming not working’ error. What could be the reason for that? And, How you can fix this? Worry not and step onto this page to embark upon an epic adventure.

With the multiple Cloud Gaming sites available, a player gets access to the ultimate thrill and excitement all along. Although, one must make sure that if you don’t have a stable network connection, you will not get a smooth experience on Cloud Gaming.

Let’s discuss what Cloud Gaming Not Working error is, what are the possible reasons behind it, and how you can fix it. Try out the further mentioned solutions and see which one of these came out as a lifesaver to you. Go on!

What is Cloud Gaming Not Working Error | Reasons for Cloud Gaming Not Working

Cloud Gaming not working

Cloud Gaming, also known as Project xCloud, is a cloud-based streaming service by Microsoft that gives a green flag to users so that they can play multiple games on various supported devices. However, to have a smooth cloud gaming experience, one needs a stable internet connection.

If you don’t have a good network connection, or you have multiple applications opened in the background, or even if you have a corrupted Window, this may be the major cause of Cloud Gaming not working.

Let’s go further and see how you can fix the ‘Cloud Gaming not working error’.

How to Fix Cloud Gaming Not Working Error | 6 Fixes

It is not a hard grind to resolve the Cloud Gaming Not Working error. All you need to do is try out some troubleshooting methods and have a good internet connection. Following are some of the proven methods to resolve the Cloud Gaming issue. Check them out:

Fix 1: Update Xbox

The very first fix to resolve Cloud Gaming not working is to update your Xbox app. This is one of the effective troubleshooting methods that can resolve your error. See how you can do so-

Steps to Update Your Xbox:

  1. Open Microsoft > Head on to the Library option on the left side of your window.
  2. Select the option Get Updates > and update the latest version of your Xbox.
  3. Open the app and see if the cloud gaming has started working.

Fix 2: Update Language & Region Settings

Cloud Gaming not working

There is also a huge possibility that changing language and region settings may also fix the issue of ‘Cloud Gaming not working.; Let’s see how you can do so further.

Steps to Change Language & Region Settings:

  1. Open the app > go to Settings > Time & Language tab.
  2. Click Language & Region > Select a different region from the dropdown menu of Country or Region.
  3. Open Xbox and try cloud gaming again.

Fix 3: Have a Stable Network Connection

As stated above, low internet connection can be the major cause of Cloud gaming not working. Switch your connection by changing a router > move to a stable one > and see if this resolves your issue.

Fix 4: Audio Solutions

If you are facing some audio issues, it can also result in a Cloud Gaming error. Further, I will elaborate on some of the proven audio solutions. Head on-

  1. Connect your devices with a 5GHz network.
  2. Turn on the Best Performance Mode on your device.
  3. Use a wired Ethernet connection.
  4. Don’t use mobile hotspots or WiFi extenders.
  5. Avoid opening multiple scenes while gaming.

Fix 5: Video Solutions

Other than the audio, if your video is also showing some glitches and you are not able to embark upon the smooth cloud gaming experience, go on and try out the below-mentioned fixes. Check them out-

  1. Close other tabs and applications opened in the background of your web browser.
  2. Restart your device to give a refresh to your game.
  3. Enable the Best Performance Mode and disable the low power mode to upgrade the video quality of your game.
  4. Don’t log into the on Chrome from an ARM-based window device to avoid gaming issues.

Fix 6: Create a Fresh User Profile

Cloud Gaming not working

Lastly, if none of the methods worked out for you in improving your Cloud Gaming not working error, your last resort is to make a new user profile. Let’s look underneath to see how you can do so.

Steps to Create a New User Profile:

  1. Click Start menu > Settings.
  2. Tap on Accounts.
  3. Below the option Family & other users, click Add someone else to this PC.
  4. Tap I don’t have this person’s sign-in information, > and on the next page, click Add a user without a Microsoft account.
  5. Fill in your username, password, or password hint, or choose security questions and then choose Next to finish the process.
  6. If switching to a new local account fixes your issue, select Change account type.
  7. Below Account type, select Administrator, and then select OK.
  8. Sign in with the new administrator account and check if the issue is resolved.

With this, the discussion on how to fix ‘Cloud Gaming not working’ comes to an end. Do let us know which one of these resolves your issue.

Wrapping Up

This was all about what is Cloud Gaming Not Working error is and how you can fix this. Check out the above guide, try out the fixes, and let us know how you resolve this problem. Get ready for an everlasting gaming experience.

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